Queen Elizabeth ... has died

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  • Queen Elizabeth ... has died

    The passing of Queen Elizabeth is quite sad, for my family too.

    96 years of age, 70 years of which served as the longest-reigning British monarch. We just loved her Christmas messages ... so calm and thankful, even in the midst of the world's turmoil.

    King Charles is now Canada's head state ... looking forward to his first visit here to Canada.

    Queen Elizabeth ... rest in peace ... you will be greatly missed.

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    Say what you want about the institution of the monarchy, the Queen herself was beyond reproach, much in the same way John Paul II was.

    Did she ever mess up? Not that I can recall.



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      I can't recall any misstep by her either, none!

      King Charles gave his first Christmas address ... wonderful. And such a positive message theme of shine ya light!!