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  • Svidler interview on Crestbook

    the second half of a Q&A with the always articulate Peter Svidler is on Crestbook:

    A few highlights:

    Q: How do you maintain your fitness?

    PS: For anyone who’s seen even a single photograph of me the answer to that question should be obvious. I’ve got a cardio-trainer at home, and my list of things to do in the near future includes checking whether it’s totally broken, and if it turns out that it’s still functional, then trying to break it before the Superfinal.

    Q: What’s your opinion of the following figures:
    a) I. V. Stalin
    b) V. I. Lenin
    very negative, very positive, or somewhere in between?

    PS: ab) Very negative. Even a phenomenally talented cannibal still remains for me, first and foremost, a cannibal.

    Q: Is there bluffing in chess? Have you ever bluffed...

    PS: Pure bluffing – probably not, while in my opinion semi-bluffing definitely does exist.... It’s true that that doesn’t work very well for me – people are very unwilling to believe that I know anything at all, and can you blame them?..