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  • So many titled players

    A nice picture with 3 GMs (Judit Polgar, Razvan Preotu, Gergely Szabo), 1 WGM (Qiyu Zhou), 3 IMs (Richart Wang, MIchael Song, Mark Plotkin), 1 WIM (Jackie Peng), 7 FMs (Jacon Cao, Diwen Shi, Terry Song, John Doknjas, Joshua Doknjas, Hong Rui Zhu, Victor Plotkin). Also Jason Cai and Janet Peng

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    Thanks, Victor, for sharing this wonderful photo! Where was it taken?


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      Dec 2014. Gyor, Hungary. U-16 Olympiad.


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        That's so sweet Victor! A nice idea for a trip down the memory lane.

        Here is a photo with three Women's World Chess Champions:

        20180930-Di1001-BatumiGeorgia- Olympiad-resize.JPG

        Background, RtoL: Paul Truong, Susan Polgar, Judit Polgar.
        Foreground, RtoL: Nona Gaprindashvili, Maia Chiburdanidze, Vadim Tsypin.

        I am honoured to work with those live legends, especially with Susan to bring the best Canadian youth female players to the Susan Polgar Foundation Girls' Invitational at the Webster University in St-Louis, Missouri, every year.
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