2019 CYCC Qualifier Tournament September 8 2018, Mississauga

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  • 2019 CYCC Qualifier Tournament September 8 2018, Mississauga

    WHEN: Saturday Sept 8,2018 5 Round Swiss

    Rounds start times:10:00am,11:15am,lunch,1:30pm,2:45pm,and 4pm. Awards presentation at 5:30

    WHERE: Tomken Twin Arena Auditorium, 4495 Tomken Road, Mississauga

    ENTRY FEE: Prepay by Sept 2nd the entry fee is $35, $45 untilSept 6th.


    SECTIONS: U8, U10, U12,U14-U18

    Note:Players will compete in section with their age at beginning of 2019

    PRIZES:Trophies for top 3 players per section. Score of at least 2.5 qualifies you for the 2019 CYCC (Regina) Tournament

    Director: Bob Gillanders , Chief Organizer: Gordon Gooding

    TIME CONTROL:30minutes. CFC active ratings will be used.

    REGISTER: Gordon Gooding via miltonchess@hotmail.com

    Please include player’s name, CFC number, section,bye requests,and year of birth with registration.

    You can pay bypaypal ore-money transfersto miltonchess@hotmail.com
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    Hi all, hope everyone had a great civic holiday. The summer starts winding down from here and it's back to school soon. Get an early start kids on the 2019 CYCC qualifier tourney on Sept 8.



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      Hi all,

      There is still time to register and pay only $35 entry for tournament. Great tournament for introducing your child to tournament chess!


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        Just a little bump here. I am getting questions about if it would be a good tournament for beginners. The answer is YES! I usually go over the rules for first timers roughly 20 minutes before the start of round one. So get there 20 min early!


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          Ah so many choices for tournaments. If you are looking for a two day tourney I recommend the Hamilton tourney starting next. If you are a junior and a first time tournament player or a junior wishing to represent Canada at the Championships, you gotta play in a CYCC qualifier and qualify like this one to play in the CYCC finals tournament, and win that. First step is here! Time is ticking people your move


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            Just a reminder that the early bird entry to the Sep 08 CYCC qualifier tournament is $35until Sep 02, then it is $45 until Sep 06.
            Registrations close on Sep 06.
            Here are some competitors who have taken advantage of that already:

            Simmon Chang
            Pranoy Mukherjee
            Milana Inozemtseva
            Atharva Srinivas
            Alan Wang
            Aayush Ajith
            Aarush Ajith
            Hengbin Fang
            Jack Huang
            Gauri Sreekumar
            Jaden Nagar
            Henry Yao
            William Johnson
            Katelyn Johnson
            Kesevar Kalibar
            Devindu Dassanayake
            Devanga Dassanayake
            Maximillian Ray
            Mazin Habib
            Eric Tian
            Ali Ahmad Khan
            Jay Verma
            Chirantan Masur
            Kishore Masur
            William Wang
            Mohammed Faizy
            Aiden Li
            Lohitaksh Badarala
            Daniel Ivanitski
            Bogdan Vlasyuk
            Alex Hu
            Liam Yumul

            Tomas Bertovic
            Nickeeta Fadeev
            Malcolm Lewis
            Aarnav Shah
            Kevin Sun
            Varun Pillai
            Karma Pillai
            Abisan Gajamugan
            Mathusha Jeyakumar
            Bhavatharshan Jeyakumar
            Audrey Siahou
            Anirud Chakkoli
            Kevin Shi
            Mohammed Hadid
            Abhay Shenoy
            Time is ticking.
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              I have a few to add who have paid at the Mississauga Junior club on monday.


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                Post #6 will be the list of registered players from here on. Remember, Sept 06 is the last day to register


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                  Less than two weeks to go before CYCC qualifier tournament on Sept 08. Pre reg list is on post#6.


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                    Check updated pre reg list on post #6, there are some more coming on soon as soon as i get the info from Bob! Nudge, nudge! Sunday Sept 02 is the last day for the eraly bird price of $35. If you miss that date, dont worry the entry price is only $45 until Sep 06. Hope you dont miss that date though, no more entries after the 06 Sep.
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                      More updates on the prereg list. Sep 06 is the last day to register. Have a good one.


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                        More updates on the registered list on post #6.

                        Please remember that registration is not complete until payment is received. We are not accepting payments after Sept 06. Thank you

                        Hope you are having a great weekend before school starts up again. There, I said it "SCHOOL!" :)
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                          More additions to the registerd list. Nice day eh?


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                            Last day to pay only $35 entry fee for the CYCC qualifier tournament if I receive the details AND payment today by paypal or etransfer to <miltonchess@hotmail.com>. Also for the adult / non cycc competitive chess player in the family, we are running a non cycc qualifier active tourney alongside this tourney. Check out the separate post I have put up for details, thnx.


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                              Last couple of hours to pay early bird fee, please check post #6 for updated registered players.