Bob and Gord Milton Xmas Active tournament, Dec 03 2022

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  • Bob and Gord Milton Xmas Active tournament, Dec 03 2022

    When: Saturday, Dec 03, 2022

    Where: Milton Seniors Activity Centre, 500 Childs Drive, Milton

    APPROX. ROUND START TIMES:10am, 11:30am, 1:30pm, 3:00pm, 4:30pm/ASAP
    Sections Elite U1800 U1200 & unrated
    Prizes Cash Cash & trophies Trophies
    Entry Fee
    See below for details
    $50/$60/$70 $50/$60/$70 $50/$60/$70

    Entry fee received by Nov 28th is $50, otherwise $60 until Dec 02, $70 cash (only) on Dec 03
    Can play up a level if within 200 ratings points for an additional $10
    Registering on Dec 03 may result in a first-round bye
    Last round zero-point bye only
    This is a Chess Federation of Canada (CFC) rated event
    CFC annual memberships / single quick (active) tournament membership fee
    can be purchased online at
    Elite section will be FIDE rated
    Cash prizes based on entries, paid by e-transfer
    Tournament capacity: 80 players

    Time Control: 25 minutes + 5 seconds increment after each move

    ORGANIZER: Gordon Gooding

    ARBITER: Bob Gillanders

    REGISTRATION: Email the following to Gordon Gooding at :

    1. E-transfer entry fee, see above for details
    2. Competitor’s name (as found on Chess Federation of Canada website)
    3. CFC membership number (in good standing on Dec 03,2022)


    Registered list on next post.
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    And we are off to the races with registrants for the Bob and Gord Milton Xmas Active, Dec 03. There are only 80 spaces in total. Entry fee is $50 if paid by nov 28th. See first post for more details. As of Dec 01 21:00, the following are registered:

    Mayr, Christian
    Svechinsky, Emanuel
    Leliveld, Andrew
    Vemuri, Eesha Bharathi
    Surendran, Siddharth
    Kanilicer, Kuzey
    Sharma, Hiral
    Pathammavong, Moore
    Dhingra, Tanishq Kumar
    Vallabhajosyula, Srikarthikeya
    Vallabhajosyula, Vijaya
    Lin, Yu-Liang
    Sexton, Joey
    Poloniato, Christopher
    Lewis, Matt
    Wang, Angela
    Dunikov, David
    Poloniato, Dennis R.
    Wang, Bingfei
    Wang, Zi
    Gooding, Gordon
    Abrahams, Daniel
    Brajkovic, Nikola
    Atanasov, Anthony
    Terry, Joshua
    Zhang, Daniel
    van der Welle, Kyle
    Zhong, David
    Firmin, Danique
    Richter, Will
    Thuvarakan, Arjunan
    Thuvarakan, Abinash
    Shaik, Muhammad Aman
    Jia, Jasper
    Prashar, Aryan
    Reshetniak, Vitalii
    Poloniato Jr, Dennis
    Jonath Joseph
    Hood, Jacob
    Emengga, Ariel
    Paleja, Anish
    Sayadi, Aman

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      Hi all, got a couple more registrants and a few enquiries. Remember ,the entry fee is $50 if I receive it by Nov 28, 11:59pm.



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        The registration list will be on post #2.


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          Hi all, just two weekends away from the Bob and Gord Xmas tourney. The early bird entry fee of $50 goes away by Nov 28th. The price then goes to $60 until Dec 02. Dont take too long to make a move! Registration list is on post #2.
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            Remember registration is complete when I receive the following:

            1. Name as seen on the cfc website
            2. your cfc id number
            3. Entry fee emailed to


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              All registered players on Nov 21st will be entered for a raffle on game day for a souvenir 2022 Canadian Open mug. There will be two mugs up for grabs


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                We have people coming from Niagara on the Lake, Windsor, and I have one registration from Springford,YT, is that Yukon Territory? Remember, Monday Nov28th is the last day for entry fee of $50. Also , only 80 spaces in total available. Post #2 has the registration list.


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                  Seems like some winners from the last Bob and Gord tourney have signed up again for Dec 03.


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                    Just another bump for the Bob and Gord Xmas Active on Sat Dec 03. Starting to recognize a few names from our Sept Bob and Gord Active. Registration list is on post #2. Entry fee goes up to $60 if entry fee is received after nov 28. Your move.


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                      Taking in more entries, many returning payers from Bob and Gord Sept 24, cool!
                      Entry is $50 until Monday 28th. Then it goes up to $60. We are at about mid 30s in entry numbers, can we get above our last tourney of 57 players?


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                        Hi all, today is the last day to enter the Bob and Gord Xmas active chess tournament for only $50. The entry fee goes up to $60 Tuesday. See post #2 for registration list. Almost at half capacity.
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                          Time ticking to the early bird entry fee of $50 if I receive it by 11:59pm tonight. If this is your first time to tournament chess, clocks, boards and sets are provided.


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                            Come on guys, we are at 39 players registered, anyone else?


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                              Bumping up the thread. Still time to sign up for chess on Saturday.

                              You can do your Christmas shopping on Sunday. :)