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  • CFC Ratings of Labour Day etc

    Is everything OK?
    Maverick tournament of Sept 10 not rated.
    Labour day 200 player tourney shows as a 10 people quick event

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    Did you see Bob was still with the bottle of beer :)

    On the tournament list at there is a date "Data: 2023-09-07", meaning when the last update has happened. Usually something did not go right - too many results or too many new players, or something not right at all.


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      LOL, don't worry, I am not drunk.

      I had everything ready to go last night, but giving TD's overnight to send in files.

      I will be doing update very soon.......

      ratings are now done, but we are missing Toronto Open 2023 from Labour Day weekend.
      I know they are working on it, but with over 200 players, not surprising if they are encountering some problems.

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