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    Hi Jonathan, I could not reply to your email because the email address you gave me didn't work. Also, I can't locate my original source!

    Bob Bowerman was quite correct in his memory of the Alex Panayotu blindfold simul at Hart House in 1970. Those were heady days for chess in Toronto and Canada! Bent Larsen, in those days rated no. 2 in chess outside the USSR bloc, had played in the Canadian Open in Toronto and there seemed to be rated tournaments every month. Duncan Suttles was getting his GM title, Lawrence Day and Bruce Amos were advancing in Toronto and Kevin Spraggett and other masters were appearing in Quebec.

    As far as blindfold chess was concerned there were two masters in Quebec that I can recall, namely Jacques Labelle and Leo Williams. I think that Leo Williams even set a Canadian record with a dozen or so simultaneous games, although the details are a bit sketchy in my mind.

    All this was just before Igor Ivanov arrived in Canada, and another chess explosion started!