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  • Hunter Biden's Laptop

    Why anyone watches any of the MSM networks is a mystery to me. You get the "news" two years late that way.

    CBS 'confirms' Hunter Biden laptop is real 769 days after Post broke story (
    "Tom is a well known racist, and like most of them he won't admit it, possibly even to himself." - Ed Seedhouse, October 4, 2020.

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    The Justice Department has been investigating Hunter Biden for quite some time now. I think there is in fact something serious there, with his business dealings in Ukraine, and when the new Congress starts in 2023, expect to see the new Republican majority probe this. I think it would be in President Joe Biden's best interests to see indictment of Hunter from Justice take place in early 2023, before the Congressional investigation gathers steam. That way, Justice can also start announcing indictments of former president Donald Trump, still the leader of the 'Trumpublicans'!