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    The BGC Poker tournaments are re-starting this Saturday and future Saturdays at Danny Greens Billiards, 1220 Danforth Av (just east of Greenwood) - 8pm start. Initial buy-in $30, rebuys & add-ons $20. Prize fund = no. of players x $20. Many chessplayers among the regulars!
    Info: Vlad (647) 207-9342.

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    Re: Chess -->Poker

    I wasn't crazy about GO posts, but poker is fine, hahaha

    Not to incite unrest, but are you sure that you got the prize fund right?! If there were no rebuys/add-ons, then even $25 per $30 paid would be too little. Add in the rebuys/add-ons, and I have to wonder, where the heck is all the extra money going?!

    - online poker like FullTilt and PokerStars: fee is 10% of buyin (i.e. $10+$1)
    - Lac Leamy casino in Gatineau: fee is closer to 16% of buyin (i.e. $30+$5)

    But without the rebuys/addons, the BGC fees are already at 50% ($20+$10) ?!?!

    P.S. Is it even legal to run something like this? In Ottawa, the police swoop in on these.


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      Re: Chess -->Poker

      Since you want to know expense details, I assume you wont be there. The money is to post bail after YOU call the cops! :)


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        Re: Chess -->Poker

        LOL ... don't worry, I understand & appreciate the allure of tournament-style poker! :)

        And I don`t care about your expenses, it`s all an expected-value/equity decision ...

        If the participants are comfortable with their opportunities at such an event, so be it.

        In the immortal words of George Lucas: May the flop be with you!