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I am all in favour of improving the dress code among top players. But I do not believe that is the real issue. The chief arbiter "arbitrarily" invoked the code to exclude Anton's shorts and dismissed out of hand the fact that he had worn them in previous rounds with explicit or at least tacit approval of the arbiters. He did so 15 minutes before a critical game in the third round of the World Cup. That is unacceptable.
Worse is the behaviour of the organizer and chair of the appeals committee, Azmaiparashvili, who, according to Anton, behaved in an outrageous manner, replete with racial epithets. The CFC through its rep should make a very formal protest and push it hard. Over to you, Vlad and Hal.
We have made a protest. Since the Olympiad is in the same country with the same organizers we need to have some discussions about a very public boycott if the protest does not yield a positive result.