FIDE pins for 14 Canadians

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  • FIDE pins for 14 Canadians

    Hello there, I was at the FIDE Office today, and they gave me "title" pins for 14 Canadians to bring home:

    CM: Doknjas-Soberov-Lin-Yang
    FA: Ferreira-Tsypin
    FM: Keleberda-Tanaka-Xu-Rusonik-Mendes
    IA: Shah
    IM: Gedajlovic
    WFM: Chen

    For those in the Ottawa area, I should be at the RA club on Thursday the 22nd.
    For those in the Toronto area, I should be at Pub Chess on Wednesday the 28th.
    Then I will deliver all remaining pins to CFC Executive / CFC Office to distribute.

    Congratulations to all of you, best regards, Aris.

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    There's some cold/flu in our household, so I may not make it to the RA tomorrow.
    I'm feeling fine so far, but if you're only coming for a pin, check here beforehand.
    Thanks, best, Aris.


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      Congrats to all.


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        My regrets, but I'm coming down with something, so I won't be at the RA tonight.
        And I don't know yet whether I'll be at the RA next Thursday night, February 29th.
        Best, Aris.


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          I have since provided the remaining pins to Omar Shah, who will be the Chief Arbiter at the Zonal+ tournament at Hart House over the Easter long weekend.

          Please go see him then. Afterwards, we will probably provide anything left over to the CFC Office.


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            The CFC used to sell CFC pins. I wonder if the CFC will have any merch available at the Canadian Closed or Candidates: pins, baseball hats, t-shirts, mugs, pens, scorebooks.

            Will Strategy Games be selling any books and equipment?
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