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  • This is a job for... Botvinnik!

    VANCOUVER, Wash. - Police on Saturday were searching for a man who randomly attacked two people with a hatchet in Vancouver.

    The attack sent two men to Southwest Washington Medical Center with head injuries, police said. One suffered a skull fracture and was placed in intensive care, police said, while the other suffered minor wounds to his head and the back of the neck. Their names were not immediately released, but police said they were both in their 50s.

    According to Vancouver police Officer Ilia Botvinnik, one of the injured men came out of a convenience store and believes the suspect may have followed him to a bus stop near Evergreen Park and the intersection of East Fourth Plain Boulevard and Neals Lane, where he was attacked about 8:45 a.m. Saturday.

    The second victim saw the attack and came to help but was injured in the process, Botvinnik said. The suspect fled and was later seen near the intersection of East 18th Street and Grand Boulevard.

    Police were still investigating what led to the assault.

    Anyone with information on the case was asked to call Detective Zapata at (360) 487-7420 as soon as possible.

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    Re: This is a job for... Botvinnik!

    Detective Zapata = a gumshoe


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      Re: This is a job for... Botvinnik!

      Due to the "Botvinnik Rule", the victims will each be allowed a rematch against the suspect.
      Only the rushing is heard...
      Onward flies the bird.