Canadian Closed, April 6-11 at Excelsior

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  • Canadian Closed, April 6-11 at Excelsior

    As the Canadian Closed approaches, it bears repeating that the winner has the right to be our official representative at the Continental Championship! The Continental will be in the Dominican Republic this year, May 15-23. Traditionally the Continental has qualified players to the World Cup, and a number of our players have taken this route in the past. There are also some Olympic team incentives for Budapest 2024, which promises to be a hot ticket.

    From our FIDE Delegate Victor Plotkin:
    1. IM norms (and theoretically, GM norms) are possible. FIDE waves foreign requirement for the National Championship.

    2. CFC board has decided about some bonuses for this tournament. It was important because current CFC approach has no mention of Closed which is not a Zonal, so we have here a new situation which requires some pre-ruling before the start of the tournament.

    a. 20 points for the winner and 10 points for the runner-up towards Olympic qualification

    b. 10 points penalty for a player who doesn't play/withdraws from 2023 AND 2024 Closed.

    c. A winner has a right to became an official player for Continental championship (this year in May in Dominican republic). If a winner has no desire to play - this right goes to highest rated player who expresses the interest.

    Official player = free meal and accommodation and sometimes some small bursary from the CFC for participation.

    Similar rules for Canadian Woman Closed.

    Both tournaments are scheduled to Apr 6-11, 2023 at Excelsior Chess Club.

    As Chief Arbiter this year, I look forward to working with our elite players once again at the Excelsior Chess Club, April 6-11.

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    Thank you Hal for your input!

    We are at 21 players at Canadian Closed and at 14 players at Canadian Women Closed.

    Still time to register.