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    American Chess Magazine

    November 18, 2016

    Some of the chess magazines that have come out of the United States in the past 150 years with the first name “American” are:

    American Chess Bulletin (1904-1962)
    American Chess Journal (1879-1881)
    American Chess Magazine (1846-7,1897-9)
    American Chess Monthly (1892-1893)
    American Chess Quarterly (1961-1965)
    American Chess Review (1886-1887)
    American Chess Weekly (1902-1903)
    American Chess World (1901-1902)

    Several of these have been reprinted by the Czech publishing house Moravian Chess.

    I recall these old ventures because a new periodical is about to appear at the end of 2016. It is to be called American Chess Magazine, to be in large format (152 pages) and to appear quarterly.

    I venture to say that it hopes to rival or surpass New in Chess. Here are some of the articles in the first

    by GM Sam Shankland

    by GM Jeffery Xiong,
    2016 World Junior Champion

    by GM Pentala Harikrishna

    by GM Eric Hansen

    by GM David Smerdon

    by GM Mikhail Mchedlishvili

    by GM Boris Gulko

    by GM Mauricio Flores Rios

    By FM Josip Asik

    by GM Vassily Ivanchuk

    by GM Baadur Jobava

    by GM Jonathan Speelman

    by GM Joel Benjamin

    by IM Danny Rensch

    Q & A With IM Greg Shade

    by Solving GM Piotr Murdzia,
    seven-times World Solving Champion

    The cost of the first issue is 29.95 US$ (plus postage), which is close to 50 CAN$! You are paying a pretty penny.

    The British Chess Magazine started in 1881 and continues to this day but in 2011 it looked like it was going under

    It continued with amateurs contributing articles but it was no longer the magazine of record and very few titled players wrote for it.

    Chess Informant took it over at the beginning of 2016 and it is referred to as British Chess Magazine Reloaded! It is not the old BCM that most of the old-timers remember, but still…

    Chess Informant felt that the time was right for this new magazine in the United States. Their blurb:

    The international team that has in the last six years restored the legendary Chess Informant to its former glory, and more recently revamped the 135–year–old British Chess Magazine, has now been encouraged to celebrate the resurgence of US chess with the help of some of the finest American authors and editors.

    Naturally, the success of the USA team at the Chess Olympiad comes under the spotlight in our first issue, as does Jeffery Xiong’s capture of the world junior title. There is also an in-depth preview of the forthcoming world championship match between Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin, to be staged in New York during November. Nevertheless, readers might be surprised at the number of contributed articles by writers from foreign lands. But here the ACM is only mirroring how dynamic and how global the chess scene is today.

    Canadians will want to think twice before paying $200 a year for a magazine!

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    Re: American Chess Magazine

    American Chess Magazine

    October 11, 2011

    Contents of the American Chess Magazine, Issue No. 2, Spring 2017

    Cover Photo: Wesley So

    1. The Rise of Wesley So Q&A
    2. Why Wesley won Wijk by Ivan Sokolov
    3. Wesley ahead of Magnus by Leinier Dominguez
    4. He’s So Fine by Alex Lenderman
    5. Texas Lone Star Shines in Europe by Jeffrey Xiong
    6. Champion on the Ropes by Ivan Sokolov
    7. An Explosion of Opening Novelties in Wijk aan Zee by Jaan Ehlvest
    8. Exchanging can be Exciting by Rafael Leitao
    9. Nakamura Top of the Rock in Gibraltar Masters by Hou Yifan
    10. An Awesome Attack and a Fearsome Firestorm by Alejandro Ramirez
    11. How to Win Positionally with Black by Vassily Ivanchuk
    12. Game of Thrones by Denes Boros
    13. Blitz and Blunders by Baadur Jobava
    14. An Anecdotal Review of the World Title Matches by Mihail Marin
    15. New York: Carlsen-Karjakin Match by Ernesto Inarkiev
    16. Queen Endings Demystified by Alex Fishbein
    17. Musing of an American Grandmaster by Joel Benjamin
    18. There is Chess in Colorado by Brian Wall and Lior Lapid
    19. Fresh Leaves from the Bookshelf by Carsten Hansen
    20. Chess is Now an e-Sport by Danny Rensch
    21. Chess Teach at the World Championship Match by Jon Edwards
    22. How to Improve your Chess by Pontus Carlsson
    23. A Big Open Adventure by Nikola Mitkov
    24. Fabulous Finishes in American Chess by Pete Tamburro
    25. Chess Across America by Mackenzie Molner
    26. Tournament Review
    27. Where Grandmasters Advise Young Players with Yasser Seirawan

