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  • Batumi Chess Olympiad 2018

    Chess Olympiad 2018 to take place in Batumi, Georgia

    Aug 13, 2014

    Batumi, Georgia, won the bidding procedure for the 2018 Chess Olympiad. The event will be accompanied by World Cup 2017 in the popular resort on the Black Sea.

    The proposed budget for both events will probably exceed 20 million USD.

    1.6 million USD is allocated for the travel fund for 80 Nations, while around 2 millions USD will be spent on parallel development and promotion programs in Europe and the rest of the World. All teams would have equal conditions with accommodation in 5-stars luxurious hotels


    The last day of FIDE Congress was the longest: the procedures connected to different elections started early in the morning and lasted till late evening. Apart from other decisions, FIDE Vice-Presidents were elected. The venue for the Olympiad 2018 was also decided. Two cities competed: South African Durban and Batumi of Georgia.

    The intensity of the applause delegates gave the presentations (each team had 15 minutes to present their city) made clear their preferences: only one part of the audience applauded for South Africa's presentation, while wild applause was enjoyed by Levan Kipiani, the Minister of Sports and Youth of Georgia and now ECU president Zurab Azmaiparashvili.

    The result was 93 votes against 58 in favor of Batumi.
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    Re: Batumi Chess Olympiad 2018

    Batumi Chess Olympiad 2018

    June 10, 2018

    The World Chess Federation (FIDE) will hold the 43th Chess Olympiad in Batumi.

    The competition will take place from September 23 to October 6 and teams of women and men from 190 countries will participate in it.

    Aside from the Olympiad, FIDE and Continental presidential elections, the FIDE 89th Congress and other important chess events will take place in Batumi.

    Chess players, captains, arbiters, accompanying persons, congress delegates and foreign journalists will all be in Georgia from September 21, flying into Georgian airports in Batumi, Kutaisi and Tbilisi.

    A festive opening ceremony will be held at the Black Sea Arena on September 23, while the closing ceremony will be held at the Batumi State Music Center on October 5.

    The Chess Olympiad is open to all National Federations affiliated to FIDE, who can nominate one team for the open section and one for the women's section. Each team must consist of four players, one reserve and one captain. The captain may be, but is not limited to being, one of the players or the reserve. Additionally, each delegation can nominate one head of delegation and one delegate for the FIDE congress.


    The official site is up and running:

    Some points about the city, climate and region:

    Batumi is the capital city of Adjara, an autonomous republic in southwest Georgia. Batumi, the second-largest city of Georgia, is located on the coast of the Black Sea. Situated in a subtropical zone near the foot of the Lesser Caucasus Mountains. Much of Batumi's economy revolves around tourism and gambling, but the city is also an important sea port and includes industries like shipbuilding, food processing and light manufacturing. Since 2010, Batumi has been transformed by the construction of modern high-rise buildings, as well as the restoration of classical 19th-century edifices lining its historic Old Town.[Wikipedia]


    Adjara's climate is subtropical, with mild winters and hot summers. The Black Sea coastline is humid compared with highland regions. The mountains are distinguished by the considerable amount of snowfall they receive, which sometimes reaches several meters. The temperature in the summer reaches 24OC in the plains and 19OC in areas with higher elevations. The average low temperatures in winter in the seaside Adjara is 5OC, whereas in the highland regions are slightly colder (3OC).


    A traditional Georgian feast is a superb display of the diversity of Georgian cuisine, cooking techniques, table-setting traditions and other accompanying rituals. Adjarian cuisine is an inseparable aspect of Georgian cuisine; however, the cultural influence of Asian cuisine can be clearly seen in a variety of Adjarian dishes. In mountainous Adjara, dairy products are common ingredients in many dishes. Boat-shaped Adjarian khachapuri is one of the most famous Adjarian dishes. Sweets also play an important role in Adjarian cuisine. Viticulture is an essential component of Georgian and Adjarian culture that has been cultivated for hundreds of years. In total, there are around 50 different grape species that are still used in wine production to this very day.


    Sand coffee is part of Batumi's unforgettable and picturesque image. In order to prepare sand coffee, it is essential to maintain a certain temperature during the boiling process. It is the perfect seaside dessert. Many people believe that Batumi's sand coffee has its own unique fragrance.

    Among Adjarian desserts, baklava is one of the difficult desserts to prepare. Proper Adjarian baklava is made from over sixty thin layers of dough, with each layer being covered in a thin layer of walnuts and sweet syrup. Preparing baklava takes an immense amount of time and requires extensive experience to make properly.


    Keda district, 43 kilometers far from Batumi, is considered to be the historical center of winemaking in Adjara. The most popular types of wine are Tsolikauri (White wine) and Chkhaveri (Rose wine).


    Adjarian khachapuri has a unique shape and amazing taste. While other varieties of khachapuri can be paired with breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Adjarian khachapuri should be eaten alone for either breakfast or dinner. There are several versions of Adjarian khachapuri. The Laz, a people who lived near the seacoast, contributed to Adjarian kchacapuri by giving the dish its signature boat-like shape. Additionally, the Laz also added an egg in the middle of the dish, which is symbolic of the sun. Adjarian khachapuri is not only delicious, it is also beautiful and symbolic of both the sun and the sea.


    The construction of Batumi Boulevard was started in 1881 by a Prussian gardener and landscape architect and later completed by a French architect. The boulevard is distinguished by its beauty and diversity. It is also regularly developed and beautified by the addition of fountains, modern sculptures and other tourist attractions. Nowadays, the boulevard is 8 km long and is distinguished by its broad walking and bicycle paths, evergreen plants, its unique combination of magnolias and palms, fountains, bungalows, café-lounges and children’s attractions.

    From “Notes from Batumi” by Prathap Nair:

    “A beach promenade extended for four kilometres along the coastline with a brick-red cycle path for the non-existent biker. A viewing tower, called Alphabet Tower, looking like an elongated igloo in steel and glass, tried to oversell itself as Batumi’s Eiffel Tower. The construction boom was spearheaded by the exiled former President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili, and earned him the moniker “Misha the Builder”. In contrast is a marvellous engineering feat: stainless steel sculptures of two lovers, from a tragic Georgian love story, that revolve and meld into each other before parting, symbolising their unfulfilled love.

    To me, part of Batumi’s charm lies in the fact that it doesn’t seem like it’s even trying to shake off its port-town image and that unpretentiousness is refreshing. All it wants to do is cash in on the tourism boom. So there are flashy casinos, Thai massage parlours, Ukrainian restaurants where the tables are waited by gruffly babushkas alongside modern Georgian cafes, chic chacha (Georgian grappa) bars and waffle cafés. But summer lasts only a few months and the rest of the year, the city seems to curl up into its comfortable shell, battered by the cold winds from the Black Sea.

