ONTARIO HS CC 2018 - Survey Results : FRI MAY 11 - SAT MAY 12, 2018

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  • ONTARIO HS CC 2018 - Survey Results : FRI MAY 11 - SAT MAY 12, 2018

    Survey results:
    With the deadline passed, here are the results:
    May 11-12 is the choice of 57% of 23 responding schools.
    CFC-rating (no FIDE) is the choice of 78%.
    2-day format is also the choice of 78%.
    While the date ratio is not as large, it is decisive.

    The OHSCC 2018 will be held Fri May 11 - Sat May 12 at
    Tartu College,
    310 Bloor Street West,
    Toronto, Ontario Canada
    M5S 1W4
    The championship was held at Tartu in 2001.
    The college is across the street from UTS, just east of Spadina Avenue.

    Information and entry forms:
    It is our goal to post the information and entry forms on the website
    as soon as details have been finalised,
    and to have online registration available by the end of November.

    Necessary Byes:
    Under the rules, a student may receive a 1/2-point bye for any round,
    due to a conflicting school activity, such as an IB- or AP-exam.
    With Friday rounds at 8:45, 13:00, and 17:30,
    up to two 1/2-point byes will be awarded as needed.
    I realise there are other factors such as stress,
    with the tournament running in the middle of the time of
    important exams for some students.

    Teachers' Meeting:
    Discussion of the date for 2019 will be on the agenda
    for the teachers' meeting on Saturday morning.

    Thank you very much to those who participated in the survey.
    We look forward to receiving your entries for 2018!

    Yours sincerely,

    Chris Field.
    on behalf of the organising committee for OHSCC 2018.