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  • Hans Jung
    Congratulations to Joshua Terry (again!) for winning the tournament with a perfect score! This is at least the fourth time you've won this year! And congratulations to Daniel Zhang for winning his section with a perfect score! It seems winning tournaments with a perfect score has become the norm around here!

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  • Brian Clarke
    Below are the results for the tournament.

    Round Robin
    # Place Name Rating Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Total
    1 1 Joshua Terry 2282 W2 W3 W4 W6 W5 5.0
    2 2 James Nah 2018 L1 W5 L3 W4 W6 3.0
    3 Mario Piccinin 1779 W6 L1 W2 W5 L4 3.0
    4 4 Nikola Brajkovic 1966 D5 W6 L1 L2 W3 2.5
    5 5 Bobby Benoit 1560 D4 L2 D6 L3 L1 1.0
    6 6 Mate Milinkovic 1660 L3 L4 D5 L1 L2 0.5

    # Place Name Rating Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Total
    1 1 Daniel Zhang 1551 W11 W8 W6 W7 W5 5.0
    2 2 Aaron Coulthard 1594 H--- W4 W8 D5 W6 4.0
    3 Shabd Dembla 1450 W23 W21 L5 W18 W7 4.0
    4 4 Peter Downie 1247 D14 L2 W25 W17 W12 3.5
    5 Kevin Boronka 1147 W20 W14 W3 D2 L1 3.5
    6 6 Brian Clarke 1441 W16 W9 L1 W21 L2 3.0
    7 James Tennant 1431 W24 W10 W12 L1 L3 3.0
    8 Tomi Petrov 1323 W17 L1 L2 W14 W13 3.0
    9 Japveer Narula 1256 W25 L6 L18 W24 W21 3.0
    10 Serge Aroyan 1211 W19 L7 L21 W23 W17 3.0
    11 Caleb Langridge 1053 L1 L17 W23 W19 W15 3.0
    12 12 Ziqi Zhou 1528 W22 W15 L7 D13 L4 2.5
    13 Lincoln Boronka 1131 L21 W24 W19 D12 L8 2.5
    14 Damian Truong unr. D4 L5 W20 L8 W18 2.5
    15 15 Luis Radford-Paz 1299 W18 L12 L17 W16 L11 2.0
    16 Erik Das 960 L6 L19 W22 L15 W25 2.0
    17 Jacob Sharkey 880 L8 W11 W15 L4 L10 2.0
    18 Larry Zhou Chen 719 L15 W22 W9 L3 L14 2.0
    19 Graham Sheppard unr. L10 W16 L13 L11 W24 2.0
    20 Benjamin Cressman unr. L5 D23 L14 W25 D22 2.0
    21 Jackson Denny unr. W13 L3 W10 L6 L9 2.0
    22 22 Evan Diao 964 L12 L18 L16 B--- D20 1.5
    23 Jacob Sokalski 931 L3 D20 L11 L10 B--- 1.5
    24 24 Carter Wagner 928 L7 L13 B--- L9 L19 1.0
    25 Millpreet Kamboj 670 L9 B--- L4 L20 L16 1.0
    Last edited by Brian Clarke; Monday, 3rd October, 2022, 03:28 PM.

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  • Hans Jung
    Tournament starts tomorrow Saturday - first round 10am.

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  • Hans Jung
    Tournament now has 32 entries.

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  • Hans Jung
    Tournament now has 27 preregisters.

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  • Hans Jung
    We are up to 20. (see post 4)

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  • Hans Jung
    Post 4 of preregisters has been added to. We are up to fifteen.

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  • Hans Jung
    We are up to twelve now.

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  • Hans Jung
    Preregistered so far: Joshua Terry 2264
    James Nah 2018
    Nikola Brajkovic 1946
    Mario Piccinin 1779
    Mate Milinkovic 1660
    Aaron Coulthard 1594
    Bobby Benoit 1560
    Daniel Zhang 1551
    Ziqi Zhou 1528
    Tomi Petrov 1323
    James Tennant 1299
    Japveer Narula 1256
    Peter Downie 1247
    Shubd Dembla 1222
    Serge Aroyan 1211
    Kevin Boronka 1147
    Lincoln Boronka 1131
    Caleb Langridge 1053
    Evan Diao 964
    Jacob Sokalski 931
    Carter Wagner 928
    Millpreet Kamboj 670
    Damian Truong unr
    Graham Sheppard unr
    Erik Das unr
    Ben Cressman unr
    Muhammad Aman Shaik
    Jacob Sharkey unr
    Luis Radford - Paz unr
    Larry Chen unr
    Jackson Denny unr
    Last edited by Hans Jung; Friday, 30th September, 2022, 07:23 PM.

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  • Hans Jung
    I will post a preregistered list as soon as I have one. I do know that Joshua Terry 2264 was first player entered and the only master so far.

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  • Hans Jung
    just a reminder

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  • Hans Jung
    started a topic 2022 KWCC Fall Quick

    2022 KWCC Fall Quick

    2022 KWCC Fall Quick

    Host: Kitchener-Waterloo Chess Club

    Contact: Mario Piccinin at mpiccinin@caissa.ca;

    Date: Saturday October 1, 2022

    Place: St John the Evangelist Anglican Church, 23 Water St. N., Kitchener, ON . Enter by Duke St. doors.

    Rounds: 5 Rounds: starting at 10:00 a.m., 11:30 a.m., lunch, 1:30 p.m., 3:00 p.m., 4:30 p.m.

    Sections: • The top six players (determined by average CFC rating) will play a round robin tournament. Note that only players that do not require any byes are eligible.

    • There may also be another round robin section comprising of the 7th to 12th top rated players, depending on entries. This will be determined on Sept 28.

    • All other players will play a Swiss tournament. Round One will be accelerated pairing ( First quarter plays second quarter and third quarter plays fourth quarter).
    We reserve the right to combine, or otherwise modify, the sections if necessary.

    Rating: The tournament will be rated by CFC for Quick Events.

    Time Control: Game in 25 minutes plus 10 seconds delay per move (Bronstein)

    Entry Fee: $40 all players, $10 discount for juniors (under 17 years) and seniors (65 years or older).

    Payments: E-transfer with registration or Cash at site (ATM available nearby).

    CFC membership required: Full one-year membership adults $48, juniors $32 and one-time tournament membership adult $12, juniors $6. See www.chess.ca for details and to register.

    Prizes: Cash prizes will be awarded for top placements in each section. Section Prizes for Swiss tournament: include, Top under 2000, top under 1600, top under 1200

    Registration: • Preregistration and payment must be submitted to Mario Piccinin at mpiccinin@caissa.ca; .

    Late registration – A $10 late registration fee will apply to all registrations after Sept 28.

    COVID-19 Protocol (subject to change):
    • Facility capacity is restricted to the first 60 players that register. .

    • Masks may always be worn while indoors.

    Miscellaneous.: • Clocks and sets will be supplied. • Tournament Director: Ed Thompson (edthompson@netflash.net) or phone 519-893-1920

    Several restaurants are near the site. • Parking is available street side and underground and at the site. Parking fees apply.