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  • Chess Calendar Updated

    I just noticed that Aurora Fall Open this year is in a different place. However, the entry in the calendar was added a few month ago with the wrong location. So I've just updated today. People who are using the calendar, please be noted.
    For those who haven't started using it but would like to try, please click here: Chess Calendar .

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    Thnx for changing it.

    Is WYCC U14-U18 so long ~17 days?

    Ontario Junior in 2019 is shown as a a one-day event.


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      Thanks Allen for continuing this important work that benefits the whole Canadian chess community.

      Originally posted by Egidijus Zeromskis View Post
      Is WYCC U14-U18 so long ~17 days?.
      Yes, it is. There are two consecutive events. Details were published here after the CYCC.


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        Thank to Vadim for confirming about WYCC. Thanks to Egi for finding the mistake about Ontario Junior. I will confirm with Gary about that. Maybe he can provide more information about the tournament, not just the dates.
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