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    $300 cash (By an anonymous sponsor) for the clear first winner on top of the $800.

    In case of ties, the following tie-breakers will be used. The prize will be awarded only if at least two tied players participate in the playoff game. Otherwise, the money will be returned to the sponsor.

    Format – elimination, games are not rated.

    Ranking of players: by tie-breaker – opposition performance

    Even number of players: first half players play second half players in reverse order.

    Odd number of players: first ranked player goes into the next round automatically.

    Time control – Armageddon, black has draw odds

    Colour determined by lot. 5 minutes SD for white and 4 minutes SD for black.


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      Sooo pleased to see the list grow so long!

      Registered players https://senecahillchess.com/2019/08/...tered-players/

      Online registration will be closed on Thursday, September 12.


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        There are about 170 players registered now!

        Karen will broadcast live games here>> https://senecahillchess.com/2019/09/...al-live-games/

        Don't forget that today is the last day to register online. Please register online today to avoid late fee.


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          Michael McArthur Memorial Chess Tournament Live Games Here: https://senecahillchess.com/2019/09/...al-live-games/

          Round 1 Starts at 10:30am.
          On our first two board we will have GM Robin Van Kampen and IM Artiom Samsonkin

          Board 1: Nhi Do Vs GM Robin Van Kampen
          Board 2: IM Artiom Samsonkin Vs Sarah Peng

          The Following rounds will start roughly at these times. 11:30, 1:00, 2:00, 2:45, 3:30, 4:15

          -Karen Wan
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            Nice try by Mark Plotkin but GMs can defend.


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              Congratulations to Nikolay.


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                Crosstables are here. https://senecahillchess.com/2019/07/...s-tournaments/


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                  Michael McArthur Memorial Tournament

                  Open section- Rapid (CFC/FIDE rated)
                  1 IM Nikolay Noritsyn $800 +$300 clear first bonus by anonymous sponsor Trophy by CMA
                  2-4 GM Robin van Kampen $266.67 Trophy by CMA
                  IM Shiyam Thavandiran $266.67 Trophy by CMA
                  CM Anthony Atanasov $266.67
                  5-6 FM Jason Liang Top Junior $150 gift certificate by CMA
                  IM Arthur Calugar
                  7-18 IM Artiom Samsonkin
                  FM Roman Sapozhnikov
                  FM Mark Plotkin
                  IM Michael Barron
                  Max Rusonik Second Junior $100 gift certificate by CMA
                  FM Goran Milicevic
                  FM Michael Humphreys
                  NM Sergey Noritsyn Third Junior $50 gift certificate by CMA
                  $200 out of $1600 prize money by GM Aman Hambleton

                  School grade sections - CMA rated
                  1 Eric Lam 10 Top 3 trophy G.7-12
                  2-5 Daniel Tang 11 Top 3 trophy
                  Ingrid Wu 9 Top 3 trophy
                  Nadia Henry 11
                  Ryan Spagnolo 9
                  1 Rut Jurry [RJ] De Leon 5 Top 3 trophy G.5-6
                  2-4 Dylan Puri 6 Top 3 trophy
                  Anni Guo 5 Top 3 trophy
                  Jaitra Bhatt 5
                  Devindu Dassanayake 5
                  1 Felix Zhou 3 Top 3 trophy G.3-4
                  2-4 Nameer Issani 3 Top 3 trophy
                  Milana Inozemtseva 4 Top 3 trophy
                  Eric Liu 4
                  1 Justin Tso 2 Top 3 trophy K-G.2
                  2-4 Ryan Ouri 2 Top 3 trophy
                  Modith Aaroh Mutyalapati K Top 3 trophy
                  Maxwell Yang 2
                  There is one more trophy for the biggest improvement in CMA rating, by Ron Petri (Mike's nephew)

                  Crosstables: link in above post.
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