The CCC Post ( Week of July 8 - 14/11 ).

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  • The CCC Post ( Week of July 8 - 14/11 ).

    The CCC Post ( Week of July 8 - 14/11 ).

    Q: Chess clubs provide a fun place for members ( both CFC and non-CFC members ), where they play casual and tournament chess, kibitz, and meet with their friends. Isn’t this a sufficient goal for a chess club?

    A: The Cooperative Chess Coalition ( CCC ) says “ No “. Many chess clubs have both CFC members and non-CFC members. The CFC members are usually members of their Provincial Affiliate. The members are responsible that the two over-arching organizations operate for the benefit of Canadian chess and of both the larger organizations' members and non-members ( who are potential members ). This means they are responsible to see that the two organizations “ promote chess “ to the general public, one of their mandates. And they have a role in advising their governors and local provincial executive how this might be done. They can volunteer for chess promotion activities. And in the clubs, they can involve both members and non-members in general chess promotion, totally aside from any hope of future CFC members – they may attract more club members. So clubs and members do have a broader role than just “ chess playing “.

    Bob, CCC Coordinator
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