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    SQUARES and Lasker & His Contemporaries

    June 6, 2020

    Two short-run chess magazines edited by Bob Long

    SQUARES: The Chess World’s Picture Magazine

    From the editorial in the first issue:

    Welcome to the first issue of SQUARES, originally called the International Chess Quarterly until an easier name came upon us in an epiphany.

    Our original intention for this publication is to bring back the enjoyment of chess. Those sentimental times when chess was playing a good friend winning a tournament, or coming in highly placed, buying that really nice chess set, or just relaxing somewhere with a book on the game, and just immersing oneself.

    Thus, we won’t be electing anyone or having policy opinions. We won’t be involved in rows between reviewers, publishers, booksellers, etc. It's not about rancor, it’s about chess.

    This quarterly magazine is not just about annotated games, nor biographical pieces, but also about art, photography and publicity for those who give much of their time and talent (and possibly $$$ too) for the cause of chess, whatever that cause may be.

    Premier Issue 2003 Spring 2003


    Louis Paulsen – Early Father of Hypermodern Chess? By Imre Konig

    The Fear of Using Chess Software

    How to Write a Chess Encyclopedia by Ken Whyld

    Old Guys by Ken Colby (from Secrets of a Grandpatzer)

    A Good Game without the Politics, Iraq vs Scotland by
    Jonathan Rowson

    Why are some Chess Book Titles So Weird?

    Konig Memorial in San Francisco

    The Art of Bisguier and Rex Stout’s Gambit reviewed by Bob Long

    Chess Antiques by Andy Ansel (chess book collecting – chess magazines)

    Review of Raymond Keene’s Samurai Chess by Tony Miles

    The Beginnings of the Purdy Library Project by Ralph Tykodi, John Hammond and Frank Hutchings

    The King’s Indian Defense Remains as Strong as Ever by Andrew Martin

    Eureka! How Chess Ideas are Born by Amatzia Avni

    Rook Endgames from the Hamburg City International 2002 by Karsten Muller

    Should You Study Pawn Endings? By Val Zemitis

    John S. Hilbert America’s Chess Historian

    Ulvestad by John Donaldson

    The Twi-Knight Zone by Bob Long

    64 pages

    Volume 1, Issue 2 Summer 2003

    A “Lost” Modern Tournament, Reykjavik International 1972 by Bragi Kristjansson

    Stormin’ Tactics by Larry Christiansen

    Chess Antiques by Andy Ansel (chess lists)

    Shadow Without a Name by Ignacio Padilla (chess fiction)

    Arkadij Naiditsch by Karsten Muller

    A Short History of the Hamburger SK from 1830 by Karsten Muller

    A Lifetime Battle of Wits (Lev Polugaevsky/Eduard Gufeld)

    Profile of Frank Brady by Larry Tamarkin

    Chess in a Dark Alley by Allan Savage

    Frank Brady’s Chessworld

    Rubinstein’s French Defense

    A Talented Scotsman (Roddy McKay) by Jonathan Rowson

    Arpad Elo’s Rating System by Jeff Sonas

    64 pages

    Volume 1, Issue 3 Fall 2003

    Crete 2003 by Harald Fietz

    A Lifetime in Chess Books by Bobby G. Dudley

    Antiques by Andy Ansel (How to get Lucky in Chess Book Collecting)

    The Gordy Family’s Sad and Tragic End by John S. Hilbert

    Tulsa 1931 Reshevsky’s First Tournament by Frank K. Berry

    What’s Wrong with Chess Books? by Bob Long

    Game of the Millennium? Ivanov – Mezentsev, Koltanowski Memorial 2000 by John Donaldson

    More “Found” Alekhine Games by John Hilbert

    French Toast by Jonathan Rowson

    Happy Times at Convekta Ltd

    A Con-Crete Win by Karsten Muller

    Caro-Kann Theory by Peter Nielsen

    My Friend Gufy (Eduard Gufeld) by Bob Long

    64 pages

    Volume 1, Issue 4 Winter 2003

    Cheapo Chess Openings by Daren Dillinger

    Tal wins 1986 Agricultural Bank Int. Blitz by Bragi Kristjansson

    Bobby Fischer Goes to War (review) by Daniel King

    Antiques by Andy Ansel (Chess before Databases)