    152 pages
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      Re: American Chess Magazine

      American Chess Magazine

      October 11, 2011

      Contents of the American Chess Magazine, Issue No. 3, Summer 2017

      Cover Photo: Sabina Foisor

      1. Wesley on US Championship Win by Wesley So
      2. Top Three US Championship Games by Ivan Sokolov
      3. How to Upstage the Big Guys by Varuzhan Akobian
      4. Opening Report on the US Championship by Jaan Ehlvest
      5. A Cinderella Story by Alisa Melekhina
      6. Sabina on US Women’s Championship Win by Sabina Foisor
      7. B2 or Not B2 That is the Question! By Vassily Ivanchuk
      8. The New Art of Positional Play: The Benoni Knight by John Fedorowicz
      7. Legendary Dvoretsky by Karsten Mueller
      8. Mind Tricks in the Endgame by Alex Fishbein
      9. The Great American Chess Magazine War by John S. Hilbert
      10. Best Games from New York, Carlsen-Karjakin Part Two by Ernesto Inarkiev
      11. Fresh Leaves from the Bookshelf by Carsten Hansen
      12. A Tour of Chess24 by Jon Edwards
      13. Internet is Made for Chess by Danny Rensch
      14. Things I Like and Things I Don’t Like by Joel Benjamin
      15. “Partie” in the USA by Michael Rohde
      16. Carolina in My Mind by Alex Fishbein
      17. Chess Across America by Mackenzie Molner
      18. Chicago! My Kind of Tournament by Daniel Parmet
      19. Inspired to Win by Ilya Smirin
      20. Woodstock of Chess by Pete Tamburro
      21. The Winning Coach’s Inside Scoop by Gennady Sagalchik
      22. Interview: 25 Questions for Steve Doyle by Pete Tamburro
      23. Fabulous Finishes in American Chess by Pete Tamburro
      24. Tournament Review
      25. Where Grandmasters Advise Young Players with Adrian Mikhalchishin

      152 pages


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        Re: American Chess Magazine

        American Chess Magazine

        October 11, 2011

        Contents of the American Chess Magazine, Issue No. 4, Fall 2017

        Cover Photo: Garry Kasparov

        1. Maxime Vachier Lagrave Wins the Sinquefield Cup by Shak Mamedyarov
        2. Interview with Awonder A Wonder! By Josip Asik
        3. My Best Games in 2017 by Awonder Liang
        4. All-Round Training by Jacob Aagaard
        5. Maggie Feng – The Girl with the Double-Edged Sword by Yuanling Yuan
        6. Rocky-esque Fight by Michael Rohde
        7. The Baku Olympiad Revisited by Surya Ganguly and Sarunas Suiskis
        8. Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover by Vassily Ivanchuk
        9. Sevian Blooms by Robert Hungaski
        10. The New Art of Positional Play by John Fedorowicz
        11. Greed Doesn’t Pay by Karsten Mueller
        12. The Scary Future of Chess? by Ernesto Inarkiev
        13. Fresh Leaves from the Bookshelf by Carsten Hansen
        14. Tablebases! by Jon Edwards
        15. Online vs (Get Along with) Over the Board by Danny Rensch
        16. Musings of an American Grandmaster by Joel Benjamin
        17. Spice Program at Webster University by Chris Wainscott
        18. Two New US IMs by Bryce Tiglon
        19. Interview with Dewain Barber by Pete Tamburro
        20. Chess Not Cheese! by Denes Boros
        21. Chess Across America by Mackenzie Molner
        22. Tournament Review
        23. Where Grandmasters Advise Young Player with Jennifer Shahade

        152 pages


        The present 4-issue annual subscription price is about 150 CAD

        I have given the contents of the first year of ACM to see if it is worth buying these issues or a subscription to Year Two for the average player.