    True, it’s possible to envision Batumi as a charming seaside town by strolling down the cobblestoned streets in the old quarters as they reverberate with the footsteps of tourists. But that’s only the partial truth. You haven’t seen a city if you haven’t seen its ugly bits. We saw plenty of it and not necessarily by choice. We took a state-run bus tour (to the beautiful botanical garden perched on top of a cluster of hills) conducted by a perm-haired Georgian grandmother who eyeballed us with amusement. On the trip, we experienced the unruliest traffic jam of our entire trip. We stayed at a Khrushchev-era building whose dimly-lit, claustrophobia-inducing, coin-operated lift, sans door sensors, threatened to close in on us before we boarded it. We tagged along on an early-morning bird census expedition with a bunch of sweet Georgians, driving along mud roads that were once littered with land mines.

    Enamoured by the country’s fresh produce and Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, we thought we couldn’t have a single bad meal in Georgia but Batumi broke that promise. The culprit: the open-faced cheese boat, called Ajarian Kachapuri, that could be less pretentious (What’re the fresh egg yolks doing there anyway?) and more flavourful.”
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      Re: Batumi Chess Olympiad 2018

      Batumi Chess Olympiad 2018

      June 10, 2018

      From the FIDE site:



      IA A’ Nikolopoulos, Takis (GRE)


      IA B’ Salama, Omar (ISL): Open Section
      IA B’ Japaridze, Marika (GEO): Women Section


      IA A’ Deventer, Klaus (GER)


      IA D’ Kytharidis, Argiris (GRE)
      IA B’ Bailleul, Geert (BEL)
      IA A’ Anantharam R. (IND)
      IA A’ Abdulrahim, Mahdi (UAE)
      IA B’ Khaled, Hassan (EGY)
      IA D’ Martinez Garcia, Jose (MEX)


      IA A’ Jarecki, Carol (IVB)
      IA D’ Asanov, Bolat (KAZ)
      IA B’ Tandashvili, Margarita (GEO)
      IA B’ Khairallah, Elias (LBN)


      Chairman: IA A’ Stubenvoll, Werner (AUT)
      Member: IA B’ Krause, Christian (GER)
      Member: Herzog, Heinz (AUT)
      Member: IA A’ Holowczak, Alex (ENG)


      Chairman: IA Jorge Vega (GUA)
      Member: IA Hesham Elgendy (EGY)
      Member: Boris Kutin (SLO)


      On the English Chess Forum there was a question as to what TAP (above) is. It is Technical Administrative Panel and they run the chess side of things.


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        Re: Batumi Chess Olympiad 2018

        Batumi Chess Olympiad 2018

        June 15, 2018

        By Jennifer Shahade from

        US Olympic Teams Set: “I Like Our Chances to Repeat”

        Jun 14, 2018

        US Olympic teams are set, with a formidable Open squad featuring three of the top ten players in the World, including World Championship Challenger Fabiano Caruana. Two years ago, the team captured gold medals in Baku, for the first time since 1976.

        Team captain IM John Donaldson told US Chess:

        I like the U.S. team’s chances of being only the second country besides Armenia to repeat as champions in the post-Kasparov era. It won’t be easy as Russia and China will also field teams with similar average ratings to the U.S. and India (with Anand), Azerbaijan and Ukraine will be over 2700 average rating per board. It’s really great Fabiano is back again heading the team. The Olympiad should be the perfect final tune-up before the World Championship.
        It also helps our chances that we have the entire team back from 2016 and Sam Shankland has recently made a huge leap forward.

        Open Squad

        GM Fabiano Caruana
        GM Wesley So
        GM Hikaru Nakamura
        GM Sam Shankland
        GM Ray Robson

        Coach: GM Aleksander Lenderman

        Captain: IM John Donaldson

        Melikset Khachiyan will captain the Women’s team, and he told US Chess that he is thrilled and optimistic about our chances, even though US Women’s Champion Nazi Paikidze will not play. He had glowing things to say about all team-members. “Anna and Irina have tremendous experience. The most difficult job will be on their shoulders, to hold the top boards. Tatev is an important striker- she needs to be in good form and Sabina is a natural born leader and fighter.” As for youngster Jennifer Yu, Melik called her “an amazing talent with no fear.”

        Women’s Squad

        GM Irina Krush
        IM Anna Zatonskih
        WGM Tatev Abrahamyan
        FM Jennifer Yu
        WGM Sabina Foisor

        Coach: GM Robert Hess

        Captain: GM Melikset Khachiyan


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          Batumi Chess Olympiad 2018

          July 13, 2018

          Travel Subsidy Batumi Olympiad
          Friday, 13 July 2018

          From the official FIDE site:

          FIDE is pleased to announce the travel subsidy for participants for the Chess Olympiad & Congress, Batumi, Georgia 2018. All federations will receive more travel subsidy in 2018 than they did for Baku in 2016. Many teams that did not receive a team grant in 2016 will do in 2018. They are Nigeria, South Africa, Bhutan, Chinese Taipei, Malaysia, Thailand, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Scotland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine & Wales. In addition the ECU will be paid 30,000 euros to assist federations that are not receiving any travel subsidy.

          All attending delegates will receive a travel grant. FIDE wants delegates to be present at the General Assembly and reduce the number of proxies from federations.

          The team subsidy is based on two teams of 5 players for the Open & Women’s event, plus team captain for each team and a head of delegation. This is a total of 13 persons. The subsidy will be reduced pro rata for every federation that does not have 13 accredited persons present. Above these 13 persons, the travel grant will be paid for a federation’s delegate without exception.

          Any person amongst the thirteen accredited persons that is receiving a travel grant as an arbiter or a delegate cannot also receive a subsidy as part of the team and the team subsidy will be reduced pro rata.

          Teams that have a captain assigned to them by the Trainers Commission also may not claim an extra travel subsidy for these captains covered by the Trainers Commission.

          For subsidy, see:


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            Batumi Chess Olympiad 2018

            July 21, 2018

            Russian Teams for the Chess Olympiad

            43rd World Chess Olympiad will be held in Batumi, Georgia, from September 23rd till October 6th, 2018

            Head coach of the Russian national men's chess team, RCF President Andrey Filatov announced the team composition for the forthcoming World Chess Olympiad.

            Vladimir Kramnik, Sergey Karjakin, Ian Nepomniachtchi, Dmitry Jakovenko, and Nikita Vitiugov will play in Batumi, Georgia.

            Head coach of the Russian national men's chess team Andrey Filatov:

            There is a great choice of strong players in Russia, and all of them are willing to defend their country's honor in the competitions of the highest level. The task of the coaching staff is to elect those ones who will be in the peak of the form before this important start and will be able to show one's best. As always, the Russian national team is aimed at the highest possible result.

