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  • Rd 7 Tata-Corus

    It is with wonder to see that Wesley So has scored his 3rd straight win in round 7 against a super GM Navara 2708 in just 34 moves. The threat was something that an expert can see like 32. Bg4 followed by 33.h3.

    With the win, Wesley So has come abreast with GM Luke McShane at 5 points in GM group B although McShane still has to finish his advantageous round 7 game against GM Le Quang Lien of Vietnam.

    In Group C, GM Mark Bluvstein should win this one against IM Jan Willem de Jong.

    It is with fond memories to remember Jan, as a teenager, who i played with in the championship for the title of the Blitz Championship of The Hague in 2002?

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    Re: Rd 7 Tata-Corus

    GM Luke McShane 2664 suffered his first loss in Gramaster group B in the hands of Vietnam's super GM Le Quang Liem 2664. Luke's loss is attributed with the wrong piece capture of the f5 pawn (Nf5) , exposing the unsupported Be6 bishop after the Nc5 of Le. What was amazing in this middle game combination is how GM Le Quang Liem brought his vacationing Bf2 bishop to life and hwo he exchanged it for the defending Bg7 of Black, totally exposing the black king at the mercy of White's heavy pieces. Luke wwas already lost after his 39th moves but played on 6 mroemoves before calling it a day.

    Now, at 5 points in 7 games are So, McShane and Efimenko.