Chess Set from the Isle of Lewis

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  • Chess Set from the Isle of Lewis

    This chess set has rich historical value and is available in The Strategy Games Store at 701 Mount Pleasant Road Toronto ON.

    The enigma of the Lewis chessmen

    11.09.2010 – In 1831, in Edinburgh, Scotland, a collection of chessmen found on the Isle of Lewis was displayed for the first time. These 12th century handcrafted pieces made from walrus tusks and whale teeth have since become iconic examples of our lasting love for wargames. Their origins, however, is one of theory and controversy. Here is an illustrated article on the world's most famous chess set.

    Read the entire article and see lovely photos at

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    Re: Chess Set from the Isle of Lewis

    A few years ago, I spent some time in the Outer Hebrides (of which Lewis is one of several islands in the group). I had hoped to see some history of the chess sets while I was there (in the town of Stornoway - population about 10,000) - except for one problem. It was a Sunday, and everything (yes everything) was shut down (of course - churches were open). No ferry service to the rest of Scotland (normally - several sailings daily); the only restaurant open was in our hotel.

    UPDATE: since last year, there is one ferry sailing on Sundays ("a matter of enormous controversy" - Wikipedia). Lots of Youtube videos of the first Sunday sailing with protesters yelling with very thick Scottish accents.