        Some things that struck me in this last issue are:

        1) An annotated game by A.L. between Nodibrek Abdusattorov and Awonder Liang from Saint Louis 2017

        2) An article by Yuanling Yuan on Maggie Feng. It is good to see that she is multi-talented as a scholar, writer and player

        The brief bio says:

        WIM Yuanling Yuan has been the top female chess player in Canada since 2008. She has represented Canada at the Women’s World Championship and has led the Canadian women’s team on top boards at four Olympiads to date. In 2016, Yuanling graduated from Yale University with a B.A. in Economics. In addition to chess, Yuanling is passionate about entrepreneurship and empowering girls around the world

        3) An endgame Nakamura-Giri from Stavanger 2017 under the heading Greed Doesn’t Pay!

        4. This book review - Chess Opening Names – The Fascinating & Entertaining History Behind the First Few Moves by Nathan Rose

        “Now we have a newly published work that is dedicated exclusively to the history of names of chess openings! Some of the origins make fascinating reading whereas others inevitably are rather bland by comparison. The author, Nathan Rose, who I’m not familiar with, has made a selection of chess openings and divided them into three distinct categories: The People, The Places and The Stories.

        While I have certainly enjoyed reading this book, I am left with the feeling that it could have been substantially better if some editorial decisions had been different…”

        5. Tablebases by Jon Edwards. The bio says that he is an ICCF Senior International Master living in Pennington, NJ. He won the 10th US Championship and is now competing in the World Correspondence Candidates.
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          Re: American Chess Magazine

          Fascinating Wayne. One wonders how well they have defined their market. However their list of contributors and writers is extensive and (the ones I know) high quality.


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            Re: American Chess Magazine

            Thanks Wayne, I just signed up!


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              Re: American Chess Magazine

     A writeup on chessbase.


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                Re: American Chess Magazine

                American Chess Magazine

                January 16, 2018

                Contents of the American Chess Magazine, Issue No. 5, Winter 2017/2018

                Cover Photo: Magnus Carlsen

                1. Showdown in Saint Louis by Mackenzie Molner
                2. Readers' Voices on Carlsen, so, Caruana and Nakamura
                3. Magnus, The King Among Mere Mortals by Ivan Sokolov
                4. California Sun Beats Down on a Foggy British Island by Michael Brown
                5. Q&A with Michael Brown by Jozip Asik
                6. Do Chess Columnists Play Chess? By Ivan Sokolov
                7. Aagaard's 2 All-Round Training
                8. Five Moments of Truth by David Smerdon
                9. One Move that almost gave me a Heart Attack by Sam Sevian (against Nisipeanu at the World Cup)
                10. Let's Play Cat and Mouse by Vassily Ivanchuk (against Kazhgaleyev at the World Cup)
                11. Must-Win by Alex Ipatov
                12. She's MIT's Hidden Gem (Agatha Bykovtseva) by Yuanling Yuan
                13. Determined to Succeed (interview with Alex Onischuk) by Chris Wainscott
                14. London System by Dennis Monokroussos
                15. A Whole Bag of Positional Tricks by John Fedorowicz
                16. The Notorious 'Grandmaster Draw' by Michael Adams and Baskiran Adhiban
                17. One Man Parade by Michael Rohde
                18. Mating Motifs in the Endgames by Alex Fishbein
                19. Fresh Leaves from the Bookshelf by Carsten Hansen

                Reviews of:

                1. Great Moves: Learning Chess Through History by Weeramantry et al
                2. Timman's Titans by Timman
                3. The Chess Attacker's Handbook by Song and Preotu
                4. First Steps: Fundamental Endings by Lakdawala
                5. Together with Morozevich by Kuzmin
                6. The King's Indian Defence - Move by Move by Collins
                7. Extreme Chess Tactics by Afek
                8. Strike first with the Scandinavian (DVD) by Mueller et al
                9. Master Class (DVD) by Meuller et al
                10. The Complete French Advance by Evgeny Sveshnikov

