Reshevsky and Capablanca simuls - 1922

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  • Reshevsky and Capablanca simuls - 1922

    I've been browsing some issues of the "American Chess Bulletin" from 1922. The big news is always the latest simuls by "Samuel Rzeschewski". The March 1922 featured a 20-board simul (18 wins, 2 draws) in New York, in which three games were adjudicated after almost three hours of play (I guess 9 pm would have been a late start for an 11-year old, but he had no trouble in Montreal a year later, when his simul ended at 2:20 am).

    A couple of days later, he went 10-0 in a simul at the Brooklyn Jewish Center. He also "delighted the audience by rendering a number of sacred songs in Jewish [sic] - his clear young voice giving evidence of careful cultivation. ... At the conclusion of the program, the Rzeschewski party drove off in a car with Sammy at the wheel,"

    Capablanca had just finished a US tour - playing over 300 games in various cities, and losing only two. In Cleveland, he won 102 and drew 1. He, and his new bride, planned to spend some time in Paris before playing in "London 1922" which he won. They sailed to Havre (France) from New York on the brand new "Paris" of the French Line.

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    Would be hard pressed to find a "natural" talent that rivals these two.


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      For Reshevsky, 1922 was the year when he became world-famous, for defeating former World Championship finalist David Janowski, at the New York Masters' Tournament!!!