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    American Chess Magazine

    April 10, 2019

    Contents of the American Chess Magazine, Issue No. 10, No.1/2019

    Cover Photo: Michael Brown

    1. 64 Squares
    2. Letter from the Editor – It’s now six issues per year!
    3. Tata Steel – Magnus in Seventh Heaven
    4. Kramnik Retires from Active Play
    5. Readers’ Voices on Kramnik’s Retirement
    6. Gibraltar Masters – Like a Hurricane – Vladislav Artemiev
    7. Readers’ Voices on Leinier Dominguez transferring to the USA
    8. Charlotte Invitational – Michael Brown becoming a grandmaster
    9. Interview – Peter Giannatos – Chess Boom in Charlotte
    10. All-Round Training by Jacob Aagaard
    11. 1stCairns Cup – Top Gunina – Valentina Gunina
    12. Strategy – Boroljub Zlatanovic – Chess and War
    13. Endgames – Alex Fishbein – Emanuel Lasker
    14. Rising Stars – Moscow Open – Thalia Cervantes Landeiro
    15. Point of View – Musings of an American Grandmaster by Joel Benjamin
    16. Chess Tech by Jon Edwards – Game Changer or Life Changer?
    17. Fresh Leaves from the Bookshelf by Carsten Hansen

    Reviews of these books

    1. Game Changer by Matthew Sadler and Natasha Regan
    2. Kurt Richter - A Chess Biography with 499 Games by Alan McGowan
    3. Gata Kamsky – Chess Gamer – Vol. 1 by Gata Kamsky
    4. Pawns, Time and Space in Modern Chess by Dragan Barlov
    5. Man vs Machine by Karsten Muller and Jonathan Schaeffer
    6. The Longest Game by Jan Timman
    7. The Sicilian Najdorf by John Doknjas and Joshua Doknjas
    8. Smyslov on the Couch by Genna Sosonko
    9. Vladimir Kramnik by Carsten Hensel
    10 Better Thinking, Better Chess by Joel Benjamin

    18. Tournament Review – December 2018 – February 2019
    19. Tournaments from Abroad
    20. Where Grandmasters Advise Young Players – James Tarjan

    98 pages


    In one year there will be about 600 pages but in a total of six issues. The old format had the same number of pages but the magazine only appeared four times per year


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      American Chess Magazine

      June 11, 2019

      Contents of the American Chess Magazine, Issue No. 11, No.2/2019

      Cover Photo: Jennifer Yu

      1. 64 Squares
      2. Editor’s Letter U.S. Juniors at the Forefront
      3. U.S. Championship – Nakamura’s Photo Finish
      4. U.S. Championship – Opening Strategies
      5. U.S. Championship – Leinier’s Rock-Solid Semi-Tarrasch
      6. U.S. Championship – Youth vs Experience
      7. U.S. Championship – How did the Juniors perform at Saint Louis?
      8. U.S. Women’s Championship – (Jennifer Yu) Lady with a Torch
      9. Readers’ Voices (on Jennifer Yu)
      10. Fabulous Finishes by Pete Tamburro – Queen and Pawn vs Queen
      11. Musings of an American Grandmaster by Joel Benjamin – American Chess in the Melting Pot
      12. FIDE World Tam Championships – Bronze for Sam Sevian
      13. Readers’ Voices – 2019 World Fischer Random Chess Championship
      14. All-Round Training by Jacob Aagaard – Automatic Decision Making
      15. Shamkir Chess 2019 - (Carlsen) In a League of his Own
      16. Endings – Alex Fishbein – Secrets of Same-Color Bishop Endings
      17. Local and State Chess
      18. Beauties of Underpromotion by Boroljub Zlatanovic
      19. History – An Elegant Game by Theodore Savas
      20. Chess Tech by Jon Edwards 50 is the New 40
      21. Fresh Leaves from the Bookshelf by Carsten Hansen

      Reviews of these books

      1. Practical Chess Beauty by Yochanan Afek
      2. Tal, Petrosian, Spassky and Korchnoi by Andy Soltis
      3. My Magical Years with Topalov by Romain Edouard
      4. Sicilian Defense – The Chelyabinsk Variation by Gennadi Timoshchenko
      5. Clinch It! by Cyrus Lakdawala
      6. Lasker – Move by Move by Zenon Franco
      7. Anti-London System by Yannick Pelletier
      8. Chess Opening traps for Kids by Graham Burgess
      9. Oleg Pervakov’s Industrial Strength Endgame Studies by Sergei Tkachenko
      10. Grandmaster Opening Preparation by Jaan Ehlvest