            Russian national women's chess team: Alexandra Kosteniuk, Valentina Gunina, Aleksandra Goryachkina, Natalija Pogonina, and Olga Girya.

            Head coach of the women's chess team Sergei Rublevsky:

            We are planning to play with the same reliable and experienced team composition as we did two years ago in Baku. Our main rivals are also the same: China, Ukraine, and of course, Georgia - the team that will be especially dangerous being whole-heartedly supported by its fans at home. Well, we will fight!



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              Batumi Chess Olympiad 2018

              July 24, 2018

              Composition of the Ukrainian team for the World Chess Olympiad in Batumi 2018:

              Women’s team consists of: Anna Muzychuk, Mariya Muzychuk, Lulija Osmak, Natalia Zhukova and Anna Ushenina.

              The team captain is: Michail Brodsky.

              Open team consists of: Pavel Eljanov, Vassily Ivanchuk, Anton Korobov, Yuriy Kryvoruchko and Ruslan Ponomariov.

              The team captain is: Oleksandr Sulypa.

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                Batumi Chess Olympiad 2018

                July 23, 2018

                German Teams

                The five-members German men's and women's teams for the 2018 Chess Olympiad is already known!

                Men’s team consists of: Matthias Bluebaum, Daniel Fridman, Georg Meier, Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu and Rasmus Svane.

                The team captain is: Dorian Rogozenco

                Women’s team consists of: Zoya Schleining, Elisabeth Paehtz, Filiz Osmanodja, Sarah Hoolt and Judith Fuchs.

                The team captain is: Jonathan Carlstedt



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                  Batumi Chess Olympiad 2018

                  July 21, 2018

                  A whole lot of team members for the Olympiad have been put on the event’s Facebook page:


                  But, I’ll start with the Canadian teams as given in ChessTalk:

                  Open Team
                  Razvan Preotu
                  Eric Hansen
                  Aman Hambleton
                  Nikolay Noritsyn
                  Alexandre LeSiege

                  Women’s Team
                  Svitlana Demchenko
                  Maili-Jade Ouellet
                  Qiyu Zhou
                  Agnieszka Matras Clement
                  Lali Agbabishvili

                  Team captains will be Victor Plotkin for the national team and grandmaster Gergely Szabo for the women's team.


                  The five-member Croatian open and women's teams for the 2018 Chess Olympiad is already known!

                  Open team consists of: Hrvoje Stevic, Ivan Saric, Marin Bosiocic, Ante Brkic and Sasa Martinovic.

                  The team captain is: Zdenko Kozul.

                  Women’s team consists of: Ana Berke, Borka Franciskovic, Tihana Ivekovic, Mirjana Medic and Ivona Purgar.

                  The team captain is: Ervin Sindik.

                  Chinese Open and women's teams for the 2018 Chess Olympiad is already known!

                  Open team consists of: Xiangzhi Bu, Liren Ding, Chao b Li, Yangyi Yu and Yi Wei.

                  The team captain is: Jun Xu.

                  Women’s team consists of: Wenjun Ju, Tingjie Lei, Mo Zhai and Yang Shen.

                  The team captain is: Shaoteng Yu.

                  The five-member Kuwait open and women's teams for the 2018 Chess Olympiad is already known!

                  Open team consists of: Khalaf Al Azmi, Bader Al-Hajiri, Abdul Wahab Alothman, Salem Alothman and Hazaa AlShourfaa.

                  The team captain is: Merab Gagunashvili.

                  Women’s team consists of: Amenah Alawadhi, Etedal Almeraj, Shahad Alraqum, Fatemah Alzahraa Baqer and Suhailah Bekheet.

                  The team captain is: Fadi Malkawi.

                  The five-member Scottish open and women's teams for the 2018 Chess Olympiad is already known!

                  Open team consists of: Murad Abdulla, Andrew N Greet, Roderick M McKay, Clement Sreeves and Alan Tate.

                  The team captain is: Neil Berry

                  Women’s team consists of: Ketevan Arakhamia-Grant, Ali Roy, Monica Espinosa Cancino, Rosemary A Giulian and Caitlin Re

                  The five-member Romanian open and women's teams for the 2018 Chess Olympiad is already known!

                  Open team consists of: Bogdan-Daniel Deac, Ioan-Cristian Chirila, Constantin Lupulescu, Levente Vajda and Mircea-Emilian Parligras

                  The team captain is: Alin-Mile Berescu

                  Women’s team consists of: Irina Bulmaga, Corina-Isabela Peptan, Elena-Luminita Cosma, Andreea-Marioara Cosman and Miruna-Daria Lehaci

                  The team captain is: Costica-Ciprian Nanu

                  The Brazilian open and women's teams for the 2018 Chess Olympiad is already known!

                  Women’s team consists of: Julia Alboredo, Suzana Chang, Kathie Goulart Librelato, Ana Vitoria De Paula Rothebarth and Juliana Sayumi Terao.

                  Open team consists of: Felipe El Debs, Alexandr Fier, Rafael Leitão, Krikor Mekhitarian and Luis Paulo Supi.

                  The team captain is: Viktor Moskalenko.

                  The five-member Azerbaijani open and women's teams for the 2018 Chess Olympiad is already known!

                  Open team consists of: Rauf Mamedov, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, Arkadij Naiditsch, Teimour Radjabov and Eltaj Safarli.

                  The team captain is: Gadir Guseinov.

                  Women’s team consists of: Khanim Balajayeva, Ulviyya Fataliyeva, Zeinab Mamedjarova, Gulnar Mammadova and Gunay Mammadzada.

                  The team captain is: Fikret Sideifzade.

                  The five-member Irish open and women's teams for the 2018 Chess Olympiad is already known!

                  Open team consists of: Alexander Baburin, Stephen Jessel, Alex Astaneh Lopez, Conor O`Donnell and David Fitzsimons

                  The team captain is: Carl Jackson

                  Women’s team consists of: Diana Mirza, Mercedes Plaza Reino, Hannah Lowry-O`Reilly, Gearoidin Ui Laighleis and Eibhia Ni Mhuireagain .

                  The team captain is: Ioana Miller

                  The five-members Danish open team for the 2018 Chess Olympiad is already known!

                  Open team consists of: Jakob Vang Glud, Simon Bekker-Jensen, Bjorn Moller Ochsner, Nikolaj Mikkelsen and Jonas Buhl Bjerre.

                  The team captain is: Tavs Bjerre.

                  The five-member Israel open and women's teams for the 2018 Chess Olympiad is already known!

                  Women’s team consists of: Yuliya Shvayger, Marsel Efroimski, Masha Klinova, Olga Gutmakher and Michal Lahav.

                  The team captain is: David Glazer Ilana.

