FIDE Book of the Year 2019 shortlist

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  • FIDE Book of the Year 2019 shortlist

    FIDE Book of the Year 2019 shortlist

    June 20, 2020


    Peter Long: After intensive discussions we came yesterday to a short list of the 3 best books of 2019 in alphabetical order:

    Beyond Material
    Davorin Kuljasevic
    New In Chess (2019)
    336 pages

    Game Changer
    Matthew Sadler & Natasha Regan
    New in Chess (2019)
    416 pages

    Small Steps 2 Success: Mastering Passed Pawn Play
    Sam Shankland
    Quality Chess (2019)
    360 pages

    We are very happy about the level of the competition, which was very high.

    All books have their merits and I am sure that all of them would be appreciated by readers. The quality of the material was excellent, so we have a really difficult choice.

    I quote fellow juror Nigel Short who said: “All three books are original, instructive and entertaining”.

    Best regards

    Artur Jussupow


    Last year’s selections: