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    Good points, Egidijus ; I've updated the coaches links to superprof, lichess and right at the beginning of the post.

    Originally posted by Egidijus Zeromskis View Post

    Just search there for chess and you overfill the table :) I think and lichess have coach corners to search by various criteria. Considering that probably 90% these days coaching is online parents/players should not limit their search geographically. The same thing for coaches look wider for pupils.


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      Originally posted by Erik Malmsten View Post

      In the past chess teachers were out on their own but you notice that Board of Ed teachers have a union and regular professional development. I like the ideas of chess teachers forming a professional association that has standards to be certified. There are courses in education and marketing skills that chess teachers can learn from. Besides sharing reviews of books and websites and ideas that make their chess class fun.

      Is it worthwhile to get a FIDE Instructor title? Is it just a cash grab for FIDE or does it mean something?

      FIDE Senior Trainer CAN
      Bareev, Evgeny GM FST

      FIDE Trainers CAN
      Jardines Rabilero, Alejandro FM FT
      Noritsyn, Nikolay IM FT
      Pelts, Roman FM
      Plotkin, Victor FM
      Yang, Kaiqi GM

      FIDE Instructors CAN
      Bond, Hal IA,FI,IO
      Demian, Valer CM
      Djerkovic, Miladin
      Drkulec, Vlado FI
      Hambleton, Aman GM
      Kapush, Oleksandr FI
      Ochkoos, Jura FM
      Ondul, Aydin FI
      Rekhson, Vladislav IA
      von Keitz, Michael

      National Instructors CAN
      Botez, Andrei FA
      Klokow, John NI
      It is a useful title if you want to be a coach or captain for a Canadian team at a FIDE event and have the organizer pay for your accommodations. It is actually a useful seminar, though it would probably be better to take it in a more amenable time zone than Azerbaijan as in my case. I did struggle to stay awake at times. I took the class with Aman Hambleton and Hal Bond. I can't remember if Victor Plotkin was there or not as his previous seminar might have still been valid. I did get to meet a lot of grandmasters who were lecturers and who I had previously only known through their books and videos for chessbase.