Hello all,

University of Toronto will be hosting the Canadian Post-Secondary Chess Championship this coming weekend. It's always been a unique type of team event with great atmosphere and social opportunities, as well as chess at all levels. Local community members are welcome to drop by.

Furthermore, given that we'll have plenty of space available, we'll have a few extra tables & sets set-up. The tournament takes place in the Great Hall, at Hart House, University of Toronto.

Although there will be no side-tournament, local players are also welcome to come and play rated games (a maximum of 4), be it whether against one of the CPSCC players who's taking a bye, or another spectator who's dropping by. If you have a friend who you've been wanting to play a match against, you can also join us there. Bryan Lamb is willing to supervise and submit the results to the CFC. These games would not be part of CPSCC, simply take place at the same place and same time. A hypothetical crosstable would just be labeled as something like 'CPSCC - extra games' or 'Hart House - Extra Games'.
The time control will be 90mins + 30secs increment to match the CPSCC, and Round start times will be 10am & 3pm Jan 16 and Jan 17. Please show up 20 minutes in advance. In the event of several players showing up, we'll try to pair them by rating.
There's of course no entry fee and no prizes. We'd charge only the $3 for CFC rating purposes, and players need to be CFC members.

Feel free to e-mail me at alex.ferreira@utoronto.ca if you're interested or have any questions.

Alex Ferreira
Hart House Chess Club