Canada's newest Grandmaster Shawn Rodrigue Lemieux

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    Originally posted by Larry Bevand View Post posted two pictures of Shawn on our Facebook page: One when he was in elementary school and one of today.

    Shawn first learned chess in grade 1 at his school where Chess'n Math was giving chess lessons. His teacher was Thierry Libersan, who continues to teach for us today.

    You can see the pictures at:
    Congrats to Larry and Chess'n Math. An very long list of great players the program has created. Just curious if that list is located somewhere?


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      Congratulations, Shawn!! Excellent play when it mattered most against a very strong field!!

      Seeing your fantastic play at the Canadian Closed, Kingston 2022, I thought the GM title would be possible for you within two to three years!!

      All the best going forward, and I really hope you are selected to the Canadian Team for the Budapest 2024 Olympiad!!


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        Confirmed officially in the latest Fide meeting (decisions posted yesterday on their website)

        Anthony Atanasov IM too from now on.

        Congrats one more time!


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          Finally, FIDE approved new titles.

          Also, 4 new FIDE Arbiters (Nicolae Oancea, Tony Boron, Anabelle Kovatcheva and Daniel Rokhvarger).
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            Congratulations to all! Its nice to have dependable arbiters.


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              Probably, for the first time FIDE Congress granted 2 titles for one Canadian family.

              FA A.Kovatcheva and IM A.Atanasov. Mother and son.