2019 Milton Spring Active, May 04

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  • 2019 Milton Spring Active, May 04

    When: Sat, May 04 2019

    Where: Milton Seniors Activity Centre, 500 Childs Drive, Milton

    Time Control: 25min + 5 sec increment

    Format: 5 round swiss. 1 section, cfc and fide rated

    Approx round start times: 10am, 11:30am, lunch, 2pm, 3:30pm, 5pm.

    Entry fee, receive payment by: Apr 20, $40; May 02, $50; after May 02 pay on site, $60

    Prizes: Trophies and/ or cash based on entries

    TD: Bob Gillanders

    Registration and enquiries: Gordon Gooding at miltonchess@hotmail.com

    To Register provide: 1. Valid CFC number. 2. Name as seen on membership search on CFC website, and 3. payment by e-transfer using contact email or paypal. Registration is not completed until all three items are received.

    On site registration, 9-9:30am sharp, cash only

    Pre reg list is post #5.
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    Hey this tourney is on May the fourth, the unofficial "star wars" day. Any players going to wear star wars stuff at this tourney?


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      Only $40 if I receive the entry by April 20, lots of time to save on entry fee.


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        There is a mall just across the street with a food court and gino's pizza and mr sub within a five minute walk, 1 min car ride nearby

        Food for thought, no really!


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          Hi all, getting over the St. Patricks Day Active a week ago, better get back into promoting this tourney eh, pre reg list is here

          Pre reg list
          Eric Feng
          Mahmoud Mussa
          Tomas Bertovic
          Jack Huang
          Isa Huang
          Zhenxi (Jerry) Gao
          Anthony Atanasov
          Simmon Chang
          Siddhi Dahale
          Rohit Sai Krishna Gudipalli
          Marco D'Orante
          Armand Jess Mendoza
          Pranoy Mukherjee
          Nathan Soltani
          Greta Qu
          Jack Cloete
          Daniel Elmalak
          Fouad Farraj
          Ibrahim Qaisar
          Ronan Papuckoski
          Evan Chiu
          Gordon Gooding
          Anya Singh
          Ahmad Adul Jammar
          Shamoun Ahmad
          Kevin Zou
          Ishaan Kelkar
          Gangadhar Kartheek Chinta
          Daniel Joseph Harrison
          Israel Crooks
          Victor LeFort
          Gauri Sreekumar
          Joe Ellis
          Rob Gashgarian
          Dhurvin Saraiya
          Michael Dougherty
          Naomi Tominaga
          Louis Hu
          Thomas Xiong
          Jane Hannah Xu
          Wah Sing (Joseph) Leung
          Yunhui Yan
          Jungyi (Andy) Lu
          Tsz Yeung (Danniel) Guan
          Anubhav Sengupta
          Anirud Chakkoli
          Shardool Mhaskar
          Ajith Desikan
          Aarush Ajith
          Henri Xianrui Zhang
          Michael McDonald
          Aaron Reeve Mendes
          Ayesha Jayne Mendes
          Alexandre Hebert
          David Filipovich
          Nathaniel k Brown
          Malika Elbarbari
          Samuel Zhao
          Nabuko Takeuchi
          Kuni Morin
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            And we are off with our first non me registratnt for the Milton Open Spring Active on May 04. Remember that the entry fee jumps up if received after April 20.


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              Hi all, just a friendly bump. Please make sure your cfc membership is in good standing before the tournament. Time is ticking down to entry fee increase on April 20. Play well.


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                Hey all, who likes pizza? Or I guess it is more accurate to say who likes free pizza for lunch? Let's just say for this tourney there may be free pizza for some of the players. Update soon so stay tuned!


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                  Hi everybody,

                  just finalized it. The first 20 paid registered players gets a complimentary pizza and pop lunch. Two slices of pepperoni and a can of pop. There will be some pizza for sale on site at lunch. You know what this means, there is such a thing as a free lunch! Bon appetit!


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                    I posted the previous message about ten minutes ago, as of right now, there are only 15 free pizza lunch offers left. Just saying. Please dont forget, the entry fee goes up after April 20.
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                      Pre reg list is updated on post #5. There are 9 free pizza lunch spots left.$40 to play a one day active and a free lunch included if you are one of the next nine to register, dont wait, you snooze you lose!


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                        Seven free pizza lunches spots left! April 20th for the $40 entry, after that it goes up.


                        • #13
                          Only 3 free pizza and pop lunch offers left. Who doesnt want a free lunch? I am trying to also get more pizza on site for sale so stay tuned. April 20th deadline, the entry fee goes up to $50. Your move.


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                            We are at 21 registered players now. Hope they like pepperoni pizza for their lunch. April 20 looms near. $40 entry until April 20, after that it goes up to $50 until May 02, then it goes up to $60.


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                              Happy Good Friday everyone, we are at 27 entries now. Tomorrow is the last day for the $40 entry fee. Goes up to $50 after April 20th.