    Asa Hoffmann Interview by Larry Tamarkin

    Lone Pine Tournaments by Jerry Hanken

    Harry Borochow by John Donaldson

    Borochow – Fine by Val Zemitis

    Chess in the Cinema

    Sozin Sicilian by Karsten Muller

    What do you Mean, “Lucky”? by Jonathan Rowson

    Jude Acers in Alaska 1976 by Ken Soule

    Governor’s Cup 2003 by John Donaldson

    64 pages

    Volume 2, Number 5 Summer 2004

    European Chess Queens in Fighting Mood by Harald Fietz

    What is in a Name? by Stan Dolber

    Future Chess? by Bob Long (Internet chess)

    How MCO is Kept Up to Date by Walter Korn (reprinted from a 1951 article)

    The King of Collectors and his Peers by Michael Negele (John G. White)

    Alekhine’s Attack Returns by Bob Long

    Is Chess the Way to Go? by Tim Golfinns (the deaths of chess players)

    Bad Coffee by Michael Weitz

    New York Master by Ron Wieck

    Beating Your Teacher by Jonathan Rowson

    Magnus Carlsen: Our Newest GM by Karsten Muller

    Find the Best Move! by Daniel King

    Chris Hallman by Bob Long

    Wilhelm Steinitz, Chess’ Grumpy Old Man by Robert J. Buckley

    The How Tos of Blindfold Chess by Alexander Alekhine

    (Translated by Tom Unger from Alekhine’s German edition of On the Road to the World Championship)

    64 pages

    (to be continued)

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    SQUARES and Lasker & His Contemporaries

    June 6, 2020

    SQUARES (continued)

    Volume 2, Number 6 Winter 2004



    Annotated Games by Bragi Kristjansson (some from the Fiske Memorial, Reykjavik, 1968)

    Blindfold Chess – 12-game blindfold simultaneous exhibition by Jonathan Berry – June 11, 2004 at the Thinkers’ Press Festival in Bettendorf, Iowa. (JB 9+ 2= 1-)

    Find the Best Move by Daniel King (the game is J. Hebert – V. Korchnoi, Quebec Open, Montreal July 21, 2004)

    Instructional by Andrew Martin

    Emanuel Lasker by Ron Wieck

    Chess Festival 2004 by Igor Khmelnitsky

    The Incompleat Eduard Gufeld by Bill Wall

    64 pages

    Volume 2 Number 7 Spring 2005

    The World in Chess Literature

    Wijk aan Zee 2005 by Harald Fietz (Leko, Anand, Topalov, Polgar, Grischuk, Svidler, Morozevich and Sokolov among others)

    Knightmare on Board by Michael Weitz (fiction)

    A Difficult Endgame by Karsten Muller (Topalov – Kasparov, Linares, March 2005)

    Antiques by Andy Ansel (Weaver Adams and White to Play and Win)

    You Won’t Read This Article by Russell Mollot

    Fischer’s “Principles” and his Poor Choices by Ron Wieck

    Ron Gross – The Master of All Masters by Lawrence Totaro (interview)

    A Big Loss for Washington (obit of Michael Franett, editor of Inside Chess) by John Donaldson

    64 pages

    Volume 2, Number 8 Fall 2005

    What’s Online by Bob Long

    Adventures in Chess Publishing by Newton Berry (The Art of Bisguier)

    Antiques by Andy Ansel (Chess book Values)

    Bisguier 2

    Going Postal (An Epistolary Short Story) by Michael Weitz

    Noguchi – The Imagery of Chess Revisited (review by Allan

    Swanson - handcrafted chess table and men by Bob Long

    King Kong Krushes by Andrew Martin

    What’s Up with the Benko Gambit by Bob Long

    Kitchen Sink Contest by Frederic Friedel and Karsten Muller (computer chess)

    San Luis 2005 by Karsten Muller

    Bobby Fischer Part II by Ron Wieck

    Cornering the Market on Fascicules by Bob Long (Will Lyons)

    Chess in the Movies by Dr. Bob Fasalia by Bob Long

    The Last Word by Bob Long

    For many months I’ve wrestled with myself about closing up the magazine I started in 2003.

    I loved this magazine. I spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on SQUARES. It jazzed up my own creativity and introduced me to a number of new and fantastic people besides the readers.

    Even though we began getting more advertisers (and I thank them profusely!), we needed twice as many subscribers and more advertisers. We had no patrons so I can only draw a couple of conclusions from that: in the end, there wasn’t enough of me and there weren’t more of you.