      22. Tournament Review February - April 2019
      23. Tournaments from Abroad
      24. Where Grandmasters Advise Young Players – Susan Polgar

      98 pages


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        American Chess Magazine

        August 15, 2019

        Contents of the American Chess Magazine, Issue No. 12, No.3/2019

        Cover Photo: Bobby Fischer

        1. The Fischer Core Collection/Best Books on Bobby Fischer by Pete Tamburro
        2. Editor’s Letter
        3. 64 Squares
        4. FIDE Ratings on July 1, 2019
        5. The Fischer Era
        6. Readers’ Voices – How do you see the legacy of Bobby Fischer nowadays?
        7. What We Can Learn From Bobby Fischer by Dr. Frank Brady
        8. Why Bobby Fischer Came Back in 1992 by Lou Hays
        9. In the Twilight Zone – The Revenge Match of the 20thCentury: How the Impossible Became Reality by Vladan Dinic
        10. Let’s Play Chess Detective – A Famous Fischer Chess Photo
        11. Not So Wide Yet Quite Deep – Fischer’s Principled Approach to the Openings by John Burke`
        12. A Fierce Attack With Supreme Positional Understanding by Boroljub Zlatanovic
        13. Readers’ Voices – I Vividly Remember the Following Fischer Game
        14. Endgames – The Teacher of America by Alex Fishbein
        15. Fanaticism and Hard Work by Borislav Ivkov/Dusan Krunic
        16. Bobby Fischer and the Fischer Generation by Joel Benjamin
        17. My Favorite Books About Bobby Fischer by Carsten Hansen
        a) Bobby Fischer – His Approach to Chess by Elie Agur
        b) My Great Predecessors IV: Fischer by Garry Kasparov
        c) Bobby Fischer – The Career and Complete Games of the American World Champion by Karsten Mueller
        18. Calculate Deeper! Chess Improvement with Susan Polgar
        19. Fabulous Finishes – Bobby Fischer’s Gems by Pete Tamburro
        20. Aagaard’s All-Round Training by Jacob Aagaard
        21. 2019 Summer Chess Camps – An Overview! by Vjekoslav Nemec
        22. Chess Tech – Is It Really Cheaper to Play Chess Rather Than Golf? By Jon Edwards
        23. Interview – 25 Questions for Matthias Wullenweber – founder and leading programmer of ChessBase
        24. Fresh Leaves from the Bookshelf by Carsten Hansen

        Reviews of these books

        1. Fred Reinfeld by Alex Dunne
        2. Kings of the Chessboard by Paul van der Sterren
        3. Checkmate! The Love Story of Mikhail Tal and Sally Landau by Sally Landau
        4. Coach Yourself by Neil McDonald
        5. The King’s Indian According to Tigran Petrosian by Igor Yanvarjov
        6. The Science of Chess Strategy by Alexander Kotov
        7. Chess informant 139 by Branko Tadic
        8. Emanuel Lasker – A reader by Taylor Kingston
        9. The 100 Endgames You Must Know – Workbook by Jesus De La Villa
        10. Say No to Chess Principles by Evgeny Bareev

        25. Celebrating Spring…And Chess by Michael Rohde
        26. US Tournaments April – June 2019
        27. Tournaments from Abroad

        98 pages


        For those who collect memorial/commemorative issues, this would be a good one to get. It commemorates Bobby and also the 50thanniversary of “My 60 Memorable Games”.

        Readers were asked to give their opinion on the legacy of Bobby and also the game of his they remember the most. Both of mine got in.

        The game is Fischer vs. Geller, Bled, Round 6, September 10, 1961. A Ruy Lopez. It was featured in a chess magazine and I was sitting in Queen’s Park in Toronto on a coolish day showing it to a young lady who wanted to learn chess. I used a plug-in board to demonstrate Fischer’s win.

        Ah, the days of one’s youth!


