Shawn Rodrigue-Lemieux in Texas

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  • Shawn Rodrigue-Lemieux in Texas

    Shawn is now a student at the University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley on a chess scholarship. He played this weekend in the Texas Collegiate Super Finals, in which he finished with 3/4 (two draws). He beat a GM and drew an IM.

    It appears that Maili-Jade Ouellet is attending the same school. She scored 1/1 in the event.

    Crosstables: Chess-Results Server - 2023 Texas Collegiate Super Finals

    Some games (select a round at the upper left): Texas Collegiate Super Finals 2023 • Round 1 •

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    Always good to hear about Shawn and its a great way for him to continue his education. Two of Canada's best on chess scholarships. I also know of Razvan Preotu. Are there any other Canadian chessplayers attending universities in Texas?


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      Many Canadian players studied in Texas on chess scholarships. Kovalyov, Hansen, Calugar. Some of them graduated.


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        Shawn will be playing in the World Junior from September 21 to October 1 in Mexico City. With 14 GMs, there are good norm chances. Johnathan Han is the only other Canadian. Svitlana Demchenko is the lone female for Canada.

        Live games: FIDE World Junior Chess Championship Open • Round 1 •
        FIDE World Junior Chess Championship Girls • Round 1 •

        Times (EDT): R1: 6 pm (21). R2 and R3: noon and 7 pm (22). R4: 6 pm (23). R5: 6 pm (24). R6-R10: 6 pm (26-30). R11: noon (1). The 25th is a rest day.


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          Beautiful! Thanks Hugh for the timely tip. I will be watching avidly.