Mikhail Talís 76th Birthday Today

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  • Mikhail Talís 76th Birthday Today

    Today, November 9, would have been Mikhail Talís 76th birthday. There is a nice article about him at the Chessbase site and the bonus of a simul game of the 12-year-old boy playing Vyacheslav Ragozin.


    He died June 28, 1992 of kidney failure at only 55 years old.

    He and Fischer are the two players who were the brightest lights of our modern era and the two whose games I am most fond of playing over.

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    Re: Mikhail Talís 76th Birthday Today

    The last game of the champion against the champion.


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      Re: Mikhail Talís 76th Birthday Today

      Talís Birthday

      November 9, 2015

      There is an article on Mikhail Tal with lots of photos at:


      It is in Russian but google translate makes short work of that.

      A couple of excerpts:

      Tal had a rich personal life. His first wife, actress and a beautiful woman was Sally Landau. They had passionate love for each other, but each led a life independent, self-sustaining, and therefore their marriage was doomed. However, the warm relationship survived and after the divorce. And later Sally even issued a book about their love entitled: "Love and Chess". Of course, it was not one with chess moves, only love. Sally, in touching detail, told about those years she spent with Tal, a love, which lasted all through his life.

      Once Botvinnik wrote Sally a letter expressing concern about the health of her husband and invited them for a while to move to Moscow so Misha could receive medical treatment in a hospital. After reading the letter, Tal was serious only for a moment and then explained the message to Sally: - I think I know what has happened. The Patriarch just fell in love with you and wants to drag us to Moscow. But the problem: is it worth changing one former world champion to another?!

      Once, when Sally and Michael were still young, Tal joked: "if I ever die, the monument on my grave will be up to you. Strikingly, but everything turned out exactly as he predicted. Coming six years after the death of Misha in Riga and visiting the Jewish cemetery, Sally was horrified: the tomb of Tal, except for a handful of Earth, there was nothing. "Where did share his many friends, many of them have long made money?"- she thought bitterly.

      And in the year 1998 Sally raised a monument to the genius of chess.

      (WK Note Ė It has a picture of Tal cut into the black granite headstone)

      A reader to chess-news.ru comments: The story is interesting but Sally Landau is simply wrong. "Sally was horrified: the tomb of Tal, except for a handful of Earth, there was nothing." Where did share his many friends, many of them have long made money? "- she thought bitterly."

      Yes, it is well known that at Jewish graves visitors do not leave flowers. It is considered an expression of paganism. Pebbles are left as a sign that the tomb has been visited. The monument is made contrary to the Jewish tradition, which does not allow even photos on the graves, not to mention the bas-reliefs and other "convex" images. It is a pity that the widow of the great chess player did not consult the "Hevra Kadisha".

      One celebration of Talís life had the cosmos as the theme Ė perhaps chess has a cosmic origin and Talís combinations were cosmic.

      Sally Landau said there, ďI sometimes think that Misha came from another planet, played chess and then flew back.Ē


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        Re: Mikhail Talís 76th Birthday Today

        Tal was born November 9, 1936, so he would have been 79 today, not 76.


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          Re: Mikhail Talís 76th Birthday Today

          Mikhail Tal’s 76th Birthday Today

          The down side to recycling a three-year old thread.