My plan for Chess in Ontario!

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  • My plan for Chess in Ontario!

    If I am elected as President of the Ontario Chess Association, this is what I plan to do.

    As previously mentioned, I pledge to announce a date and location for the Ontario Open 2008 within two weeks of being elected.

    I will also work with whoever is the new Treasurer to sort out the finances and get the money rolling down to the leagues, and various other people currently owed money for running OCA sanctioned events.

    I also plan to promote chess throughout the province. Chess is at an all-time high in several areas and these would serve as a great building block for other areas that have been neglected recently.

    As part of this plan, I will launch a Tournament Promotion Assistance Plan. While I cannot make any specific funding promises because we have seen absolutely no financial information for the OCA in the past year, what I intend this to be is a plan to which tournament organizers may apply for support.

    The Executive would select one event per year from each of the leagues for OCA sponsorship. Priority would be given to areas that have not held an event recently (or at all), or to organizers who have relatively little experience.

    The support provided would include a financial contribution (based on available funds), promotional support (help creating advertising and a website) and direct, personal support for the organizer and/or director of the event.

    In addition, I would open up the OCA website and make it available to use for tournament websites, creating a central location for all Ontario events, not just the official OCA events. I will also investigate to see if the four leagues are interested in being hosted on the official Chessontario site.

    In short, my plan is to offer some new encouragement to existing volunteers in chess around the province, while providing incentives for new people and areas to join in. Together we can all build a new golden age for chess in Ontario.

    Thank you.

    Christopher Mallon
    Christopher Mallon
    FIDE Arbiter

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    Re: My plan for Chess in Ontario!

    Thanks Chris for creating a plan and not a sham.
    I'll have to drop out of the Preidential race now and put my full support to you.
    Hope you crush the other candidates.
    John R. Brown