                20. Database War by Jon Edwards
                21. Man v Machine by Danny Rensch
                22. Musings of an American Grandmaster by Joel Benjamin
                23. 6 Tips for going to chess tournaments by Ryan Velez
                24. "Daddy, Can I Show You the Chess Game?" by Scott Miller
                25. In the Footsteps of Carlsen by Praveen Balakrishnan
                26. 25 Questions... For GM Lev Alburt by Pete Tamburro
                27. Goodbye Gadfly (In Memoriam: William Lombardy) by Robert Hungaski
                28. A Rising North Star in Chess! By Bill Broich
                29. Igor's Chess Doubles by Igor Khmelnitsky
                30. Tournament Review
                31. Where Grandmasters Advise Young Players with Peter Heine Nielsen

                152 pages


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                  Re: American Chess Magazine

                  American Chess Magazine

                  April 6, 2018

                  Contents of the American Chess Magazine, Issue No. 6, Spring 2018

                  Cover Photo: Fabiano Caruana

                  1. 64 Squares - Latest News
                  2. Letter from the Editor - Rollerball
                  3. Round by Round with Caruana at the London Classic
                  4. The Reliable B52 by John Fedorowicz
                  5. So What Could Possibly Gone Wrong? (Caruana at Wijk Aan Zee) by Priyadharshan Kannappan
                  6. Federer of Chess Wins Wimbledon of Chess (Carlsen at Tata Steel 2018) by Bassem Amin
                  7. Aagaard's All-Round Training 3 by Jacob Aagaard
                  8. On a Rock Across the Pond (Nakamura at Gibraltar) by Mackenzie Molner
                  9. Is Kramnik Still "The Iceberg"? (Isle of Man Masters) by Ivan Sokolov
                  10. One Day You Give A Lesson, The Next Day You Learn A Lesson! (World Cup) by S.P. Sethuraman
                  11. The Crown Jewel: WIM Annie Wang by Yuanling Yuan
                  12. Chess Warhawks (University Chess) by Andrew Schley
                  13. Anti-Grunfeld by Dennis Monokroussos
                  14. e5xf6! How Dramatic Can It Be? By Mihail Marin
                  15. Lifelines in Rook Endings by Alex Fishbein
                  16. Play it Again, Sam! By Karsten Mueller
                  17. Desperado (Las Vegas Open) by Michael Rohde
                  18. Fresh Leaves from the Bookshelf by Carsten Hansen

                  Reviews of these books

                  1. 125 Opening Surprises by Graham Burgess
                  2. The King is a Powerful Piece by Tigran Gyozolyan
                  3. The Queen's Gambit Declined - Move by Move by Nigel Davies
                  4. Play 1..d6 Against Everything by Erik Zude
                  5. One Pawn Saves the Day by Sergei Tkachenko
                  6. Team Tal - An Inside Story by Valentin Kirilov
                  7. Dismantling the Sicilian by Jesus de la Villa Garcia
                  8. Opening Repertoire - The Modern Samisch by Eric Montany
                  9. The Magic of Chess Tactics 2 by Claus Dieter Meyer
                  10. Bishop Endings - An Innovative Course by Efstratios Grivas

                  19. Ten Mostly Tech Tips for Correspondence Players by Jon Edwards
                  20. Confession Time (Online Chess) by Danny Rensch
                  21. A Day in the Life of a Chess Coach by Joel Benjamin
                  22. Parental Expectations (Scholastic Chess) by Ryan Velez
                  23. 25 Questions for Carol Meyer, New Executive Director of USCF by Pete Tamburro
                  24. You Have to Know IT: Drawing Techniques by Yakov Geller
                  25. Nicholas Checa Conquers New York by Michael Rohde
                  26. Igor's Chess Doubles by Igor Khmeinitsky
                  27. Tournament Review (December 2017 to February 2018)
                  28. Tournaments from Abroad
                  29. Where Grandmasters Advise Young Players by Miguel Illescas

                  152 pages


                  This continuing series on the contents of a new chess magazine is an attempt to support print magazines and to show the variety of topics and authors, which we may not always see online.