                  Open team consists of: Ilya Smirin, Boris Gelfand, Maxim Rodshtein, Tamir Nabaty and Emil Sutovsky.

                  The team captain is: Alexander Kaspi.

                  The five-member Hungarian open and women's teams for the 2018 Chess Olympiad is already known!

                  Women’s team consists of: Hoang Thanh Trang, Szidonia Lazarne Vajda, Anita Gara and Ticia Gara, Julianna Terbe.

                  The team captain is: Gabor Papp

                  Open team consists of: Zoltán Almási, Peter Leko, Ferenc Berkes, Benjámin Gledura, Viktor Erdős

                  The team captain is: Csaba Balogh.


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                    Batumi Chess Olympiad 2018

                    July 24, 2018

                    From the EC Forum:

                    The English teams:

                    Open team

                    Adams, Howell, Jones, McShane, Pert (N) with Nunn as non-playing captain

                    Women's team

                    Houska, Ciuksyte, Kalaiyalahan, Maroroa, Head (Louise) with D'Costa as non-playing captain.

                    Nigel Short is tied up elsewhere



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                      Batumi Chess Olympiad 2018

                      July 25, 2018

                      The All India Chess Federation (AICF) has finalised the five member Indian men's and women's teams for Chess Olympiad 2018 to be held in Batumi in Georgia this September, said a senior official.

                      He also said the city based Ramco Group has decided to sponsor the Indian Olympiad team.

                      The five-member Indian men's team for the Chess Olympiad will be spearheaded by five-time World Champion and presently the World No.14 Grand Master (GM) Viswanathan Anand (ELO rating of 2,759).

                      The other members are World No.22 GM P. Harikrishna (ELO 2,732) World No.32 GM Vidit Santosh Gujrathi (ELO 2,710), World No.68 GM B. Adhiban (ELO 2,671) and World No.78 GM K. Sasikiran (ELO 2,666), Bharat Singh Chauhan, Secretary, AICF told IANS on Wednesday.

                      He said the women's chess team would comprise of Humpy Koneru (ELO 2,557), Harika Dronavalli (ELO 2,494), Eesha Karavade (ELO 2,399), Tania Sachdev (2,393) and Padmini Rout (ELO 2,352).

                      According to Chauhan, the Ramco group will be sponsoring the Indian Olympiad team.

                      "The Ramco group will get its visibility. The Indian players will have the group's logo on their suit apart from other means of visibility," Chauhan said.

                      He said the Chess Olympiad team members will also be offered financial incentives on a graded scale based on their rating.

                      According to AICF, in the case of the men's team, players with ratings over 2,650 will be paid Rs.200,000 and players with a rating over 2,600 - Rs.150,000.

                      For the women's team members, those having a rating of over 2,400 will be paid Rs.100,000 and players with a rating over 2,000 will be paid Rs.80,000.

                      If the team wins a medal, the AICF will pay all the team members a cash incentive of Rs.300,000 if the team wins the Gold medal or Rs.150,000 (Silver) or Rs.75,000 (Bronze).

                      Chauhan said chess training camps are being held for the men's and women's teams.


                      Rs. 100,000 is equivalent to $1900 Canadian


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                        Batumi Chess Olympiad 2018

                        August 10, 2018

                        The ranking of the open teams and the line-ups are out at:


                        The United States is first, with Russia and China second and third. Canada is 39th.

                        Jan Gustafsson has hung up his commentating cap for the time and is the captain of the Netherlands team!

