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  • Excelsior Chess Club visit

    I finally had a chance to visit and play at the Excelsior Chess Club and I was impressed. The club is easy to get to - for me just off the 401 and 427 north and then a mile down Dixon and a quick right and left. Its in a commercial office plaza which means quiet on the weekend and evenings and the club is quiet as a club should be, Everything was professional and well thought out - from the big modern display screens to the well stocked snacks and drinks area and the comfortable chairs and tables. Bathrooms just outside the doors. Everything was scrupulously clean and modern. When I walked in quite early - more than an hour before the event started there were 3 gentlemen playing speed chess. The one watching said " I believe its Hans Jung." When I finally got close enough I recognized Ron Pitre. It had almost been thirty years since I last saw him. Ron mentioned that he was checking the preregisters and saw my name and then and there decided to play. He brought a few memories with him - a scoresheet from 35 years ago which was my first game against him and a picture of the logo chess piece design that got him six months free membership in my chess club (going back to London 1990). Ron Pitre is the nephew of Mike MacArthur and so we had a lot of memories to talk about and sharing about all the characters of the London chess scene.
    I really enjoyed the tournament, especially not having to record (as the time control was 15 minutes plus 10 seconds.) The games were all recorded and displayed on DGT boards so it was easy to access afterwards. And it was a relief only playing players of my age and strength. A special thanks to Nick who is a complete gentleman at all times and very friendly and efficient and gave me the pleasure of playing him in the last round. And thanks to Omar who very efficiently and smoothly (and quickly!) ran the tournament and did the pairings both on computer and with manual (card board) pairing cards on a table so we could all see what he was doing. I really enjoyed my experience and will be back.
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    Another bonus I forgot to mention - free parking!! and lots of room.


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      Originally posted by Hans Jung View Post
      Another bonus I forgot to mention - free parking!! and lots of room.
      It's funny how some things are SO APPRECIATED ... I disproportionately LOVE free parking lol


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        Me too Aris! I look forward to the GM norm event starting on Monday. I am going to try my luck over the board in the round robins on March 24-26.


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          Photos from this tourny here: