October 22 Rapid results

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  • October 22 Rapid results

    13 players, 5 rds swiss

    1st: Andre Gulko 4 1/2 - 1/2
    2nd - 4th: Bator Sambuev, Artiom Samsonkin, Victor Plotkin 3 1/2 - 1 1/2
    A Prize: Yuan Chen Zhang 2 1/2 points
    B Prize: Julian Posaratnanathan 2 1/2 points

    The new site was well received with good space at each table and good lighting.

    Current rapid ratings

    Bator Sambuev 2682
    Gerzhoy Leonid 2611
    Noritsyn Nikolay 2583
    Plotkin Victor 2505
    Samsonkin Artem 2500
    Sapozhnikov Roman 2472
    Ochkoos Yuri 2450
    Tayar Jonathan 2420
    Martchenko Alex 2419
    Rek Slava 2410
    Gulko Andre 2398
    Bailey Doug 2388
    Zuniga Dante 2342
    Puri Vinny 2305
    Dougherty Mike 2304
    Aronov Yuri 2255
    Yaacov Vaingorten 2251
    Campbell Bret 2248
    Jung Hans 2247
    Murray Peter 2240
    Yevhen Molchanov 2229
    Song Michael 2218
    Southam Dave 2185
    Fiedler Brian 2179
    Pedersen Rune 2141
    Zeromskis Egis 2140
    Shebetah Wajdy 2139
    Plotkin Mark 2127
    Miletic Dusan 2124
    Evans Bill 2106
    Preotu Razvan 2096
    Malette Martin 2071
    Zhang Yuan Chen 2069
    Dobrich Vlad 2062
    Haziprodromu Sam 2031
    Brajkovic Nikola 2017
    Stavropoulos Greg 2017
    Chernik Dmitry 2009
    Malmsten Eric 1987
    Posaratnanathan Julian 1982
    Isaac Zelcer 1974
    Chidley-Hill John 1934
    Robinson Dave 1916
    Zagar Milan 1911
    McNeil Hugh 1846
    McSherry Peter 1838
    Steadman Richard 1829
    Bell Ian 1795
    O'Bumsawin Nick 1714
    Ali Shafkat 1705
    Matthews Dan 1678
    Mowers Dan 1676
    Goodman Shaul 1604
    Singer Ron 1600
    Heller Bob 1600
    Goodman Halli 1600

    The 15 minute Rapid is played from 2pm every Saturday
    at the Maple Leaf Sports Bar 828 Danforth (half way between
    the Pape and Donlands subway stations).

    Entry fee is $30 - cash prizes for winners in rating
    groupings as well as the top two or three over all.
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    Re: October 22 Rapid results

    It is nice to see a new player in Andrei Gulko, who i believe is from Montreal -from the Pi Cafe monthly blitz.

    Nice addition to the Toronto rapid scene. Andrie brings more prestige to Vlad's rapid tournaments. And what follows is, strong players will be challenged and will flock together.

    As Hugh Brodie said, "fresh Meat".....lol. Is the center of the universe...i mean, the center of gravity of rapid/blitz chess, levitating more towards Toronto than Montreal?
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      Re: October 22 Rapid results

      Yes, this was a very interesting field! Andre Gulko arrived with Yaacov Vaingorten and Yevhen Molchanov. Vaingorten spends his time between Toronto and Moscow while Molchanov usually works Saturdays and can't play too often. Sambuev arrived after the first round had started and so played with a first round bye (1/2 point). He went on to lose to Plotkin in the third round.


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        Re: October 22 Rapid results

        Doug Bailey predicts 10 players will attend this Saturday's Rapid.