                        43rd Olympiad Batumi 2018 Open
                        Last update 10.08.2018

                        Team-Starting rank

                        No. TeamTeamRtgAvg Captain

                        1 USA United States of America 2777 Donaldson John
                        2 RUS Russia 2767 Filatov Andrey
                        3 CHN China 2752 Xu Jun
                        4 AZE Azerbaijan 2743 Guseinov Gadir
                        5 IND India 2723 Ramesh R B
                        6 UKR Ukraine 2703 Sulypa Oleksandr
                        7 FRA France 2690 Maze Sebastien
                        8 ENG England 2682 Nunn John
                        9 ARM Armenia 2679 Petrosian Arshak B
                        10 ISR Israel 2677 Kaspi Alexander
                        11 NED Netherlands 2676 Gustafsson Jan
                        12 HUN Hungary 2674 Balogh Csaba
                        13 POL Poland 2669 Socko Bartosz
                        14 CZE Czech Republic 2637 Jansa Vlastimil
                        15 GER Germany 2631 Rogozenco Dorian
                        16 ESP Spain 2623 Magem Badals Jordi
                        17 CRO Croatia 2612 Kozul Zdenko
                        18 BLR Belarus 2610 Tukmakov Vladimir B
                        19 ROU Romania 2609 Berescu Alin-Mile
                        20 PER Peru 2601 Soto Vega Jorge
                        21 TUR Turkey 2598 Krasenkow Michal
                        22 IRI Iran 2597 Miroshnichenko Evgenij
                        23 ARG Argentina 2596 Felgaer Ruben
                        24 SLO Slovenia 2594 Mikac Matjaz
                        25 GRE Greece 2593 Kapnisis Spyridon
                        26 CUB Cuba 2587 Perez Garcia Rodney Oscar
                        27 VIE Vietnam 2585 Dao Thien Hai
                        28 BRA Brazil 2575 Moskalenko Viktor
                        29 MDA Moldova 2563 Komliakov Viktor
                        30 LAT Latvia 2560 Kengis Edvins
                        31 SWE Sweden 2556 Agrest Evgenij
                        32 ITA Italy 2555 Kogan Arthur
                        33 AUT Austria 2552 Predojevic Borki
                        34 KAZ Kazakhstan 2544 Kotsur Pavel
                        35 SUI Switzerland 2543 Ballmann Martin
                        36 ISL Iceland 2543 Olafsson Helgi
                        37 UZB Uzbekistan 2542 Egin Vladimir
                        38 NOR Norway 2541 Moen Ole Christian
                        39 CAN Canada 2539 Plotkin Victor
                        40 EGY Egypt 2539
                        41 AUS Australia 2523 Johansen Darryl K
                        42 MKD FYROM 2517 Kutirov Rolando
                        43 SRB Serbia 2511 Perunovic Miodrag
                        44 MGL Mongolia 2493 Khatanbaatar Bazar
                        45 SVK Slovakia 2488 Mazur Stefan
                        46 MNE Montenegro 2487 Drasko Milan
                        47 CHI Chile 2485 Morovic Fernandez Ivan
                        48 DEN Denmark 2481 Bjerre Tavs
                        49 LTU Lithuania 2477 Solys Laimutis
                        50 FIN Finland 2475 Karttunen Mika
                        51 PAR Paraguay 2474
                        52 PHI Philippines 2473 Torre Eugenio
                        53 EST Estonia 2471 Ehlvest Jaan
                        54 ALG Algeria 2462 Ould Rouis Hatem
                        55 BIH Bosnia & Herzegovina 2460 Bogut Zeljko
                        56 COL Colombia 2457 Sariego Figueredo Wilfredo
                        57 VEN Venezuela 2457 Ostos Julio Eduardo
                        58 BEL Belgium 2434 Cornet Luc
                        59 ALB Albania 2429 Muco Fatos
                        60 BAN Bangladesh 2429 Rausis Igors
                        61 TKM Turkmenistan 2427 Annaberdiyev Serdar
                        62 POR Portugal 2423 Frois Antonio
                        63 UAE United Arab Emirates 2418 Landa Konstantin
                        64 URU Uruguay 2392 Hoffman Alejandro
                        65 IRL Ireland 2388 Jackson Carl
                        66 INA Indonesia 2388 Liem Kristianus
                        67 CRC Costa Rica 2385 Murillo Tsijli Alexis
                        68 SCO Scotland 2374 Berry Neil
                        69 TJK Tajikistan 2366 Isaev Jamshed
                        70 MYA Myanmar 2355
                        71 MNC Monaco 2353 Dornbusch Philippe
                        72 JOR Jordan 2351 Kruppa Yuri
                        73 MEX Mexico 2344 Sanchez Martinez Sergio
                        74 FAI Faroe Islands 2342 Vang Finnbjorn
                        75 NZL New Zealand 2338 Bojkov Dejan
                        76 ECU Ecuador 2337
                        77 SGP Singapore 2337 Villamayor Buenaventura
                        78 KOS Kosovo 2336 Fejzullahu Afrim
                        79 IRQ Iraq 2336 Farhan Naseer Jasim Alhasnawi
                        80 LUX Luxembourg 2329 Tregubov Pavel V.
                        81 DOM Dominican Republic 2328
                        82 KGZ Kyrgyzstan 2320 Mamytov Talant
                        83 RSA South Africa 2318 Bouah Lyndon
                        84 IBCA IBCA 2312 Kalesis Nikolaos
                        85 TUN Tunisia 2305 Bouaziz Mehdi
                        86 UGA Uganda 2303 Teeba Jordan
                        87 MAR Morocco 2301 Hifad Rachid
                        88 PAN Panama 2298
                        89 GUA Guatemala 2298
                        90 AND Andorra 2296 Martinez Balastegui Marti
                        91 NGR Nigeria 2290 Ogbonnaya Obinna
                        92 IPCA IPCA 2285 Gurbanov Andrei
                        93 ESA El Salvador 2279 Ancheta Jorge
                        94 JPN Japan 2277 Stojanovic Mihajlo
                        95 ZAM Zambia 2276 Eingorn Vereslav S
                        96 YEM Yemen 2268
                        97 ANG Angola 2266
                        98 BOL Bolivia 2257 Lafuente Pablo
                        99 MAD Madagascar 2246
                        100 LBN Lebanon 2234 Karolyi Tibor
                        101 TTO Trinidad & Tobago 2224 Ribli Zoltan
                        102 PAK Pakistan 2218 Muhammad Wasif Nisar
                        103 ICCD ICCD 2218 Kovalenko Vladimir N.
                        104 SYR Syria 2211 Akeel Mahmoud.
                        105 MAS Malaysia 2206 Nik Nik Ahmad Farouqi
                        106 WLS Wales 2185 Petrov Marian
                        107 JAM Jamaica 2184 Pitterson Jomo
                        108 ZIM Zimbabwe 2184 Elton Mhangarayi
                        109 SUD Sudan 2181 Delchev Aleksander
                        110 NCA Nicaragua 2180 Quesada Perez Yasser
                        111 BAR Barbados 2177 Gurevich Mikhail
                        112 SRI Sri Lanka 2170 Speelman Jon S
                        113 BOT Botswana 2145 El Gindy Essam
                        114 TPE Chinese Taipei 2143
                        115 NEP Nepal 2129 Gautam Bidur Prasad
                        116 KOR South Korea 2120
                        117 MAW Malawi 2116 Chalemba Joseph
                        118 MOZ Mozambique 2113 Alice Mateus Felizardo Viageiro
                        119 QAT Qatar 2112 Salman Ahmed Salman Alduri
                        120 THA Thailand 2111 Grabinsky Vladimir
                        121 CYP Cyprus 2099 Skembris Spyridon
                        122 HON Honduras 2095
                        123 BRN Bahrain 2090 Ayyad Husain
                        124 AHO Netherlands Antilles 2084 Curiel David
                        125 NAM Namibia 2080
                        126 PUR Puerto Rico 2077 Vazquez Vargas Miguel A.
                        127 MLT Malta 2065 Mastrovasilis Athanasios
                        128 LBA Libya 2060 Hassan Sayed Barakat
                        129 SUR Surinam 2033 Kaslan Marlon
                        130 BRU Brunei 2028 Petronic Jovan
                        131 ETH Ethiopia 2021
                        132 PLE Palestine 2018 Khaled Ezzedein
                        133 MLI Mali 2017
                        134 KEN Kenya 2016 Sijenyi Stephen Ouma
                        135 LIE Liechtenstein 2014 Luther Thomas
                        136 KSA Saudi Arabia 2009 Haddouche Mohamed
                        137 HKG Hong Kong 2003 Lai Robin
                        138 OMA Oman 1993 Al Qudaimi Basheer
                        139 GHA Ghana 1984 Arko-Dadzie George Kweku
                        140 AFG Afghanistan 1970
                        141 SMR San Marino 1937 Casadei Mauro
                        142 MTN Mauritania 1935 Taleb Mohamed Ahmed
                        143 BER Bermuda 1929 De Firmian Nick
                        144 KUW Kuwait 1915 Gagunashvili Merab
                        145 GCI Guernsey 1908 Bellin Robert
                        146 PNG Papua New Guinea 1903 Moradiabadi Elshan
                        147 GUY Guyana 1886 Meusa Wendell
                        148 JCI Jersey 1876 Mohr Georg
                        149 MRI Mauritius 1873 Sakelsek Tadej
                        150 MAC Macau 1840 Ho Hou-Meng, Herman
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                          Batumi Chess Olympiad 2018

