2022 Canadian Chess Hall of Fame - Alexandre Lesiege

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  • 2022 Canadian Chess Hall of Fame - Alexandre Lesiege

    I'm pleased to announce the election of GM Alexandre Lesiege as part of the 2022 Canadian Hall of Fame Class. Alexandre effectively retired from chess in 2004, only to return in 2015 and subsequently play on the Canadian Olympiad team, win the Quebec Open and Canadian International Open.

    International Grandmaster (1997)
    Represented Canada at World Championship (KO) 2000
    Represented Canada at World Championship Qualifier (KO) 1998
    Represented Canada at World Championship Interzonal 1993
    Represented Canada at Olympiads (1992, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2016)
    Three times Canadian Champion (1992 (age 16), 1999, 2001)
    3rd place Canadian Championship (1994, 2002)
    Top rated Canadian at Year-end 2001
    1st North Bay International Open 1995
    1st New York Int (1993); Warwick, BER (1995)
    Winner of several Quebec Open Championships
    Canadian Junior Champion (1990, 1992, 1993)
    Canadian Cadet Champion (1987, 1988, 1991)
    Represented Canada at World Junior (1990), Cadet (1987, 1988, 1991), Under-14 (1989) Championships

    See also Alex's Wikipedia page

    Alexandre has chosen to not have a public presentation, but we'll try to get a picture of him receiving the plaque and post it to the Facebook page.
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    Fantastic!!! So well deserved for Alex!!!

    I got to know Alex at the 1992 Canadian Zonal in Kingston, which he won at age 16 in May 1992, (imagine, that is 30 years ago this month!!), defeating defending GM Kevin Spraggett in the most crucial encounter. Kevin, a two-time Candidate (1985 and 1988) had won the Zonals of 1984 and 1989, tied with then-IM Igor Ivanov in the 1986 Zonal, and would win the Zonal again in 1994, so this was quite a sensational outcome. I served as Head Organizer and Deputy Arbiter (to IA Alex Knox) for the event, held at Queen's University. Alex, whose play and conduct during the event were both exemplary, earned his IM title with his triumph, then played his first Interzonal at Biel 1993, and wrote a wonderful article for the magazine about that tournament, assisted by his second Paul St. Amand.

    Alex received superb coaching from IM / GMC Jean Hebert in his early years.

    I remember reading the magazine's tournament report from Alex's first Canadian Cadet title win, in 1987. It said: "Remember the name Alexandre Lesiege, you will certainly hear it again." How true that prediction turned out to be!!

    Here is some trivia:
    Q: Who did Alex first play, right after having won the 1992 Canadian title in Kingston?
    A: Frank Dixon! Just before the prize presentations, I challenged the new champion to a G/15"! Alex was so gracious to play; he didn't have to do it! I even managed to achieve a draw, assisted by some pre-game analysis from the late FM Kevin Gentes! Kevin Gentes watched, and kept the game score. It is a decent game; I will try to find it and post it here!


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      Alex is possibly the best homegrown talent we ever had. He was Quebec champion at 12, Canadian champ at 16, and beat Spraggett convincingly in a match at 19. This guy could (can) calculate like a madman, the number of variations he sees is amazing. He should have gone and train in Europe, he was top 20 material I believe. I'm very happy, Fred , that Alexandre was inducted he truly deserves it.