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    In 2017, Larry told me that someone had arranged with the Canadian Post Office to have a special Canadian chess postmark during the Quebec Open Chess Championship. It was to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of either the championship or the FQE (more likely!) or both? 1967-2017. I believe this is the first and only chess postmark in Canada.

    Larry put me in touch with the gentleman.

    When I “talked” to him, he told me he had many extras.

    I was so pleased to hear what he had done, I offered to buy all the extra envelopes after he finished selling them.

    I assumed I could place them (bookmarks?) in any chess books I sold on eBay. Well, I still haven’t found the energy to do more selling!

    If there is anyone who is interested in chess philately and wants a cover, send me a legal-size stamped self-addressed envelope and I will send you one. No Charge! OR, you can email me at jkmjkm at bell dot net and arrange to pick it up downtown Toronto near the St. Lawrence Market.
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