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          American Chess Magazine

          November 1, 2019

          Contents of the American Chess Magazine, Issue No. 13, No.4/2019

          Cover Photo: Jeffery Xiong

          1. Editor’s Letter – What An End to the Summer!
          2. 64 Squares
          3. FIDE Ratings on September 1, 2019
          4. The Fischer Cover – Uncovered! by Josip Asik
          5. Bobby’s Dream Girl?
          6. About David Attie by Eli Attie (photographed Fischer)
          7. With a Little Help from My Friends by Alex Fishbein (Fischer-Taimanov)
          8. Nine Chess Detectives (Which volume of Chess Informant is Bobby reading?)
          9. Sinquefield Cup – Ding Liren Tops Magnus Carlsen by Romain Edouard
          10. In Focus – A New member of the 2700 Club – Jeffery Xiong
          11. Readers’ Voices – Jeffery Xiong and the Top Ten
          12. Interview with Jeffery Xiong
          13. Awonder’s Playground by Alex Lenderman
          14. All-Round Training by Jacob Aagaard
          15. Masterclass by the Professor - Evgeny Tomashevsky
          16. 25 Questions for Maria Yugina by Jennifer Vallens (Chess in Art)
          17. Fabulous Finishes by Pete Tamburro – The History Maker Pal Benko
          18. Women’s Chess – Irina Krush – Home of Opportunities by Carla Heredia
          19. Strategy – A Powerful Combo! by Pontus Carlsson
          20. The Bishop or The Knight by Boroljub Zlatanovic
          21. Senior Summer: A Season of Battles with Old and Young by Joel Benjamin
          22. Chess Tech - Advance Your Play with Chessbase 15 by Jon Edwards
          23. Opening Bits – Trapping Your Prey in the Caro-Kann by Josip Asik
          24. Last Round by Kester Svendsen (short story)
          25. Fresh Leaves from the Bookshelf by Carsten Hansen

          Reviews of these books

          1. The Nemesis – Geller’s Greatest Games by Efim Geller
          2. Learn from Michal Krasenkow by Michal Krasenkow
          3. Devoted to Chess – The Creative Heritage of Yuri Razuvaev compiled by Boris Postovsky
          4. Keep It Simple – 1.e4 by Christof Sielecki
          5. The Bombastic Bird’s – after 1.f4 by Lawrence Trent
          6. An Attacking Repertoire with 1.d4 by Nick Pert
          7. Opening Repertoire: 1 e4 by Cyrus Lakdawala
          8. Coaching the Chess Stars by Vladimir Tukmakov
          9. Opening Simulator: King’s Indian Defence by Lund and Hagen
          10. Strategic Plans – 75 Modern Battles by Maxim Chetverik

          26. US Tournaments August 2019
          27. Tournaments from Abroad
          28. 5x5 Questions and Answers by Vladimir Georgiev


          Note: American Chess Magazine #12 featuring the cover photo of Bobby Fischer was the fastest selling issue of all we have published to date.


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            The legend of Bobby Fischer still sells.


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              American Chess Magazine

              January 10, 2020

              Contents of the American Chess Magazine, Combined Issues 14 and 15, Nos.5 and 6/2019

              Cover Photo: John Donaldson with Caruana, Nakamura, So, Shankland and Robson

              1. Editor’s Letter – Chess In The USA Has Never Been Bigger and Better Than Today!
              2. 64 Squares – Donaldson, So and Dvorkovich
              3. FIDE Ratings on December 1, 2019
              4. FIDE World Cup 2019 – Two New Candidates by Robert Hungaski
              5. Khanty Mansiysk – The Siberian City where the winter high is -40°F
              6. Jeffery Xiong – The Last American Standing (World Cup coverage) by Vladimir Georgiev
              7. Isle of Man 2019 - Enter the Dragon – Wang Hao
              8. Interview with John Donaldson by Dusan Kranic
              9. Readers’ Voices – Which Chess Player Impressed You the most in 2019?
              10. Openings – 2019 Opening Trends by Ivan Sokolov
              11. Positional Masterpieces by John Burke
              12. All-Round Training by Jacob Aagaard
              13. Unsung Heroes by (and about) Justin Sarkar
              14. Local and State Chess – The phenomenon of Chess in Brownsville by Bartek Macieja
              15. Strategy – Learn from the Greats by Borojub Zlatanovic
              16. Top 10 Endgames of 2019 by Alex Fishbein
              17. Musings of an American Grandmaster by Joel Benjamin – The Year in Chess
              18. Chess Tech by Jon Edwards – Smart Books to Fat Engines
              19. From Times Gone By… A Crafty Bishop by Charles L. Fitch
              20. Fresh Leaves from the Bookshelf by Carsten Hansen

