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    The Bayview Games Club is moving to what will hopefully be a permanent location at a coffee house! We will start with backgammon this Wednesday at 7:00pm and the weekly blitz on Saturday at 1:30pm. All equipment provided. Hopefully this will be a 7 days-a-week location for chess and backgammon just like in the good old days before computers drew people away from live play. Anyone remember the chess of the sixties on Yorkville Avenue before the developers moved in and turned it into a high-priced yuppie neighbourhood?
    The new spot is called The One and is directly next to The Only (a popular bohemian bar) - so come and visit The One and Only authentic chess cafe in Toronto at 966 Danforth, 7 store fronts West of the Donlands subway station. A good turnout this Saturday is vital to make a good impression on the owner.

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    Re: Retro chess cafe

    What happened to th pub I thought it was a good idea?


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      Re: Retro chess cafe

      The new location is part pub (the Only) and half cafe (the One). The Bow&Arrow was all pub & I couldn't drink enough beer to satisfy the manager (and to make up for the non-drinkers $0 bar tabs) who also accused us of gambling since there were cash prizes in the chess tournament. He took it personally when I got the owner to straighten out his misconception. The One & Only is a Bohemian bar & cafe straight out of the Sixties and the initial reaction from people I have contacted by phone has been VERY positive! We should have a great turnout this Saturday!