                  It is interesting that the return address on the envelope of my last issue of the ACM is:

                  American Chess Magazine
                  1165 Strathcona Drive SW
                  Calgary, AB T3H 4S1
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                    American Chess Magazine

                    July 16, 2018

                    Contents of the American Chess Magazine, Issue No. 7, Summer 2018

                    Cover Photo: Sam Shankland

                    1. 64 Squares - Latest News
                    2. Letter from the Editor – Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay
                    3. Interview – Sam Shankland
                    4. 2018 U.S. Championship – Sam Shankland Annotates
                    5. Openings – The Exchange Caro-Kann by Robert Hungaski
                    6. Don’t Mess Around! by Zviad Izoria
                    7. What ever happened to “The Big 3?”
                    8. Play the Board, Not the Opponent! by John Burke
                    9. No Thrills No Spills for So-So-Solid Wesley by Michael Rohde
                    10. Slow Start, Missed Opportunities (Hikaru Nakamura) by John Fedorowicz
                    11. A Star is Born (Annie Wang) by Annie Wang
                    12. A Grande Finale (University Chess) by Chris Wainscott
                    13. Webster University No Longer US Collegiate Team Champions! by Priyadharshan Kannappan
                    14. Black is Still OK (Grenke Chess Classic) by Mackenzie Molner
                    15. Warm-Up: Carlsen-Caruana (Coaching) by Susan Polgar
                    16. The Chivalrous Knight by Vassily Ivanchuk (Ivanchuk-Tingjie Lei, Gibraltar Masters 2018)
                    17. Beyond the Berlin Wall (Berlin Candidates) by Jacob Aagaard
                    18. A Deserved Winner (Caruana) by Jacob Aagaard
                    19. The One and Only Prize the Players Wanted by Jacob Aagaard
                    20. The Three Pillars of Endgame Technique by Alex Fishbein
                    21. George N. Cheney: An American Chess Story by John S. Hilbert (Chess History)
                    22. Fresh Leaves from the Bookshelf by Carsten Hansen

                    Reviews of these books

                    1. Let Me Ask You, Do You Know…? by Nikola Karaklajic
                    2. Sabotaging the Sicilian, French and Caro-Kann with 2.b3 by Konikowski and Soszynski
                    3. Crucial Skills for the Club Players Vol. 1 by Robert Ris
                    4. Strategic Chess Exercises by Emmanuel Bricard
                    5. The Rise and Fall of David Bronstein by Genna Sosonko
                    6. How to Beat the Open Games by Sverre Johnsen
                    7. Fundamental Chess Tactics by Antonio Gude
                    8. A lifetime repertoire: Play the Nimzo-Indian by R. Kasimdzhanov
                    9. The Elshad System by Igor Nemitsev
                    10. First Steps: Caro-Kann Defence by Andrew Martin

                    23. When Google Plays the French by Jon Edwards (Chess Tech)
                    24. Musings of an American Grandmaster by Joel Benjamin (United for a Good Cause)
                    25. Unknowns and Underdogs (Online Chess) by Danny Rensch
                    26. Chess Parents Survival Guide: Going to Nationals by Ryan Velez
                    27. Who is into Rolex? (chess players and luxury watches) by Oyvind von Doren Asbjornsen
                    28. Inspired by Milan Vukcevich (problems) by Piotr Murdzia
                    29. Igor’s Chess Doubles by Igor Khmelnitsky
                    30. Tournament Review (March-May 2018)
                    31. Where Grandmasters Advise Young Players by Alisa Maric

                    152 pages


                    I thought I had seen about every type of chess article there could be but Number 27 is absolutely new. It shows the players and has photos of their luxury watches – Garry Kasparov (Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph), Hikaru Nakamura (Rolex Sea Dweller Deepsea), Gawain Jones (Tissot Heritage Visodate Automatic), Veselin Topalov (Jorg Hysek Kilada). Anish Giri (Von Doren Grandmaster Caissa Automatic), Vladimir Kramnik (Blancpain Fifty Fathoms 5015 1130-52) and Varuzhan Akobian (The Movado Museum Watch – Modern Classic)

                    See also: Paul Morphy’s Pocket Watch at



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                      American Chess Magazine

                      July 27, 2018

                      David Llada, Appointed New Editor-In-Chief Of American Chess Magazine

                      We are very excited to announce the appointment of David Llada as our new editor-in-chief, the first move in our strategic plan to strengthen our team and keep growing.

