2024 New York State Chess Championship

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  • 2024 New York State Chess Championship

    This event is organized by Bill Goichberg for the Continental Chess Association. It is the only U.S. state or National championship where Canadians can take part.

    The 2024 event is being held this weekend in Saratoga Springs.

    Every year the Chess'n Math Association (CMA) brings a group of players down there to take part.

    Virginie Roux, our Quebec scholastic director, has done an excellent job of organizing everything on our end.

    This year, a record number have signed up from Quebec...over 90 players!...in a record field of over 1,700 from all over New York state!

    The tournament is happening this weekend.

    If you google the event, I am sure you can find more details.

    CMA provides bursaries for the top players as well as a team of organizers and coaches on-site.

    Play well and good luck everyone!

    Larry Bevand
    Executive Director
    Chess'n Math Association