The ECC Hammerhead Open Nov 18-Nov 19 2023

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  • The ECC Hammerhead Open Nov 18-Nov 19 2023

    November 18th and 19th @ Etobicoke Civic Center, Meeting rooms 1, 2 and 3 downstairs

    399 The West Mall Etobicoke, Etobicoke, ON M9C
    TIME CTRL: 50m+15s (Regular / classical rating)
    November 18th : R1 @ 900a
    R2@ 1230p
    R3@ 330 p
    November 19th : R4 @ 10a
    R5 @ 1p

    Sections: U1200/U1700/Open (1700+)

    Chief Arbiter: Matthew Bergeron

    Deputy Chief Arbiter: Riley Khan

    Rating sections, round times and time controls are subject to change, but whatever you see above is the most current update on tournament format.

    Free Parking at the Civic Center (come early and drive into one of the lots), subway/TTC accessible, for directions check
    • No Round 5 byes, round 5 missed games are full-point forfeits
    • Forfeit time is 15 minutes
    • Registration closes at 11:59 pm on November 15th
    • Links to pairings and other links for the tournament will be posted on the main ECC page Nov 17th
    • Players will be seated November 18th 8 45 am November 19th 9 45 am
    • The first round on November 18th will start at the needle drop of 9 AM
    • 50+15 was chosen as a time control because we have the space from 8 am to 6 pm, and we don’t want to rush players between rounds. We want people to have time to breathe, eat, and analyze their games, but we also want them to have quality games, which is achievable at this time control … and of the 45 who participated last time, 39 voted for 5 rounds instead of 4. Y’all want it, y’all got it.
    • Bring your own water bottles. We are bringing a water jug with a spout, we had too many loose bottles last time and we are doing this as a means of waste reduction
    • We will supply low-sugar snacks, Coke Zero, and we will aim to supply lunch if possible

    II. Registration

    We have space for 60 players only for this tournament. Spots for players are assigned on a first-come first-serve basis. "Edit: We have 30 registered as of Nov 7th"

    No confirmations: If your name appears in the list below, it means you have been registered.

    Donations MUST be sent prior to registration closure date, in order to be registered for the tournament.

    To obtain a CFC ID to play in the tournament, visit

    There is no official registration fee. The suggested donation is $10 – 20 to help cover costs of snacks, drinks, and equipment. If you can afford it, donating would help. If you can afford to donate $20 or more, it would help tremendously and would allow us to keep running these tournaments more than once a year.

    Ways to donate:
    • E-transfer us money as instructed below, email is “”, make the secret answer “tournament”
    • Bring cash on club night and hand it to a director or to Riley
    • Cheques can be made out to “Etobicoke Chess Club” and can be mailed to:

    Etobicoke Chess Club

    21 van camp place

    Toronto ON

    Canada M9R 2N2

    We cannot accept cash on the day of the tournament, but we can accept cash on our Friday night sessions which would go towards the tournament. Come by on a Friday night, donate, and say “this is for the tournament”.

    If you can’t afford to donate, write “0” in the “My expected donation” section. We will e-mail you to confirm this. Most people who can afford CFC fees can also afford to donate some non-zero amount of money to a free chess club run by volunteers. If you do not donate then, on principle, we will place you in the tournament if you register. It is a donation-only chess tournament, we will not demand money and we are not in this for the money. This is about supporting all of you, this is about chess.

    i) Direct registration (Best way to register):

    e-transfer with description:

    (Last name),(First name) / (CFC ID) / (Email) / (Phone number)/(Rating)

    Website to Register:

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    Please see the links below:

    ECC tournament link
    DGT link link
    Facebook link
    Instagram link
    Youtube link
    Google maps link
    Thanks / Regards, Riley Khan
    National Chess Arbiter (Canada)