2022 Canadian Chess Hall of Fame Member - Vladimir Dobrich

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  • 2022 Canadian Chess Hall of Fame Member - Vladimir Dobrich

    I'm pleased to introduce our next 2022 Hall of Fame Member, Vladimir Dobrich, who has been organizing chess tournaments in Toronto for well over 50 years.

    Founder, editor, publisher Chess Canada magazine 1970-5
    CFC Rating Statistician ca.1969-72
    Organized and directed CNE Open in 1971 featuring 5 GM's including World Champion Spassky
    Central YMCA Chess Club President early 70's (open 7 days per week)
    OCA President 1969, 72, Toronto Chess Assoc President 1974
    Organizer/TD Canadian Closed 1972, 1st Canadian Junior Championship 1970
    Ran Bayview Games Club 2000-10's, organized weekly Blitz tournaments
    Toronto Star Chess Columnist 1969-76
    Strong Canadian Master Player
    Played in Canadian Championship (1969 (6th), 1975)
    Tied for 2nd Canadian Open 1968
    Toronto Closed Champion 1973
    Top 20 CFC Rated player 4 times in the early 1970's
    Played on U of T team (1965-69), won Pan-Am Intercollegiate in 1965

    We are currently working on arrangements for a public presentation at a Toronto are club or tournament in the next month or two. Details will be announced both here and on our Facebook page.

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    Good choice. Vlad is a living legend.


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      One of the lasting legacies of Dobrich is the training in making pairings, crosstables and rating calculation passed on to the mainly high school students who went on to be the major directors of tournaments for decades.


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        Just check my older pictures from 50 years celebration of Vlad's tournaments rapids in Toronto ( https://forum.chesstalk.com/forum/ch...chess-pictures )

        That was almost 10 years ago. Wow.

        The hero is giving a lesson to a GM :)


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          Priceless picture.


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            A very worthy recipient.


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              I believe Vladimir is also the first professional chess organizer in Canada.

              A life well spent with chess!!! An extraordinary range and length of contributions.

              I didn't see a 'National Tournament Director' (NTD) designation for Vladimir in the list of accomplishments and contributions given here. Perhaps he has this; if not, he should be awarded this, forthwith.

              He also has likely enough major events for an Arbiter title from FIDE, although that is now on a sliding scale, timewise, with an exam.

              I made an interesting draw with Vlad in a simul in Toronto, late 1980s. I think I have that game somewhere!