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    “The SPICE Cup is one of the biggest international invitational tournaments in the United States regularly held in the beautiful Texas Universiy campuses,” said So, who is also scheduled to leave on September 9 for a week-long vacation in Toronto, Canada where his family is now based.

    from Polgar Susan site

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    Re: Wesley So

    It wasn't quite a week. Wesley arrived late on September 9th. He was back at Pearson airport last night, departing for the Philippines and then the Olympiad.

    I have been in regular contact with Wesley's mom Eleanor for the past six months or so, passing along her resume and doing what I can to help them move here. Some members of the Philippine chess community in Toronto have been doing likewise. Eleanor has a strong finance/accounting background. If you know of a job opportunity Please let me know and I will put you in touch.

    Will Wesley play for Canada some day? I hope so, but the financial obstacles are daunting. Wesley would have played in the Canadian Open but he could not afford to pass up the more lucretive options available to him, primarily in Europe.