Aurora Chess Club 10 Year Anniversary - rescheduled to Dec 17

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  • Aurora Chess Club 10 Year Anniversary - rescheduled to Dec 17

    What a ride. We booked the same place for Dec 17 (Saturday) again.


    The club will celebrate the 10 year anniversary with the full day event on December 17th (Saturday) at Williams Secondary School in Aurora (ON) (very close to Yonge/Golf Link/Dunning with the VIVA stop)
    • Rapid
    We'll start with the 7 round rapid (blitz) tournament between 9 am - 1 pm. One large section. Not rated - no CFC membership required. Time control 8 min + 2 sec inc (special math here :) - 8 years of normal operation + 2 years during covid = 10.
    Top 3 prices ($300, $200, $100) + in rating groups U1600 and U1200 - $50, and for the AuCC member - $100.
    All equipment provided.
    • Break
    Lunch time with with pizza and cake.
    • Simul
    The 2 simuls willl be conducted by - FM Mike Ivanov and FM Eugene Hua - starting 2:30 till 6 pm.

    Participation fee (includes - rapid tournament, lunch/cake, and for first 60 guaranteed a simul seat)
    non-members $40
    members - free

    All details and ways to register at
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    Bumping up with the update on the simul:

    Nicholas will have a school exam on Dec 17 and he can not participate in the event. FM Mike Ivanov will replace him for the simul and he also will play in a rapid tournament. Mike is shy of couple rating points to get the IM title.

    While we have several cancellation due to the rescheduling, the registration list is still long - 50 players. ( )


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      15 days countdown :)

      These special 10 cups for players at 10th, 15th, 20th etc places on the final crosstable.