              Reviews of these books

              1. A Startling Chess Opening Repertoire – New Edition by Chris Baker & Graham Burgess
              2. Improve Your Practical Play in the Endgame by Alexey Dreev
              3. Keep it Simple – 1.d4 by Christof Sielecki
              4. Grandmaster Repertoire 2B: 1.d4 – Dynamic Systems by Boris Avrukh
              5. Chess Peace – Cartoons by Tony Sullivan
              6. Gata Kamsky – Chess Gamer – Vol. 2 Return (2004-2013)
              7. Dynamic Play in the World Champions’ Masterpieces by Dragan Barlov
              8. The Moves That Matter – A Chess Grandmaster on the Game of Life by Jonathan Rowson
              9. Coaching Kasparov Year by Year and Move by Move – Vol 1: The Whizz Kid (1973-1981) by Alexander Nikitin
              10. Forcing Chess Moves – The Key to Better Calculation New Edition by Charles Herton

              21. U.S. Tournaments September – December 2019
              22. Tournaments from Abroad
              23. 5x5 Questions and Answers by Maurice Ashley

              24 American Chess Magazine #s 01-15 INDEX

              154 pages


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                American Chess Magazine

                March 22, 2020

                Contents of the American Chess Magazine, Issue #16, No. 1, 2020

                Cover Photo: Fabiano Caruana

                1. Editor’s Letter – Two Twenty – A Year of Plenty
                2. 64 Squares – Ju Wenjun, David Paravyan, Nakamura, Koneru
                3. FIDE Ratings on February 1, 2020
                4. Hastings Masters – In the Footsteps of Pillsbury and Marshall
                5. Wijk Aan Zee 2020 – A Herculean Effort by Caruana
                6. Wijk Aan Zee 2020 – Four Steps that Changed the World
                7. Interview with Fabiano Caruana – No Space for Bluffing Your Opponent by Milan Dinic
                8. Chess Mindguiding (Psychology) by Dusan Krunic
                9. Openings – Carlsen’s New Ideas in the Tarrasch by Francesco Rambaldi
                10. All-Round Training by Jacob Aagaard
                11. Chess Puzzles – Can You Solve the Riddle of the Sphinx?
                12. Collegiate Chess – Texas & Missouri by Alex Ipatov
                13. Local and State Chess – Jeffery Xiong – A Welcome Warm-Up for Jeffery in the Emerald City
                14. Letters to the Editor – Justin Sarkar, Anthony Saidy
                15. Musings of an American Grandmaster – Remembering My Great Predecessors by Joel Benjamin
                16. Strategy – A Storming Initiative by Boroljub Zlatanovic
                17. Endings – Life After Death in the Endgame by Alex Fishbein
                18. From Times Gone By…American Chess Magazine, Vol. 1, No. 2 from 1897
                19. Chess Tech – Transition Time by Jon Edwards
                20. Fresh Leaves from the Bookshelf by Carsten Hansen

                Reviews of these books

                1. First Steps: King’s Indian Defence by Andrew Martin
                2. Chess Tests by Mark Dvoretsky
                3. Understanding Maroczy Structures by Adrian Mikhalchishin and Georg Mohr
                4. Soviet Outcast by Grigory Levenfish
                5. Learn to Play Chess Like a Boss by Patrick Wolff
                6. Old Wine in New Bottles by Mihail Marin
                7. Fighting 1.d4 with the Tarrasch by Vassilios Katronias
                8. Yakov Vilner by Sergei Tkachenko
                9. Navigating the Ruy Lopez vol 1-3 by Fabiano Caruana
                10. Side-Stepping Mainline Theory by Gerald Welling and Steve Giddins

                21. Obituary – Robert Long by Pete Tamburro
                22. U.S. Tournaments December 2019 – February 2020
                23. Tournaments from Abroad

                98 pages


                An extract from Jon Edwards’ article (above) which deals with Dale Brandreth’s library can be found at:



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                  American Chess Magazine

                  April 6, 2020

                  With no over-the-board games being played, what does a chess magazine do in the way of content?

                  It can report online and correspondence games. It can give games from the past or, do what the ACM proposes to do:

                  To all subscribers!