                      Probably most of our readers are familiar with Llada’s work as a photographer, which last year earned him the “Best photojournalist” and “Best single photo” awards by the Chess Journalists of America association. His pictorial book The Thinkers, published by Quality Chess, also received worldwide recognition – and not only in chess circles, but also in the photography world.

                      However, David has never considered himself a photographer but rather “a storyteller, or a journalist on a leave”. He has a solid background in journalism, a career that he started at a very young age. Not only was he a regular reporter for many chess magazines, but also the chess specialist for El Mundo -one of the largest Spanish language newspapers- and author of three chess books. He has published material on other subjects as well, such as science, sports betting, technology and obituaries, and he was the main producer of a cultural and political debate TV show.

                      He stopped writing regularly about chess around 2005 and with that, we believe, the promotion of our game lost an important asset. Now, we are honored to have lured him back to chess.

                      This addition to our team means a double-gain: with David taking care of the content, our founder Josip Asik will have his hands free to work on managing and promoting American Chess Magazine. We are aware of all the things we have to improve and still have a long way to travel until we are where we want to be. But we are also satisfied with the progress made over the past two years: we have in our hands a beautiful magazine we are proud of and which is already economically sustainable. The future of American chess looks bright and we want to be there to witness it, document it, and bring it to you.

                      You can reach David at




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                        While I wish them all the success, the chess magazine business is a tough one these days. New in Chess stills sells reasonable well. We picked up 5 copies of v 1 and 5 copies of v 2 of American Chess Magazine...we retail at $29.95 plus tax...we still have copies left...give us $20 plus taxes in store only. Please contact our stores directly for availability...go to for info on how to reach us.


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                          Highly recommended. Just got the last issue. Total class. Still bringing on new columnists and legendary ones at that. No expense spared, it seems like.


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                            American Chess Magazine

                            March 8, 2019

                            Contents of the American Chess Magazine, Issue No. 8, Fall 2018

                            Cover Photo: Hikaru Nakamura

                            1. Readers’ Voices
                            2. Letter from the Editor – New Horizons
                            3. Chess Personalities – Edward Latimore, Professional Boxer
                            4. Chess Photograph at the International Fine-Art Competition
                            5. Interview – GM Alex Ipatov in America
                            6. Grand Chess Tour – Who is Faster? Nakamura vs NASCAR
                            7. Biel Chess Festival – Shakh Mamedyarov, A Little Older and a Lot Wiser
                            8. Readers’ Voices
                            9. Sinquefield Cup 2018 – Fabiano, Magnus and Levon
                            10. Carlsen – a “Reborn Karpov” ?
                            11. Pan-American Championship – Shankland Shines in Montevideo
                            12. National Senior Tournament of Champions – A Junior Senior?
                            13. National Open 2018 – How I Won the National Open by Cristian Chirila
                            14. Junior Chess – Crossroads
                            15. U.S. Open 2018 – Gareyev – More Than A Wonder at U.S.Open
                            16. All-Round Training by Jacob Aagaard
                            17. Point of View – Musings of an American Grandmaster by Joel Benjamin
                            18. Openings – The Forgotten Pawn by Michael Rohde
                            19. U.S. Masters – John Burke: Last Man Standing at US Masters in Greensboro
                            20. Positional Play – The Bishop on c8 by John Fedorowicz
                            21. Rising Star – The Record Breaker – Christopher Woo
                            22. Endgame Strategy – Fabiano Caruana’s Early Endgames by Karsten Mueller
                            23. Endgames – Historic Endgames
                            24. The Schoolhouse – How to Improve Your Tactics!?
                            25. Fabulous Finishes in American Chess from Fifty Years Ago
                            26. Chess Tech – Lichess Gains a TableBase
                            27. Igor’s Chess Doubles by Igor Khmelnitsky
                            28. Online Chess – Will Carlsen-Caruana Rivalry Spark a Chess Boom in the US? By Danny Resch
                            29. Fresh Leaves from the Bookshelf by Carsten Hansen