                          August 10, 2018

                          Women’s Team Rankings

                          Team-Starting rank

                          No. TeamTeamRtgAvg Captain

                          1 RUS Russia 2523 Rublevsky Sergei
                          2 UKR Ukraine 2489 Brodsky Michail
                          3 CHN China 2485 Yu Shaoteng
                          4 IND India 2454 Aagaard Jacob
                          5 POL Poland 2415 Matlak Marek
                          6 FRA France 2412 Cornette Matthieu
                          7 GER Germany 2401 Carlstedt Jonathan
                          8 KAZ Kazakhstan 2400 Khusnutdinov Rustam
                          9 USA United States of America 2387 Khachiyan Melikset
                          10 AZE Azerbaijan 2365 Sideifzade Fikret
                          11 ESP Spain 2358 Martinez Martin David
                          12 HUN Hungary 2357 Papp Gabor
                          13 ARM Armenia 2356 Chibukhchian Artur
                          14 NED Netherlands 2334 Cifuentes Parada Roberto
                          15 MGL Mongolia2329 Tserendorj Batsaikhan
                          16 VIEVietnam 2325 Vasilyev Mikhail
                          17 ROU Romania 2321 Nanu Costica-Ciprian
                          18 CUB Cuba2318 Alvarez Pedraza Aramis
                          19 SRB Serbia 2318 Chelushkina Irina
                          20 ITA Italy 2316 Garcia Palermo Carlos
                          21 ISR Israel 2315 David Glaz Ilana
                          22 TUR Turkey 2306 Mikhalchishin Adrian
                          23 CZE Czech Republic 2287 Haba Petr
                          24 LTU Lithuania 2287 Sakalauskas Vaidas
                          25 GRE Greece 2284 Sandalakis Angelos
                          26 IRI Iran2278 Mousavian Seyed Hamed
                          27 SVKSlovakia2261 Stohl Igor
                          28 ARG Argentina 2260 Moccero Eduardo
                          29 UZB Uzbekistan 2256 Gevorgyan Irina
                          30 ENG England 2253 D'Costa Lorin
                          31 AUS Australia 2237 Rogers Ian
                          32 SLO Slovenia2232 Grosar Aljosa
                          33 COL Colombia2232 Lotero Faiber
                          34 BLR Belarus 2219 Kovalev Andrei
                          35 CRO Croatia 2211 Sindik Ervin
                          36 PER Peru2203 Cuellar Ulises
                          37 AUT Austria 2191 Schneider-Zinner Harald
                          38 SUI Switzerland 2187 Gruenenwald Joerg
                          39 LAT Latvia 2178
                          40 CAN Canada 2178 Szabo Gergely-Andras-Gyula
                          41 BRA Brazil 2175 Krysa Leandro
                          42 EST Estonia 2166 Nestor Kaarel
                          43 PHI Philippines 2163 Gonzales Jayson
                          44 MDA Moldova 2151 Slovineanu Viacheslav
                          45 INA Indonesia 2148 Lumondong Lisa Karlina
                          46 NOR Norway 2140 Stokke Kjetil
                          47 ECU Ecuador 2131 Bastidas Rodriguez Jaime
                          48 DEN Denmark 2124 Thorsbro Peter
                          49 EGY Egypt 2122 Mohamed Farag Amrou
                          50 LUX Luxembourg 2117 Paci Cedric
                          51 MEX Mexico 2083
                          52 TKM Turkmenistan2057 Odeev Ahmed
                          53 VENVenezuela 2049
                          54 MKD FYROM 2039 Bogdanovski Vlatko
                          55 SWESweden 2038 Wengholm Anders
                          56 ISL Iceland 2018 Karlsson Bjorn-Ivar
                          57 BAN Bangladesh 2008 Chowdhury Mahmuda Hoque
                          58 CHI Chile 2007 Valdes Escobar Alvaro
                          59 BOL Bolivia 2001 Pingas Blas Mariano
                          60 BEL Belgium 1989 Dierckens Sarah
                          61 POR Portugal1987 Rocha Sergio
                          62 ICCDICCD1980 Gardner Phillip K
                          63 FIN Finland 1975 Puuska Heini
                          64 CRC Costa Rica 1970 Barrios Zamora Carlos
                          65 MAS Malaysia1967 Ruslan Haslindah
                          66 ALG Algeria 1960 Sebih Kamel
                          67 BIH Bosnia & Herzegovina 1952 Bogut Zeljko
                          68 SCO Scotland1951 Burnett Andrew
                          69 MNE Montenegro 1944 Nikac Predrag
                          70 IBCAIBCA1943 Keramiotis Michail
                          71 WLSWales 1942 Sandler Leonid
                          72 MNC Monaco 1920 Berezovska Svetlana
                          73 TJK Tajikistan 1913 Odinaeva Saodat
                          74 KOR South Korea 1902 Lee Sanghoon
                          75 PAR Paraguay1895
                          76 GUA Guatemala 1886 Leyva Hector
                          77 ALB Albania 1886 Zadrima Aldo
                          78 NZL New Zealand 1879 Van Riemsdijk Herman C.
                          79 NGR Nigeria 1877 Edward-Dappa Rachael
                          80 SGP Singapore 1859 Wong Fan Kong, John
                          81 IPCAIPCA1841 Shishkin Vladimir
                          82 URU Uruguay 1830 Rivera Daniel
                          83 JOR Jordan 1823 Khader Sami
                          84 KGZ Kyrgyzstan 1814 Dosumbetov Ernest
                          85 RSA South Africa1811 Strikovic Aleksa
                          86 DOM Dominican Republic 1786
                          87 PAN Panama 1783 Arosemena Jorge Luis
                          88 IRL Ireland 1776 Miller Ioana
                          89 PUR Puerto Rico 1762 Rivera De Jesus Donato
                          90 SYR Syria 1758 Almostafa Bashar.
                          91 SRI Sri Lanka 1756 Panagoda Buddhi
                          92 HON Honduras1755
                          93 JAM Jamaica 1752 Matthews Shane
                          94 ESA El Salvador 1751 Erdogdu Mert
                          95 MAR Morocco 1728
                          96 ANG Angola 1727
                          97 BOT Botswana1723 Selemogwe Lesego
                          98 IRQ Iraq1720 AL-Bahadly Amjad Ali Mohammed
                          99 JPN Japan 1713 Hoshino Reigin
                          100 NCA Nicaragua 1705 Canda Danilo
                          101 UAE United Arab Emirates 1697 Arencibia Rodriguez Walter
                          102 TTO Trinidad & Tobago1685 Blanco Ronquillo Humberto L.
                          103 ZAM Zambia 1668 Lungu Nase
                          104 MLT Malta 1666 Sammut Briffa Peter
                          105 MAD Madagascar 1664 Ramalanjaona Andrianantenaina
                          106 SUR Surinam 1660
                          107 UGA Uganda 1659 Otim Isaac Jonathan
                          108 TUN Tunisia 1655 Bouflija Hedi
                          109 AHO Netherlands Antilles 1643 Smith Alvin L.A.
                          110 ZIM Zimbabwe1634 Fungirayiini Mushaninga
                          111 BAR Barbados1575 Castellanos Rodriguez Renier
                          112 KEN Kenya 1564 Andiwoh Moses
                          113 NEP Nepal 1560 Gamal Narayan Das
                          114 THA Thailand1550
                          115 MOZ Mozambique 1543 Maia Mariano Tesoura De
                          116 NAM Namibia 1505 Jonas Iipinge
                          117 TPE Chinese Taipei 1497 Chen Mei Fang Dina
                          118 ETH Ethiopia1486
                          119 SUD Sudan 1479
                          120 PLE Palestine 1470 Maksimenko Andrei
                          121 PLWPalau 1464 Hernandez Roberto
                          122 MAWMalawi 1420 Ngugama Magret
                          123 BER Bermuda 1384 Adams Sophie
                          124 GHA Ghana 1372
                          125 LES Lesotho 1360 Moseli Phera
                          126 GUY Guyana 1307 Haznedaroglu Kivanc
                          127 PAK Pakistan1303 Omer Khan
                          128 SEY Seychelles 1285
                          129 KUWKuwait 1268 Malkawi Fadi
                          130 HKG Hong Kong 1259 Kwok Yuen Shan
                          131 SWZSwaziland 1257 Matsebula Qiniso
                          132 KOS Kosovo 1210 Sadiku Bedri
                          133 MDVMaldives1171
                          134 RWARwanda 1138
                          135 BAH Bahamas 1113 Gonzalez Renier
                          136 MRI Mauritius 1099 Li Ying Patrick
                          137 TOG Togo1089 Bodjona Abalou Bitchareou
                          138 CMR Cameroon1077 Minali Benoit Eric
                          139 TAN Tanzania1054 Mustafa Ebrahim
                          140 BDI Burundi 1000
                          141 CAF Central African Republic 1000
                          142 GAB Gabon 1000 Bongo Akanga Ndjila Barthelemy
                          143 GAM Gambia 1000
                          144 CIVIvory Coast 1000
                          145 SEN Senegal 1000 Diatta Kaunduma Robert
                          146 SLE Sierra Leone1000

