2018 Canadian Junior Chess Championship - Aug 8-12, 2018

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    Latest update - July 21, 2018

    1. New pre-registered list will be out tomorrow in our newsletter and website. We have almost 120 players on board now. We are hopeful we will reach 130 players before tournament begins.

    2. Please let us know if you need bye especially for round 1

    3. If your CFC membership has expired, please renew with CFC online. We have highlighted in yellow for you.

    4. Please check your playing section accordingly.

    5. In view of low entries for Open section, we may allow for 1700 and above players to play up in the Open section without any playing up fee.

    6. It's about 2 weeks before tournament begin.

    Cheers for Chess in Canada

    Gary Hua


    P/S Latest pre-registered list will be this coming weekend. Stay tuned for more updates