                            Reviews of these books

                            1. Small Steps to Giant Improvement by Sam Shankland
                            2. Evil-Doer - Half a Century with Viktor Korchnoi by Genna Sosonko
                            3. Chess Lessons – Solving Problems & Avoiding Mistakes by Mark Dvoretsky
                            4. Improve Your Practical Play in the Middlegame by Alexey Dreev
                            5. The Woodpecker Method by Axel Smith and Hans Tikkanen
                            6. Endgame Virtuoso Magnus Carlsen by Tibor Karolyi
                            7. Alekhine’s Odessa Secrets – Chess, War and Revolution by Sergei Tkachenko
                            8. Carlsen vs Karjakin by Lev Alburt and Jon Crumiller
                            9. Coach Jay’s Chess Academy #1 (White Belt) - #7 (Black Belt) by Jay Stallings
                            10. Gambit Killer by Ivan Salgado Lopez

                            30. Tournament Review – June-August 2018
                            31. Tournaments from Abroad
                            32. Where Grandmasters Advise Young Players – Boris Gelfand

                            152 pages


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                              American Chess Magazine

                              March 8, 2019

                              Contents of the American Chess Magazine, Issue No. 9, Winter 2018/2019

                              Cover Photo: Fabiano Caruana & Magnus Carlsen

                              1. 64 Squares
                              2. Letter from the Editor – Tie Breaks or Not Tie-Breaks?
                              3. World Championship Match – Carlsen vs Caruana 6:6
                              4. WCM – Tie Break 1-3 A Rapid Defeat
                              5. Isle of Man Open – Isle of Man – And Wife!
                              6. All-Round Training by GM Jacob Aagaard
                              7. Chess Olympiad Batumi 2018 – Silver for USA!
                              8. Women’s Chess Olympiad – Golden Girls Do the Double For China!
                              9. Chess Olympiad 2018 – Who’s Who?
                              10. Spice Cup Open – Last Minute Victory for Jorge Cori
                              11. Opening Lab – The Breyer Labyrinth by Alexander Ipatov
                              12. Chess in New York City – An Englishman in New York by Leon Watson
                              13. State and Local Chess
                              14. Endgames – King and Pawn Endings by Alex Fishbein
                              15. Chess Tech – A Tech Potpourri by Jon Edwards
                              16. Fresh Leaves from the Bookshelf by Carsten Hansen

                              Reviews of these books

                              1. Under the Surface by Jan Markos
                              2. Fabiano Caruana by Alexander Kalinin
                              3. Understanding before Moving: Part 1 by Hermann Grooten
                              4. Neumann, Hirschfeld and Suhle by Hans Renette and Fabrizio Zovatarelli
                              5. The Bishop by Sergey Kasparov
                              6. The definitive book: Encyclopaedia of Chess Problems by Milan Velimirovic & Karl Valtonen
                              7. Queen’s Gambit Declined: Vienna by Jacek Ilczuk & Krzysztof Panczyk
                              8. Applying Logic in Chess by Erik Kislik
                              9. Emanuel Lasker – Volume I edited by Forster, Negele and Tischbierek
                              10. The Thinkers by David Llada

                              17. Igor’s Chess Doubles by IM Igor Khmelnitsky
                              18. Tournament Review September – November 2018
                              19. Tournaments from Abroad
                              20. Where Grandmasters Advise Young Players – Eugenio Torre

                              152 pages


                              I originally started listing the contents of each issue of this magazine, partly afraid that, in spite of its high quality, it would soon fail.

                              Today, I got the news that the frequency of publication is changing from quarterly to bi-monthly. This is their promise:

                              About the new ACM series:

                              Now 6 times per year.

                              From now on, every issue contains 100 pages (6x100 per year), with fewer advertisement pages than before.

                              The format and the physical quality of the magazine would be as per your expectations.

                              Now we can be more topical and up-to-date when reporting on events.

                              We will be focused on including high energy and maximum impact articles.