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                            Batumi Chess Olympiad 2018

                            September 5, 2018

                            Under the Olympiad logo:

                            2018 Batumi Chess Olympiad: Anti cheating Measures and Procedures

                            43rd World Chess Olympiad

                            Batumi, Georgia, 23 September – 6 October 2018


                            Dear friends,

                            According to the decisions taken by the 2015 Abu Dhabi FIDE Executive Board and the 2016 Moscow FIDE Presidential Board and after clarifications of the FIDE WCOC Commission and FIDE Anti cheating Committee that were applied in the 2016 Baku World Chess Olympiad, the Anti-cheating measures and procedures of the 43rd World Chess Olympiad that will be held in Batumi, Georgia, from 23 September to 6 October 2018, are as follows:

                            1. BEFORE THE START OF EACH ROUND: the Players and the Captains will walk through X-ray frames (as in the Airports) at the entrance to the Playing Hall, while security staff will check their bags and belongings. They must leave their mobiles, watches and pens in the storage areas and get them back when they leave the playing venue. In order to avoid huge queues in the entrance, Players and Captains shall come to the Playing Hall at least 30 minutes before the start of the round (the bus schedules must be fixed accordingly by the Organizers). The default time for the start of the rounds will be 15 minutes (for instance, the players have the right to be late for the start of the game at the most by 15 minutes. If the players will arrive later, they will be forfeited). After getting their belongings back from the storage areas, players and Captains must not return to the playing area.

                            2. DURING THE ROUND: there will be fast random checks for approximately 20 to 30 players. The checks will be done by the Anti cheating Arbiters with the use of the non-linear scanners and detectors and will take 5 to 10 seconds for every check. These checks will not take place during the times of pressure (during the first time control and close to the end of the game). In the case where there is any indication, a thorough check will follow, according to the art. 11.3.3. of the Laws of Chess (in a private room, in the presence of Sector Arbiter and/or Deputy Chief Arbiter and so on). If a player refuses to cooperate with these obligations, the arbiter shall take measures in accordance with Article 12.9 and will forfeit the player.

                            3. IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE END OF THE GAMES OF EVERY ROUND: there will be thorough random checks for approximately 10 to 20 players, according to the article 11.3.3 of the Laws of Chess (The arbiter may require the player to allow his clothes, bags or other items to be inspected, in private. The Anti cheating Arbiter or a person authorized by the Arbiter shall inspect the player and shall be of the same gender as the player. If a player refuses to cooperate with these obligations, the arbiter shall take measures in accordance with Article 12.9 and will forfeit the player. Priority for the checking will be given to Players who have won their games. Special attention will be given to the top Matches of every Section, where during every Round about 10 players from both Sections will be checked thoroughly. Additionally about 10 more players from the rest Matches of every Section will be thoroughly checked after the end of their games per round. The Sector Arbiter responsible for Anti-cheating, in cooperation with the Chief Arbiter, will decide about the Players who will be checked in every round.

                            4. All games of all rounds will be checked by Prof. Ken Regan’s programme and the Chief Arbiter and the responsible for the Anti cheating Sector Arbiter will receive daily relevant reports. Suspicious cases according to the report will have always priority for checking during and after the rounds.

                            5. Any possible Complaints by Players or Captains during the rounds will be handled according to the FIDE Regulations for Anti cheating and the players or captains have to fill the form of the In-Tournaments complaints and so on.

                            In general:

                            There will be one Sector Arbiter (IA A’ Cat. Klaus Deventer from Germany, member of the FIDE Anti-cheating Committee and the FIDE Arbiters’ Commission), who will deal only with the Anti-cheating procedure of the Olympiad (he will have no games to control). He will have under his responsibility approximately 20 Arbiters (Anti-cheating Arbiters), who will make the fast checks with the non-linear scanners and detectors during the rounds and the thorough checks in a private room, according to art. 11.3. 3. of the FIDE Laws of Chess, immediately after the end of the games in every round. He and the Chief Arbiter will decide which players will be checked and they will give instructions to the Anti-cheating Arbiters.

                            The Anti-cheating Arbiters, besides checking of the players with the non-linear scanners and detectors, will have the responsibility to control the contact of the players while they are walking in the playing area or they are in the toilet area, the bar area or in the smoking area and avoid any discussions between the Players and between Players and other people during the games. Players and Captains may speak between each other only according to the FIDE Laws of Chess and always in the presence of the Match Arbiter and in a language he/she understands.

                            According to the article 11.2.4. of the FIDE Laws of Chess the Players of every match have to inform the Match Arbiter when they leave the playing area (for example in order to go to the toilet, to the bar or to the smoking area). They are not allowed to leave the playing venue, while their game is still in progress.