    The decision had to be made and now it has.

    Bob Long
    Editor & Publisher

    (In a later newsletter Bob wrote: Did you know that we had over 500 PAID subscribers at $60 for 8 issues?)

    64 pages

    Lasker & His Contemporaries

    Issue Number 1 (1978)

    Capablanca vs Lasker Negotiating a Match by B. G. Dudley

    Lasker – Vidmar Match A Footnote to History by B. G. Dudley

    The Profundity of Lasker by Wolfgang Heidenfeld

    The Start of A Chess Career by R. B. Long

    Lasker’s Forgotten Games conducted by Dale Brandreth

    Lasker’s Earliest Recorded Game by R. B. Long

    Annotated Games by Alex Dunne

    Chigorin-Lasker 1895-1896
    Laker-Teichmann 1904

    The Ten Best Controversy by Larry Evans

    An Ending Composed by Lasker and Capablanca translated by Dale Brandreth

    34 pages

    Issue Number 2 (1979)

    The Great Steinitz Hoax by C.J.S. Purdy

    “He Who Sees Much” by Wolfgang Heidenfeld

    Karl Schlechter by Jacques Hannak in Vienna

    Lasker’s Buenos Aires Lectures 1910 (Translation by Hugh E. Myers)

    The Immortal Emanuel by Daniel Fidlow

    Dr. Lasker and the “Death of the Draw” (letter from Lasker to the Manchester Guardian, Dec. 31, 1928)

    Reminiscences of Alekhine by Miguel Najdorf

    Lasker the Mathematician in HILBERT by Constance Reid

    Lasker and his Contemporaries by I. Romanov from “64”,#37, 1978, p.11

    Lasker’s Forgotten Games by Dale Brandreth

    From the Editorial Chair by Emanuel Lasker from Lasker’s Chess Magazine, Vol. 1, No. 1, November 1904

    An Interview with Dr. Lasker by Paul Hugo Little

    Rare Pictures Page (Lasker-Capablanca, Moscow 1936 and 1904 Cambridge Springs, Rider Hotel)

    The 1903 Lasker-Chigorin Match 1903

    The Editor’s Column by Bob Long

    40 pages

    Issue Number 3 (1980)

    Lasker vs. The Devil by Nathan Divinsky

    Lasker in the Soviet Union

    He Who Sees Much – Part II by W. Heidenfeld

    New York 1893 by Bob Long

    Lasker’s Forgotten Games by Dale Brandreth

    Chess and Strategy (The chess column of the Vossiche Zeitung newspaper at the beginning of the World War) byh Emanuel Lasker

    Comments on Lasker (Reti and Spielmann

    Frank Marshall by Dale Brandreth

    Letters (from Edward Lasker dated 1973)

    45 pages

    (to be continued)


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      SQUARES and Lasker & His Contemporaries

      June 6, 2020

      Lasker & His Contemporaries

      Issue Number 4 (1983)

      Doomsday Encounter by Wolfgang Heidenfeld (Lasker-Capablanca, St. Petersburg 1914)

      Chess Skill in Open Tourneys by John F. Barry

      Blindfold Chess Morphy & Paulsen Lasker’s Views (1892)

      Khrulev on Lasker by A. Khrulev

      The Lasker Brothers: Emanuel and Berthold in 1908 (photo)

      New Information on Dr. Lasker’s Visit to Spain (1921) by Pablo Moran

      Steinitz-Lasker by Bob Long

      Cambridge Springs (1904) Final Scores

      Steinitz’s Career Reviewed

      The Annotated Lasker

      Lasker’s Forgotten Games by Dale Brandreth

      Marshall and Lasker Correspondence re Challenges

      1894 – A Match of Titans (Lasker-Steinitz) by Bob Long

      56 Pages

      Issue Number 5 (1997)

      Lasker’s First Two Months in the U.S. Part I by John S. Hilbert

      Emanuel Lasker in the BCM Portrait Gallery

      The Walbrodt-Delmar Match, New Yok 1893 by John S. Hilbert

      A Return to Dignity in Chess: A Modest Proposal (The Hanham-Young Match, Boston 1887)

      The Young Carlos Torre: Rochester and Detroit (1924) by John S. Hilbert

      Henry Chadwick: “Father of Baseball,” Friend of Chess by Edward J. Tassinari

      Examining the Past – Essential Tools for Exploring Chess History by John S. Hilbert

