Canada has a "new" IM!

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  • Canada has a "new" IM!

    Effective July 6, 2019, IM Raymond Kaufman is now "Canadian" according to FIDE. He can represent the "new federation, fee free" as of April 26, 2020. (scroll down to "Kaufman")

    My question is: who paid the 1500 Euro transfer fee?

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    Canada has a “new” IM!

    August 1, 2019

    I looked up some of the games of Raymond Kaufman and found these comments:

    - FM, son of IM Larry Kaufman. Reuben Fine noted that parent-child masters are quite rare (much rarer than sibling masters) and considered this to be evidence of the Oedipal nature of chess. Besides the Kaufmans, the only parent-child titled players that I know of are the Needlemans.

    - The Vidmars come to mind and Thomas Paehtz and Elisabeth Paehtz

    - Philadelphia 1999, National Chess Congress:
    National Master Raymond Kaufman is the son of GM Larry Kaufman. In the first round, they were somehow paired against each other. Larry protested and they were re-paired. As a result, both of them lost: Raymond to Yury Lapshun and Larry to the young Canadian player Zhe Quan.


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      In the US, Ron Finegold was as high as 2238. His sons play chess: Mark was once as high as 2301, and Ben is a GM.

      Ben's son Spencer is rated about 2200, and has been as high as 2240.


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        GM Nino Kirov and his son IM Kiril Ninov.
        "Knowledge illuminates visible possibilities" -


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          I think Greg and Jen Shahade’s father is quite a strong master.