                            The Match Arbiter should keep a (written) record of a player’s suspicious behavior (such as a player leaving very often the playing area or other suspicious circumstances).
                            In case of a suspicious behavior the Match Arbiter will have to inform the Sector Arbiter and the Anti cheating Arbiters.

                            The Players will only use pens provided by the Organizers. The pens should be returned to the Arbiters after the end of the game. The Match Arbiters will collect the pens to be available for the next games. No “personal” pens will be allowed to the players.

                            The Players must not wear any watch. The time will be displayed in several spots inside the playing area.

                            The Players who have finished their games must leave the playing area. They should never talk to another player who is still playing.

                            The Players should wear their identifying badges at all times during the round, so that Arbiters can recognize them and perform checks on them.

                            The Captains are allowed to come to the playing area up to two hours after the start of the round. After their arrival, the Captains are not allowed to leave the playing venue, while their match is still in progress. They must wear their badges at all times during the round. If they want to be replaced by another person, they have to inform the Match Arbiter in writing. The replacement will be allowed only once per round.

                            There will be separated smoking areas for Captains and for Players in both Sections, in order any contact between them to be avoided. All the smoking areas will be supervised by Anti cheating Arbiters.

                            In order for the above measures to be successful and any cheating to be avoided during the Olympiad, the smooth cooperation between Players, Captains and Arbiters is needed.

                            Arbiters must behave in a polite manner and the players must accept the checking without complaints or rude behavior. Captains must inform the players about the above procedures and secure the availability of their Players for any checking.

                            IA Takis Nikolopoulos
                            Chief Arbiter
                            43rd World Chess Olympiad

                            IA Klaus Deventer
                            Sector Arbiter for Anti cheating
                            43rd World Chess Olympiad


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                              Batumi Chess Olympiad 2018

                              September 5, 2018

                              Under the Olympiad logo:

                              2018 Batumi Chess Olympiad: Announcement for the Match Arbiters

                              Dear Colleagues,

                              By this letter I would like to inform you about the conditions you will find in 43rd World Chess Olympiad that will be held in Batumi, Georgia, from 23 September (Arrival) to 6 October (Departure) 2018.
                              According to the Organizers’ decision you will be accommodated in the Grand Gloria Hotel (4*) in the city, which is 6 km far from the playing hall and in the Georgia Palace Hotel & Spa (4*) in Kobuleti, which is 25 Km far from the playing hall. Buses will be used for your transportation to and from the Playing Hall.
                              The Opening Ceremony will be at 21:00, on September 23rd, in the Black Sea Arena and it will be transportation from and to your Hotel.
                              The Arbiters’ Meeting has been scheduled at 10:00, on September 24th, in the playing hall (Sport Palace) and your transportation from and to your Hotel has been scheduled.
                              The first (1st) round of the Olympiad will start at 15:00, on September 24th and you have to be in the playing hall two (2) hours before the start of the round.
                              Rounds 2 to 10 start at 15:00 and you have to be in the playing hall one (1) hour before the start of the round.
                              Round 11 starts at 11:00 and you have to be in the playing hall one (1) hour before the start of the round.
                              Your transportation has been scheduled for all rounds.
                              Your accommodation includes three (3) meals per day.
                              For those who would like to attend the FIDE Arbiters’ Seminar that has been scheduled from 26 September to 1 October, parallel to the Olympiad, programmed from 9.30 to 12.30 every day except September 28th (Arbiters’ Commission Meeting), please register your participation to the Secretary FIDE Arbiters’ Commission, IA Aris Marghetis, in

                              The FIDE Congress will start on September 27th and the venue will be the Sheraton and Hilton Hotels.
                              The Arbiters’ Commission Meeting will be on September 28th, 9.00-13.00.
                              The FIDE General Assembly will start on October 3rd (Round 9th of Olympiad).
                              For those of you who will be also Delegates in the Congress, please refer this to the Chief Arbiter.
                              Free day of the Olympiad will be the September 29th (it will be only one free day).
                              Closing Ceremony will be on October 5th, at 20:00, after the end of the last round (11th).
                              Departure day will be the October 6th.

                              As you know, the Match Arbiters play a very significant role in every Olympiad and their contribution to the success of the event is very high. Therefore, at the moment you have accepted your nomination as Match Arbiters of the Batumi Olympiad and you will arrive in Batumi, you are kindly requested to exercise your duties and act in the best way, so that the event will be a great success.

                              Your presence in the Arbiters’ Meeting is absolutely necessary, as during the meeting the duties of the Match Arbiters, their distribution to the Sectors, recommendations and instructions will be discussed.

                              Instructions for the Batumi Olympiad Match Arbiters (pdf).

                              I will be very glad to meet you all in Batumi and cooperate with you in this very important and prestigious event.

                              With best regards

                              IA Takis Nikolopoulos
                              Chief Arbiter
                              43rd World Chess Olympiad


                              1. CHIEF ARBITER: IA Takis Nikolopoulos (GRE)

                              2. DEPUTY CHIEF ARBITER: IA Omar Salama (ISL): Open Section
                              IA Marika Japaridze (GEO): Women Section

                              3. SECTOR ARBITERS:
                              IA Klaus Deventer (GER) - Anticheating
                              IA Rathinam Anantharam (IND)
                              IA Mahdi Abdulrahim (UAE)
                              IA Geert Bailleul (BEL)
                              IA Argiris Kytharidis (GRE)
                              IA Hassan Khaled (EGY)
                              IA Elias Khairallah (LBN)
                              IA Jose Martinez Garcia (MEX)
                              IA Bolat Asanov (KAZ)
                              IA Carol Jarecki (IVB)
                              IA Margarita Tandashvili (GEO)

                              4. TAP: Chairman: IA Werner Stubenvoll (AUT)
                              Member: IA Christian Krause (GER)
                              Member: IA Alex Holowczak (ENG)
                              Member: Heinz Herzog (AUT)

                              5. APPEALS COMMITTEE: Chairman: IA Jorge Vega (GUA)
                              Member: IA Hesham Elgendy (EGY)
                              Member: IO Boris Kutin (SLO)

                              MATCH ARBITERS:

                              All the Match Arbiters are kindly requested to communicate urgently with the 2018 Batumi Chess Olympiad Chief Arbiter IA Takis Nikolopoulos, at, the following info:
                              1. Any previous experience in the Chess Olympiads as Arbiter.
                              2. Any previous experience in tournaments with blind and handicapped players.
                              3. FIDE official languages spoken.
                              4. If willing to work as Anti cheating Arbiter.

                              All Arbiters appointed for the 2018 Batumi Chess Olympiad, are kindly requested to be present in the Arbiters’ Meeting that is scheduled for September 24th 2018, at 10:00, in the playing hall (Sports Arena).
                              Therefore please arrange your arrival to Batumi accordingly.
                              Departure day is October 6th, 2018.

                              Olympiad website