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  • RA Spring Open: double early discount

    It seems like we finished the RA Winter Open yesterday, and we are already announcing the RA Spring Open?! :)

    Yes, this might seem premature, but in my humble opinion, the early registration discount offered for the RA Winter Open served to increase participation, and also helped generate an exciting prize fund of $2800. Therefore, I would like to try that again, but even take it a step further. For example, we have added a DOUBLE EARLY discount to the previous EARLY BIRD discount. For people who pay very close attention to numbers, the discount amounts have grown slightly, as has the non-discount entry fee. For the vast majority of players, that will translate into the same entry fee as the RA Winter Open, or in some cases, actually $5 less. However, for players who would prefer the flexibility to register during the last week, including onsite at the last minute, then in most cases that entry fee would increase $5. After much thought and discussion, we felt that would be the most fair for both early and late registrants.

    In addition, there are some other changes that people might be interested in :

    1) We plan to have a dedicated U1800 section (minimum of 6 players), in other words, we are planning 4 sections = Top/U2000/U1800/U1600
    2) The Top Section will for sure have class prizes for both U2400 and U2200 (in the past, the U2400 class prize was decided at the last minute)
    3) The free entry offered to GMs and IMs will be available by email during January and February. As of March, regular entry fees would apply.
    4) Early registrations/payments not only save you money, but also our mutual time onsite. In addition, I will close registrations during Round 1.

    P.S. to Mate Marinkovic: You have an outstanding previously deferred entry to one of my events, so would you like to apply it the RA Spring Open?

    Yours in chess,

    Aris Marghetis
    - Organizer/TD, FIDE Arbiter
    - EOCA President, CFC Governor

    Please note that we are looking for up to 4 floater players :
    - floater players help the TD guarantee no “forced byes”
    - floater players are paired and rated like all the players
    - floater players play for free, but under some conditions :
    ----- they play in 0 to 5 rounds, depending on byes by all the players
    ----- they can be phoned/texted in the hour before every single round
    ----- they have a current CFC membership by the time of first pairings
    if you are interested in being a floater player for this event, please apply by email

    P.S. All applicable ratings will be rechecked before first pairings at 645pm.

    --------- original event announcement ---------

    The Eastern Ontario Chess Association (EOCA) organizes the EOCA Grand Prix, a series of weekend tournaments over the 2009-2010 chess season.

    The next EOCA event in Ottawa will be the RA Spring Open, on March 5th-7th. It will consist of 5 rounds, with flexible bye and discount options.

    We are planning for 4 sections (rated CFC, Top Section also rated FIDE), and prizes ($2800 last event) for every 200 rating points from U2400 to U1600.

    For more details on this event, and a great webpage for all of the events in the 2009-2010 EOCA Grand Prix, please consider bookmarking this weblink: