Ottawa Autumn Open: $20 discount ongoing

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  • Aris Marghetis
    RA chess memberships to renew soon

    Members of the RA chess club benefit from a $5 discount off the entry fee. Whereas the RA season only starts in September, we were deducting $5 in August from players who even just expected to become 2010-2011 RA members. Now that we are in September, players have begun to renew their RA memberships, which is much appreciated. I have been able to cross-check against a list from last Thursday evening, and the rest of the players registered for the Ottawa Autumn Open with the RA discount will renew their RA memberships between now and the start of the weekend tournament. However, if you have the option of renewing this week, I encourage you to do so, as things will be very busy on the eve of the event, and especially onsite at the last minute. Please appreciate that if you do not renew your RA membership by next Thursday, September 23rd, that I might not be able to guarantee you a Swiss pairing for your first round of play, sorry.

    P.S. Some of you did not deduct the RA discount when you registered, but will renew your RA memberships by the tournament. Therefore, I will just give you back $5 in cash then.

    Here are the players who should renew their RA chess memberships or add $5 to the pot:

    Buss, Danilov, Dunne, Farah, Hubley, Kalra, Luo(F), Luo(T), Murray(A), Qin, Ritchie, Sadeghi, Schwartz, Sun, Upper, Yang, Zhang(D), Zhang(K)

    Thanks and regards, Aris (Mr. trying to keep it fair, lol)

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  • Aris Marghetis
    started a topic Ottawa Autumn Open: $20 discount ongoing

    Ottawa Autumn Open: $20 discount ongoing

    Hi again, with about a week and a half to go, we are pleased to report that we already have 54 players registered. If you have not registered yet, but are planning on doing so, then rather than waiting for the last minute, please consider mailing your registration in now. If you do not use cheques, then you could just get a postal money order at the post office. Note for payments received by me by next Thursday, September 23rd, the $20 double-early discount still applies. For local players who pay at the RA club on next Thursday evening, September 23rd, then the $10 early discount (just cash only) will apply.

    P.S. I will not know until this Thursday, September 16th, during that day, whether I can drop by the RA club in the evening. If I can, I will reply to this post on ChessTalk. Note that if I am there taking registrations, that the $20 double-early discount will apply, but payments at the RA club must now be in cash.

    N.B. for players from the RA club : please renew your RA Chess membership as soon as feasible, to take advantage of the $5 RA registration discount!

    Yours in chess,

    Aris Marghetis, FIDE Arbiter
    Organizer/TD, EOCA President
    arismarghetis at rogers dot com

    Please note that we are looking for up to 5 floater players :
    - floater players help the TD guarantee no “forced byes”
    - floater players are paired and rated like all the players
    - floater players play for free, but under some conditions :
    ----- they play in 0 to 5 rounds, depending on byes by all the players
    ----- they can be phoned/texted in the hour before every single round
    ----- they have a current CFC membership by the time of first pairings
    If you are interested in being a floater player for this event, please apply by email

    --------- ongoing registration list ---------

    CFC# rating name: title last, first

    Top Section
    146462 2640 GM Sambuev, Bator
    102700 2450 IM Hartman, Brian
    106245 2444 IM O'Donnell, Tom
    103715 2383 Pacey, Kevin
    134989 2363 Qin, Joey
    135223 2350 Kraiouchkine, Nikita

    U2200 Section
    101925 2197 Upper, John
    149090 2172 Torres, Aleksandr
    141390 2150 Pace, Christopher
    103754 2134 Doubleday, William
    105070 2097 Gagnon, Serge (CFC membership)
    134333 2088 Abrahams, Daniel
    106856 2084 Palsson, Halldor
    131936 2078 Desjardins, Michel (bye 1)
    139655 2058 Sadeghi, Saeid
    104837 2049 Riordon, Jason
    142032 2017 Forget, David

    U2000 Section
    102539 1985 Groleau, Gilles
    101895 1976 Danilov, Alex
    143574 1958 Donev, Danail
    111290 1954 Smilovici, Emil
    146811 1953 Zhang, Zhiyuan (bye 1)
    134894 1939 Murray, Adam
    137927 1935 Kalra, Agastya
    108936 1926 Giroux, Robert
    107565 1909 Hubley, Roger
    134845 1859 Renaud, Joshua (bye 1)
    104270 1856 Laszlo, Robert (bye 3)
    102205 1851 Thibault, Mario
    100337 1841 Laurin, Marcel (bye 1)
    147351 1840 Liu, Dan
    147276 1816 Zhang, Kevin

    U1800 Section
    110972 1795 Ritchie, Gordon (bye 3)
    148449 1776 Zhang, Yuanchen
    147460 1738 Wan, Kevin
    142031 1731 Burton, Joe
    136932 1701 Schwartz, Saul

    U1600 Section
    148746 1592 Farah, Liiban (RA premium)
    120860 1568 Krolczyk, Jacob
    144311 1530 Sharma, Pranav
    141391 1528 Pace, Nicholas
    146449 1522 Buss, Andreas (CFC membership)
    146453 1520 Dunne, Francesco
    128144 1514 Murray, Brian
    135113 1489 Eyre, Keven
    146597 1452 Luo, Fangyi
    142224 1446 Sun, Michael (CFC membership)
    147277 1437 Zhang, David
    150262 1428 Muhammad, Nizam
    150390 1386 Carroll, Billy
    105729 1368 D'Aoust, Marc (CFC membership)
    148924 1338 Zhang, Jeff
    146598 1154 Luo, Tony
    151429 UNR Yang, Ryan

    P.S. All applicable ratings will be rechecked before first pairings at 7pm.

    --------- original event announcement ---------

    The Eastern Ontario Chess Association (EOCA) organizes the EOCA Grand Prix, a series of weekend tournaments over the 2010-2011 chess season.

    The next EOCA event in Ottawa is the Ottawa Autumn Open, on September 24th-26th. It will consist of 5 rounds, with flexible bye and discount options.

    We are planning 5 sections (rated CFC, upper sections also rated FIDE), and prizes for every 200 rating points (total of $3300 for latest Ottawa event!)

    For more details on this event, and a great webpage for all of the events in the 2010-2011 EOCA Grand Prix, please consider bookmarking this weblink :