      A Message from the Publisher…a labor of love by Bob Long

      Steinitz – Forgotten Games

      Alekhine – Forgotten Games

      Review of Napier, The Forgotten Chessmaster by John Hilbert

      64 pages

      Issue Number 6 (2011)

      Schiffers by I. Linder

      The American Chess Bulletin by Bob Long

      Combination Principles by Emanuel Lasker

      Math and Lasker by Nathan Divinsky

      Pillsbury (obituary) from the Times Democrat

      Games (Pillsbury)

      Pillsbury’s Forgotten Philadelphia Simul (1897) by John Hilbert

      The 1921 Capablanca-Lasker Match by Hermann Helms and Emanuel Lasker

      Some Steinitz History by Carslake Winter-Wood

      72 pages

      This was the last issue of Lasker & His Contemporaries although Bob Long promised:

      In issue Seven there will be a nice historical-fictional piece on Richard Teichmann by Dr. Divinsky, as well as Part II of Lasker’s visit to New York in 1892 by John Hilbert.

      The contents of all the issues of these two magazines have been given to preserve the legacy of Bob Long and to preserve the chess periodical history of the 1977-2005 era.

      Readers might like to reference these:

      Bob Long’s Obituary


      Other short-run chess periodicals


      Covers and Contents of Lasker & His Contemporaries

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        I found some answers to my questions about a couple of short-lived magazines:

        "Shakhmaty-in-English": Vol. 1 no. 1: July 1965. Last issue was Vol. 2 no. 10: March-April 1967. It ran about 6 months behind the Soviet publication.
        "Chess Forum" - started in 1965; unknown end date.

        Is "American Chess Magazine" still publishing? The latest issue they announced is #17 - the second issue for 2020. It's bi-monthly according to their pricing (I thought it was quarterly) , so shouldn't #18 be out by now?

        I'm surprised I never head of "Squares". Was it advertised sufficiently? I might have subscribed.


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          SQUARES and Lasker & His Contemporaries

          June 20, 2020

          Bob Long advertised his new magazine in a Chess Life classified, May 2003:

          SQUARES; Beautiful international quarterly (English). Contributions from Grandmasters on down. Minimum of 64 pages/issue. $30 for 2003. www.chessco.com. 1-800-397-7117

          Then nothing for a while. A large ad appeared in that same magazine in November 2004

          For 2004-2005


          Our Second Year. Good Times Chess. Quarterly.64‘zine Size Pages. 4 times Per Year. First 4 issues..$30/year; $45 foreign; $60 Airmail; $40 Canada. Sample issue: $9.95. Take yourself back to when chess was FUN! Go to: www.squares64.com

          Writers include GMs, IMs, masters and regular folks

          Upcoming articles: updating openings the perfect game GM Hector’s ACA, B Franklin’s chess, Steinitz’ steroids, Tarrasch’s endgame, W Lyons entrepreneur, John G White’s BC, where the gals are, short stories, Games and games, New reviews

          All this and more. Issue $5 is now available

          1101 W. 4th St.
          Davenport, IA


          More info

          www. Chessco.com

          He advertised his magazines through his other publications, by telephone and emails. Yet, he could have had a wider audience.

          Most chess players have not heard of the magazine. From time to time several copies are up for auction on eBay.

          The last issue I have of American Chess Magazine is #16, No. 1, 2020


          The magazine was going to publish readers’ games. In fact, I understand that Issue #17 is out but I have not received my copy in the mail.


          The cover portrait is of 16-year old Brandon Jacobson. There are articles on chess and covid, the Candidates and readers’ games.

          I subscribed to Shakhmaty-in-English and I would do an article on the contents but I don’t know in which box of hundreds I placed those copies.

          In Gino Di Felice’s book Chess Periodicals, McFarland (2010) this entry is given:

          553. Chess Forum (The) (1965-?) Vol. 1, no.1 (1965)-?. Quarterly. Editor and Publisher Hanon W. Russell. Woodmont, Conn. USA, 28 cm. Magazine. Chess Openings. English. Note The periodical translates opening articles from the Russian magazines Shakhmaty v SSSR and Shakhmatnyi Byulleten. Source: Betts 13-173; KB, Availability Koninklijke Bibliotheek – Vol. 1, no. 4 (1965), call number T 11769.