Allocation of Monies Donated to our Olympic Teams

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    Re: Allocation of Monies Donated to our Olympic Teams

    Originally posted by Christopher Mallon View Post
    I remember that Brantford case.. of course it was such a small part of the guy's estate everyone thinks quite poorly of his relatives now for keeping it. And I don't even think the hospital was the only one to lose money on that.
    Possibly they were unhappy with the treatment he got there. You'd be amazed how treatment of patients varies among the hospitals.
    Gary Ruben
    CC - IA and SIM


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      Re: Allocation of Monies Donated to our Olympic Teams

      Originally posted by Zeljko Kitich View Post
      Under charity law as regulated by Revenue Canada & the charitable status you are required to use money for what it was intended & if you don't, don't expect anyone to donate to you again.
      Mea culpa. I was the one who originated the thesis that, once received, a donation could be put to any charitable use that the charity wanted. I am sure that I saw a reference to such a case (where the donor having earmarked project A, saw the money going to project B, tried to get his money back, but couldn't), but was quite unable to find such a reference yesterday. On the contrary, I found this long and detailed article (by a lawyer) about the pitfalls of a charitable body accepting earmarked donations:

      Still, even in that article, it says that a court order may vary the disposition of the funds, so I still think there is a chance that the money (whether in the CFC or in the Chess Foundation) could involuntarily be forced to be spent in other ways, so, once again, an independent foundation might be a good move--if anybody has the stomach for it.