IM Leon Piasetski in Uruguay

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  • IM Leon Piasetski in Uruguay Nice pictures of IM Leon Piasetski in Uruguay. He won top over 65.

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    Great to see Leon still playing well. He has been a strong competitor for over 50 years!!

    Leon is part of the 'Greatest Generation' of Canadian players, who were all born in the dozen or so years after World War II. Some were immigrants, who arrived in Canada by choice.

    This group includes GM / GMC Suttles, IM Amos, GM Ivanov (immigrant), WIM Starr (immigrant), IM Coudari, FM Lipnowski, IM Day, GM Biyiasas, IM Piasetski, GMC / FM / IA Berry, GM Spraggett, IM Nickoloff, IM / GMC Hebert, IM Hartman, FM Harper. I may be forgetting others.