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  • Anybody Ever Heard of This One?

    Stumbled across this at a site that has something to do with Kirsan I. Therefore I assume it's b.s. Nevertheless it's an interesting little story. Has anyone heard it before? File under: Cogito Ergo Sum (Nicht!!)?
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    GM Korchnoi's claim of a TRUE post-mortem game with GM Maroczy (who died in 1951) in an occult connection setting has been around for a while. Many years ago, Kirsan claimed to have been abducted by aliens.


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      A book could be written about all the bizarre happenings in the chess world (or has it already?). Another example is the Helseherin (psychic? or is it fortune teller) who insisted on sitting near Fischer's board throughout the Leipzig Olympiad - I think I recall she claimed to be related.