                  In the absence of chess tournament games, we thought it would be a great idea to use this opportunity to make the proverbial lemonade out of lemons by asking our readers to submit their best game or their favorite game —or their most dramatic game with their own notes —the more you write the better! We will also offer a $100 prize to the best effort by a subscriber. We hope hundreds of games come in!

                  Submit them to
                  Deadline: April 30th.
                  Format: PGN or CBV, or the Word file, or any other readable format.

                  If you haven't already been published in a national magazine, then here's your chance! You can show your effort to your friends. They will envy you!

                  If you're a titled player, as we do have grandmasters and international masters among subscribers, then again —you're welcome! We will have a separate $100 prize for the best titled player game (GM, WGM & IM, WIM).

                  You have the time. Let's use it! Many thanks!

                  Josip Asik
                  Editor-in-chief, American Chess Magazine


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                    American Chess Magazine

                    June 22, 2020

                    Contents of the American Chess Magazine, Issue #17, No. 2, 2020

                    Cover Photo: Brandon Jacobson

                    1. Editor’s Letter – Face the Force!
                    2. 64 Squares – Online Chess Marathon, Carlsen’s invitational online tournaments

                    3. FIDE Ratings on May 1, 2020
                    4. Chess in the Time of Coronavirus by Fun Fong
                    5. Readers’ Voices on chess and the pandemic
                    6. Catch Me if You Can - an Interview with Brandon Jacobson by Pete Tamburro (Jacobson is a 16-year-old who won the Charlotte Open and gained his final GM-Norm0
                    7. Go-Getter Gets Grandmaster Title – Annotations by GM Brandon Jacobson
                    8. How Deep is Your Prep? by Francesco Rambaldi – Caruana on the Candidates
                    9. He Came Off the Bench and Scored a Winner! by A. and D. Mastrovasilis (MVL at the Candidates)
                    10. All-Round Training by Jacob Aagaard – Four Types of Decisions in Chess
                    11. Endgame Theory is Evolving by Alex Fishbein – preview of Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual 5th edition
                    12. Chess Puzzles by Pete Tamburro
                    13. Surviving the Lockdown by Jon Edwards
                    14. Fresh Leaves from the Bookshelf by Carsten Hansen

                    Review of these books

                    1. Mikhail Botvinnik by Isaak and Vladimir Linder
                    2. Mind Master by Viswanathan Anand
                    3. The Anand Files - The WCC Story 2008-2012 by Michiel Abein
                    4. Opening Repertoire: The Sveshnikov by Cyrus Lakdawala
                    5. Understanding Before Moving 3. Sicilian Structures Pt 1 by Herman Grooten
                    6. Kaufman’s New Repertoire for Black and White by Larry Kaufman
                    7. Playing the Najdorf by David Vigorito
                    8. Bobby Fischer – The Final Years by Gardar Sverrison
                    9. Coaching Kasparov – Vol. 2 by Alexander Nikitin
                    10. Chess in Art by Peter Herel Raabenstein

                    15. Readers vs. Covid-19 (Readers’ Games – deeply annotated)
                    16. Where Grandmasters Advise Young Players by Elshan Moradiabadi

                    98 pages

                    Because this issue featured a newly-minted GM, I wondered how many GMs there are in the various countries. The latest list I could find was at:


                    and gave these:

                    1. Russia 256 GMs
                    2. USA 101 GMs
                    3. China 48 GMs
                    4. India 64 GMs
                    5. Ukraine 93 GMs
                    6. Armenia 44 GMs
                    7. Azerbaijan 26 GMs
                    8. Hungary 58 GMs
                    9. France 50 GMs
                    10. Poland 45 GMs

                    34. Canada 14 GMs

                    The list is undated. I would really like to know the numbers for June 2020.


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                      I count 1773 GM's including some titles confirmed in 2020. However up to date to June I don't know.


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                        Originally posted by Hans Jung View Post
                        I count 1773 GM's including some titles confirmed in 2020. However up to date to June I don't know.
                        When I was a kid there were only 100 GMs and it was likely to have played through a game of all of them. Who are these people? And how many have written a chess book of their best games? Does there need to be a new title for the top 100? Even 100 GMs in the US, and we can only get a couple to play in Canadian events. Maybe we need to make a list of medium-low rated GMs to tour in several norm tournaments across Canada.